linking biped to a dummy...buggy


I got a wierd problem with a biped that I linked to a dummy. I took the whole biped and linked it to a dummy. It saves on a ton of keys for stuff like jumping and sliding animations…but I dont think Character Studio likes it. It previews fine and renders out in stills fine, but when I got to render the the active time frame or a frame range…the biped stays like it is not gonna except the keys of the dummy…kinda wierd that it wouldnt render just in those 2 instances, but renders fine in stills and stuff. If anyone can post a work around that would be great. If I have to re-key it than im gonna have to think about moving on to a system that supports linking like this…maybe CAT…been curious to try it :slight_smile:


Why the whole thing? If I must, I link the Pelvis to the Dummy, bypassing the root. Works every time, except pinning hands or legs in place doesn’t work too well.


Trust me I’ll never be animating like this again. I was trying to avoid the nasty foot magnet effect that happens when you want to jump of a planted key…simple workaround that biped appearently doesnt like, I just want to know if there is some type of work around to getting these frames rendered. Stills render just fine but when I go to render animations…no go. Extremely weird.


Does anyone know how I can get around this and render out the frames…


if i’m reading this right, it sounds like max is messing up the calculations when it tries to render… weird. you might want to goto discreet’s forum and post the file. that forum is filled with people who know TO MUCH technical stuff about max, its sick, but in a good way. there is a CS forum there, should help.

wish i could help more.


Yeah I post there all the time…but that forum is kinda dead…sometimes its hard to get a response…there is like 5 times more traffic here :slight_smile: Thought I might catch some CS gurus up in here.


Okay 3dflasher. I don’t know if I have a solution or not, but here is what I did. I created a simple biped and applied a BIP file to it. Then I created a dummy in front of it and selected all of the biped bones linking it to the dummy and then animated the dummy around - moving and rotating it so it affects the biped. Then I rendered a single frame like you did and it rendered fine. Then I rendered the entire sequence and it does the same thing you
mentioned. It renders but the biped stays at frame 0, animating but standing in place. Then I selected the entire biped and dummy and grouped them together and rendered the entire
sequence again and it worked this time. The biped followed the dummy the way I set it up to do. Try grouping the biped bones and dummy into a group and then animating the entire sequence in a small test to see if it works. Keep in mind I do not have a mesh set up with this biped so I would be interested to see if it works. Hope this gets you there.


I only have Max 5 but Max 6 has command line rendering I think. If you are using Max 6 could

you write a custom file to render out each frame and then composite them back together?



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