Lighting Challenge #8: Haunted Hallway


Hey Jason…thanks a lot!

Hi Karan, thanks a lot! I plan on doing volumetrics, but my PC is reallllly slow so I’ll do it in post after I’m done with the render.
I don’t really post much of my works online as they are office stuff I can’t show outside! I know a couple of people from Sparrow, sorry I don’t recall talking to you…have we been in touch before? Anyways, nice to meet you and thanks again! Looking forward to see your take on the challenge…

Jeremy, thanks a lot for the input! I have a really slow PC so I generally don’t do hi-quality renders till I am doing the final render. I’ll try to post a good quality one after I’m done tweaking the image…


Jeremy: Thanks for the suggestions.The texture around the window doesn’t look right because there isn’t any texture there yet :slight_smile: I think I’m going to build a proper window frame.
I’ll keep at it and try and post some progress at the end of the day.


Heres mine:

I used three spotlights and one ambient light with mental ray in Maya.
I know some of the areas are jet-black or near jet-black which is usually a no-no in lighting, but I figured it would make it look creepier.



heres another one. The darker areas arent as dark in this one:


aryaFX, Nice job, I like it !
Maybe a little colored object on the floor ?


Another point of view, probably this is the best till now. The chair should pop out better now…I hope so.


Hi eveyone. I just thought I’d quickly post my latest changes here:

I’ve tried to break up the lighting a little bit, and add a little more texture.




thanks :slight_smile:

I was thinking of adding a bloody knife on the ground lying in a pool of blood.
any other suggestions?

or maybe some kind of dying plant.



@Chrisdc - Nice scene! It looks somehow like a scene from an 80s music video, like maybe something with Prince in it?

@60WE - I guess the main idea to making something “pop” is to give it contrast. If the rest of your scene is hazy and purple, make something not be hazy and purple, maybe something closer to the camera and with none of the purple mist on it so it stands out and reads clearly as a silhouette. Right now, the purple hazy chair just adds clutter and blends with the staircase. If you can’t make it read then take it out. Maybe first work on getting it at an angle where you could tell clearly what it was just from its alpha channel, then make sure it’s close to the camera and no getting the mist or purple light on it.

@aryaFX - Nice scene! Since the floor is textured nicely and has shadows, the ceiling lamp and bulb area stand out as lacking that, especially with the metal seeming to reflect a much brighter bulb than is placed there. Maybe some rust or peeling paint up there?



Jeremy, hopefully I got what you mean here is the shot.

Thank you.


Hello everyone!
This is my first wip render, just the general mood, not properly textured yet (missing stairs, and lamp textures as well)
Sorry for the late post.
All done in Maya and Mental Ray, no GI and FG, just AmbOccl and Diffuse Passes.

Two lights with raytraced shadows ( not softened yet).

i’v seen some really great entries here!!

Great work guys!!

And many thanks to mr. Birn!!


Hello there!

First I have to thanks J. Birn for this interesting challenge. A lot of interesting posts around here!

I used Softimage XSI, Mental ray, with a minmum of area lights. One key light from the window for the floor and 3 other sources to manage localised effects.

The toy drum is a tribute to this old european Volker Schlöndorf’s film “le tambour”

Comments welcome


ok it works now!


Kanawann > Nice work. Toy drum looks good addition. I think you should try get corners darker as the light comes, where walls connects with ground, and where toy drum touches ground, that specular goes thru drum on the ground, try to get rid of that. Some color bounce would be great, like bottom greenish to the top colder- blue…

Gosh i just saw a ghost! looks creapy :slight_smile:


Thanks Dodgeas3d.

You’re absolutely right about this ugly specular in the drum shadow and the dark corners. That will be fixed !


Perhaps a bit late, but I had some exams the last week. However, I didn’t want to miss this great scene. Here is my try:


Jako nice scene. textures looks fine. maybe too much of that dof, it mess up scale…
That greenish light looks promising, maybe some ettenuation of the light would be great on that wall… needs some gradient and falloff on it,maybe too strong source…
anyway nice work.


Hi everyone. Jeremy thanks for the suggestions. Here is my latest work


#60W It’s impressive, but the most important thing is about the concept and Idea…when I see it I focus on the whole image not in the detail or the technique and I guess this is the most important achievement for an artist


I’m glad you like the shot! Thank you very much for your comment and take care.
All the best!