Literature about different Fabric/Cloth Texturing Styles for 3D Animation



I am currently researching for my bachelor thesis topic. Since I am working on a 3D Animation short with seven fellow students, I would like to write about different styles of texturing cloth and fabrics. Like how it started with the first 3D Animations?, are the styles used in different genres?, which different styles there are and who are the key players? Unfortunatly I couldn’t really find literature on this topic, so maybe someone could give me some advice on this?

To give you a better impression what I mean, here some examples:

simple shaded style

painted style

simple shaded but with stylized cloth diffuse and without bump

more into the realistic direction although still cartoony

more into the realistic direction although still cartoony

I am quite new to this field, so maybe I am just missing the obvious. Would be greate if someone could give mit some literature tips.




one thing i know. Painted texture means less polygon ,means faster render time.