Lighting Challenge #8: Haunted Hallway


fulg0re - Nice job!

Jako - Lovely scene! I like the colors and feeling. Maybe the blur on the bulb and lampshade looks a little fake, though?

Kanawann - Nice scene! Mostly looks good, maybe some of the black walls could use a little more definition so you could read what the different vertical bars represent?

Leonikou - Good start. It looks like you have some light lacking shadows, especially whatever is hitting the bump mapped back wall?

60WE - Nice job!



I know it´s a little bit late but I have been a little bit busy :frowning:
Anyway, here is my approach to the scene, comments and crits are welcome :wink:

By the way, really nice renders over here, congratulations to everybody :slight_smile:




Hi everyone, I also am kind of late, but I guess better later then never… Wanted to try my self in lighters proffesion @_@ … Well This is what I’ve come up so far…
I know it lacks the feeling of atmosphe a little, But had an idea how to make it without using a volume litghts and so… Althogh I think it will take a lot longer to render <:) …


P.s. There are a lot of great renders here… For example edu3d: Yours have that good feeling of old. Althogh I think you were a little lazy on the columns <:). Anyways It is not about the textures, it is about lighting. So… I hope mine’s not too ugly <:)


Very nice scene Edu3d! you can allmost smell the dust in the air. Very expressive ambiance of derelict house.


Here’s my try on this. This is my first entry, so be nice! :smiley:


There is some really amazing art on this forum. Here is my first attempt at lighting a haunted hallway…


Hi there, what a beautiful render i’ve seen here !
Here is my contribution, hope this is not to late.
For the scene i’ve used 4 area light to help a sunlight and one IES light for the bulb light.
About the material now, wood , red brick, wall paint in white and for the bulb i’ve used a blend material like glass and for the second a "light"material. And to finish a soft displacement for the bricks. Hope you like it.

Emmanuel. (O_O)


another render…


I’ve wanted to give this challenge a shot for a while and finally got around to it. As you can see I’ve made a few minor modifications to the scene, but nothing much aside from cosmetics. Rendered with Mental Ray through maya, render layers composited in Shake. No fancy GI/FG, just straight up spot lights with raytraced shadows and occlusion.

Comments/Critiques are welcomed!



no texture only a blinn shader - depth, occ and beauty pass


I guess this site’s finally becoming useable after “Digg” hammered it yesterday!

swag - Keep going!

Nydendarin - Welcome! What a terrific scene! It has a very solid feel already. The wood floor has a good look overall, even if the texture and the wood plank models don’t seem to line up. The grates in the wall work in the center hallway, but on the sides they don’t look inset into the wall, they look more like rim-lit things sitting in front of the side walls, maybe they could be changed a bit.

Dodgeas3d - Nice scene! It looks good as-is. I’m not sure which window the sunbeam comes from. Maybe it could use something to connect the window with the sunbeam on the floor, either some fog or at least some rim light on the objects in between.

Maya4fun - Welcome! It doesn’t look as if the lightbulb is working, it doesn’t seem to light the scene much or to have the lampshade casting a shadow. You could reduce the scale of the brick textures, that kind of brick shouldn’t be as big as a step.

bob - Welcome! Nice scene! The throw pattern from the light on the floor doesn’t really look like a bare lightbulb, it looks like the throw from a flashlight. Maybe if you added a broader, softer light onto the floor and surrounding walls it would look more like it came from a bare bulb.

SeniorOfficerPotnky - Welcome! Nice scene! You could probably find a more natural looking texture for those columns, right now it looks like a fractal marble pattern. That “ghost” needs work, too, since you don’t really see his center it’s mostly defined as a brighter line on the cyan background. But that line gets flat at the top, it would be better if you could smooth it out. And you might render it as a separate pass so you could do more with translucency or what you see through it. The back-lit portions of the stairwell could use some rim light, too.



Hey, I used this scene for a render test in Maxwell, so I thought I would post the result here. It came out quite contrasted and the textures are quite busy, but I like the final mood of the picture.


well this is m first try, i ran out of time today.
im still figuring out how to make the moon shine in…
please gimme crits and tips : )


Hi let me introduce myself as a silent spectator.
Anti2007 I think your solution is a very interestic one, beside all these “normal” global illum and final gathering looks.
How did you archived it? - I´m not familar with maxwell for i´m a Maya mr user.
Is it texture based ore procedural shader ? You mentioned textures can you post one wall example(small jpg just to get the idea).
Ore did you got the look postproductive with Pshop?


I wanted to have quite a dark scene, its what I associate with spooky and haunted, so i decided against having moonlight or sunlight and focused on using the single lamp.

Im new to Maxwell so Im not sure exactly the how the materials work, but I used maxwell materials downloaded from this great website: .
The materials I used from there seemed texure based, along with tweaked properties and meterial layers.
But its probably better to ask some who actually understands how Maxwell works :smiley:

I believe the wall texture I used may have been this one (preview image from website above):

I did use some postpro in Pshop, mainly to clean the image, was quite grainy, and to correct levels and stuff.


I know right, that digg link totally hammered CGTalk’s servers. Just goes to show you how much traffic goes through that site daily; it’s incredible. It’d be amusing to see a screencap of the forums statistics for that day :stuck_out_tongue:

That aside, thanks for the critique and comments Jeremy, I think the problem with the vents facing the front is that they’re too beveled so they don’t appear to ‘pop’ quite as much. Plus the light interaction on the inner-facing vent helps to give it the apperence of depth where the ones facing the front don’t really have that same element to help force the depth.

How is the light placement and such working out though? Anything you would change or add to the composition to make it stronger? Does it need more atmosphere/dust, or a dirt pass on the floors/walls, desaturation of textures, etc?



I know thats a little late but i want to post my image…

I try to make a lighting who look like realist with no GI and FG and work with full procedural textures to train myself…

So, comments and critics are welcome !


To be honest, I’m not so into the new challenge so I decided to tweak this one out a little. Here’s pretty much the same render I showed, but with some post work done in Photoshop.

As always comments and crit more than welcome.


Anti2007 - Interesting scene. I agree working on the contrast could help it…

cg_otaku - Welcome! You need some contrast and definition. Maybe finding some reference (photographs of a real hallway) might help inspire you?

guivAg - Nice scene! I’m not seeing any light from the sky there. Apart from the sunbeam, I don’t see any other light coming in through the windows, not even brightening the windowframes.

PDuff - Nice scene! I like the texture on the floor, it just needs some clean-up in a few places. I’m not sure about the scale on the brick columns, maybe the bricks should be taller there. That lightbulb should light its own shade more, if the top of the shade looks as bright as the inside?



I am using maya mental ray for this image. I am still working on the texture here and there, as well as the lighting part. Hopefully i will manage to get in done on the next few days. Please feel free to comment and critic. Tq.