Lighting Challenge... Honest criticism please..?



I did this Lighting challenge - Ola by Blender Guru

This I what I have so far:

Honest criticism on the lighting only please and thanks in advance. Is there anything I can change or improve?

Also what other sites are good for asking criticism?

Thanks! :grin::+1:

P.S. (I apologise if I am posting in the incorrect forum category …please let me know if I am wrong…)


The head and her jacket are not separated enough compared to a well-lit lower part. The focus should be on her face I reckon.
Her upper palm is very dark. Did you use GI? Her face seems a bit too waxy, maybe reduce SSS a bit.
Otherwise, good job!



Thanks for your reply and your advice. I unfortunately don’t think I’m allowed to alter the shaders etc…

I have done a little tweaking, how does it look now?