Little Beast, Farkas Ekho Zsolt (3D)


Where did you take that foto? :wink:

Never seen before an image like this. 10 stars !!


Really good.

My only crit is that I’ve never seen an iguana that is that green throughout, especially one that old. Little babies are bright green but adults get to be some green mixed with a lot of grey/orange/black and sometimes even blue.

Here’s a photo I took of my pet iguana, Rebok, last time I was home, for aged color reference.

His eardrums should be golden in color too, you’ve got them green at the moment.

However… fantastic job, this is really beautiful. I only wish we could see other angles, did you model the rest or only from one angle like the wireframe seems to suggest?

Great stuff. Really makes me miss my pet and friend. :sad:


Very nice work … I love iguanas and I own one too (already third one)… I think, that ur texture could be little bit more bumpy and there is a couple of mistakes in lower and rear part of the head on your texture … anyways, these detail can catch up only person who sees iguana every day :wink:
I started modeling iguana too, couple of days ago and I would be really happy if my render will be as good as yours.

Keep up ur good work

here is one of pics of my little fella I will use as reference:
C ya igi


Thanx a lot again!

Iguana007: ohh what a cute “beast”:slight_smile:

I will make a new render in a different POV!(side maybe?)


I’d love to see a side POV myself. I think it’s sad that your render looks better than my photograph! Not the iguana (insults to my iguana are fightin’ words! :slight_smile: ) but composition and all.


ekho -> you’r one insane guy like said before :wink:
congrats ! :scream:
keep up the quality work !!!

and yes, another angle(s) would be great !! hehe

üdv Szegedről :wink:


Great texture work! Can we see the texture maps?


it looks like he used Digital Confusion, but I agree, the blurriness is too immediate.

anyhoo, nice iggy



I must say that that is one of the best pieces images of an animal that I’ve seen yet. Very vibrant, detail oriented, and right on the money.

A great work and one to be very proud of.

BTW Great to see that LW has been used. What were/are your stats for the image, rendertime, etc.?


This rendering honestly brought tears to my eyes because i think it’s so beautiful. i’m a big lizard fan and think you did an incredible job here with this image. Great job.


pretty intricate your texturing work,5 stars work:p:surprised


Wow, you had me fooled for a moment. I thought it was a photograph. Great work! :eek:


Wow. I guess you’ve had some fun with the handpainting ey :slight_smile: . Amazing job, incredible realism, congrats!


I love this render! Someone mentioned the iguanas coloring was off. A lot of iguanas are a very brilliant green, often lime green ie; blue tailed iguana. I think a lot more variation in colors around the face of the iguana would be more realistic, such as blues, yellows, reds, silver, etc. Regardless of the coloring, the scale placement and bump look perfect to me, as well as the negative space between scales. Even specular highlights on the scales look individual and accurate in a lot of instances. All perfection.

The iguana is missing all the spines down it’s back.

Immature iguana don’t have a lot or any spines down their backs but the skull structure of an immature iquana is much more stout or stubby. The skull structure of this iguana seems to be slender, more mature. Looks naked without spines/IMO.

beautiful work! Makes me miss Costa Rica!


Brilliant! It looks so real! :thumbsup:


nice work very nice… congrats


:applause: Impressive work! :thumbsup:
LW hasn’t micro subpixel displacement yet but you don’t need it :smiley:



Beautiful iguana! I love how details done and how it looks on the bark in environment :thumbsup:


:thumbsup: absolutely fantastic 5 stars :thumbsup:
Could we see the texture maps ??


wow simply great!!!