Lighting Challenge #8: Haunted Hallway


hi frd…!

i like ur linghing very much…! i hope u have also seen my render…’ i nee ur help can u plz tell me how u project the windo so big on the floor.?

plz reply me soon i have to update my render today only as jermey told me some points to correct…




I’m very sorry for my long absence, I’m too caught up with work these days and not getting time to play more with the scene. I’ve done some touchups in PS on my previous render. C & Cs are most welcome. I know I need to improve the bulb shader, and do a better quality render, though I’ll be unable to improve upon it right now…I’m sure gonna dig into it later somaday when I have time :slight_smile:


Jeremy, I really hope you get the chance to visit India someday, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it a lot. Just make sure you come here on a long vacation…there’s so much to see that all the time you’ll have just won’t be enough!!


hi neha:

its karan i hope u have seen my post on page 31, i will update with some correction that jermey just told me yesterday. i would like to know how to manage reflections on the floor ur’s image has so much reflections. i also tried but i could not render it as i have lots of bump.

Anyways reply to me ASAP


Nice work.



The floor reflections are just fresnel glossy reflections, nothing fancy. You might play more with the lighting and render setup to get your desired effect…


Hi Jermey,

JERMEY : I have tweaked my lighting as u said, but i still kept the whole ambiance little dark as i love that way. Please have look on my 2nd try for your challenge.


NEHA: Thanks I will try it out soon…! Have look on my Render.


karansingh - Great work! I especially like the first one.

Nehak - Wow, another great one! If you get time to make a higher quality version of it, do.



JEREMY - thanks for ur cool reply, its really nice to have your true


[font=Arial][color=deepskyblue]I will soon post my original exterior scene for CG Choice Award Gallery, I hope I could get my place there

Once Again thanks so much for your challenge I could learn so many things out of it.
Still if u have any suggestion plz tell me I could improve my self for my best.

Karan Singh



I guess i being miss out for the comment. Any comment for me to improve on the image? Tq.


You might desaturate the lightbulb itself so it goes white. Also, on the side wall, the edge of the light from the lightbulb seems too abrupt. You want another glow (like a broader spotlight cone) that is dim and warm and goes beyond the edge of where the light on the wall ends now. I guess the edges of that sunbeam could go softer as well.



Tq for the quick reply. Here it the changes.


Great Job Everybody!

I really enjoyed this thread, and have put up a gallery of entries:

I am archiving this thread, but please join new lighting challenges as they come available!

See you next time!



Guys can you help to enhance this more


IMHO, you’re off to a good start.

Not sure if you’ve done this already … if not, make time to review all of the renders in this thread along with the comments - there’s a wealth of awesome critique feedback.

A few questions to ask yourself …

  • what is the story behind the render?
  • why am I guiding the viewer to that specific area of the image?
  • when is the story taking place - i.e. time of day, etc.?
  • how did the viewer (aka camera) come to be there?
  • what is illuminating the area, could some additional bounce light help to reveal more of the surrounding area?