Lightwave64 plugin inop!


I’m running LW64, but I get “Plugins Not Found or Could Not Be Added” Error.

What to do? What to do?


That usually happens when your trying to add 32bit plugins to a 64bit LW or vice versa



Well, here’s to another $400.00 down the 3D tube of unending costs. Ordered Messiah4Professional upgrade now that I’m running 64bit. Let’s see 5k in a couple months on Optitrack, 2k for syflex (may not be neccessary!) This is an expensive addiction.


no it’s not down the drain, most people don’t use the lw plugin with messiah, that’s just slows things down, the best of doing this is to save an MDD file, that comes standard with messiah and lightwave. from the customise menu>save morph sequence and select the option to bake and MDD file. in lightwave just add that to the object that you want
the advantage to this method is that you can take that file to any application (that supports MDD of course, XSI supports it by default) and your animation will look the same.

But if you want serious power and better workflow, then invest another $100 with PointOven ( it comes with plugins for all major applications (the one with XSI is PointOven builtin) and it allows you to transfer camera and light animation and information.

Hope this helps



Don’t you loose some flexibility doing it that way. You become stuck in the motion as it’s recorded absent tertiary motions. Still it does work. That’s no doubt. I’ve never used point oven before. I’ll give it a spin though. New ways never hurt.

Still it’s not all bad. New features with Messiah4 and 64bit. I can’t complain about that and $400 is really a modest price in the greater scheme of things. Perhaps I should look more at the positives.


PointOven and BNR are both Teh Awesome.


Actually no, PO is the best way to go, yes anytime you would want to modify a motion you would have to do it in messiah, bake and scrub your timeline to refresh your PO file. but it’s the most accurate way to represent a motion and a deformation, plus there is no calculation what so ever done from the host application, because everything is read from a file, so it’s super fast to playback. and like i said, it gives you more options to port your animations to without worrying if the motion going to work properly or your deformation looks the same,



What is BNR ?


Butterfly Network Render :slight_smile:


So are there only 3 commercial plug-ins for messiah.


I know or four: PointOven, AON Shaders (procedural nodes), TLHpro (additional, helpful nodes), Walker. ButterflyNetRender is not a plugin.



lightwave and messiah vai PointOven is , in my opinion, the only sane solution in aniamtion pipeline.

Using the lwmessiah plugin is BEGGING for headaches and letdowns …sandwiched between frustrations.


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