Lighting Challenge #8: Haunted Hallway


edit: He e-mailed it to me, and it is on-line now.

If other people have files that should be hosted, either PM me with the URL where I can download it, or send me e-mail at the address on my website with the file attached in a zip or rar archive.




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I’m trying to make it nighttime, without any light coming through the windows. This rendered in only 1 minutes 49 seconds on my new BOXX workstation. I guess I still have to figure out how to make something more special.




Very cool picture! I really like colors (from greenish tones to light blue) and feel of the air in the scene.
But Isn’t a bit overbrighten up there?
I think i’m definetely going to partisipate in this challenge!


Yes, it is probably too bright in places. I rendered another test image:



Hello to ALL
First of all I would like to apologize because I didn’t notice that two polymesh after the obj import in max made a bit of “mess”. I’ve asked a frined of mine to import in max 9 . Since I zoomed a bit for creating my image I didn’t notice that.
Here the link to the Max 9 scene (I ask Jeremy to upload it in the resource session).

I’m waiting also for some comments on the update of the image

There’s the problem with Max


Yes, there’s 2 arcs in the mesh, which actually cause z-fighting in viewport. Just delete high one :slight_smile:


Yea, two meshes…my bad.
Just delete the high one like Veliar said.
The floorboards are intended for sub-d/poly smoothing.



started on getting the basic colors in there. Hope to put in the texxtures soon. And I may change my mind in the future but for now I was thinking of going the procedural route for alot of the materials. Just a straight maya render (mental ray)…glow and sharpen in Shake. 4 areaLights, 2 pointLights, and a directionalLight. Really early but posting my progress as I go. :slight_smile:

Fire away…



Nice entry!:slight_smile:

Perhaps you could try to use some reflections on the materials, everything looks dusty and matt at the moment, some reflections could help with the slimmy-dirty,wet look , that type of set/scenery usually have on movies.

By the way is the glow done in post?



Very great Challenge. I like this scene very much.
So bad that im actually working on a personal project.
I will step in later on thats for sure :slight_smile:

Whish you much fun in lighting this scene guys.


For me just deleting one of the mesh dind’t work, so I manually “patched the scene”.
Here’s the obj file that work fine in max and here the 3ds scene file (for max 9)
There’s the two links


I didnt’ have the time to fix the crack on the left wall. If anyone would provide the correct obj will be very happ y to add.
Hope this will help


Here’s a post with almost all fix done. But Texturing still remain a bit of pain


BsBs - Good start. It looks as if the middle landing of the stairs that you see screen-left should be much brighter, if that’s the area the sunlight on the hall floor is supposed to be coming from. You might also make the screen-left end of the hall floor darker where it would be getting shadowed by the stairs. The sooner you get started with some shaders and textures, the more of the final look you’ll see, maybe you can get some maps on before you do too much more lighting.

ACamacho - Good start. If the background you see outside the window is going to be bright, then put something bright there, as you know it’ll make a huge difference to the balance of the shot… That lampshade doesn’t look reflective or metalic, it has a strange color mix going on.

mer - Thanks for the feedback! Yes, the glow on the bright areas is just done in Photoshop.

jojo1975 - It seems like your scene could use more contrast. It seems like it has too much ambient/fill light. Areas like the underside of the stairs look like they could go much darker.



Great topic and great entries so far.

Here is a first preview of my scene.
Some errors and untextured objects need to be fixed.


Nice work as usual everyone, and what a great challenge, I have wanted to light this scene ever since I first saw Dan’s go at it.

Here is my first attempt. Not quite sure what direction to head in from here, so any suggestions/crits are always appreciated. I tried a few different camera angles, but ended up liking the original so much that I just kept it for now. If I get some more time to spend on it I may try a few different lighting scenarios to see what I can come up with. I’ll try to put together a more detailed breakdown at some point this week, but for now here are some details:

Pretty basic setup actually, shadowmapped spotlights, with one area light for the main window light, and a few very low level point lights to brighten it up slightly. I broke it down into 4 main passes, diffuse, spec/reflection, volumetrics, and an occlusion pass. It was rendered and textured in XSI/Metal ray. I decided not to use any GI or FG because it wasn’t giving me quite the control I was looking for.

Again, great job everyone, I can’t wait to see some more of these over the next few weeks.




Hi guys,
I don’t have maya 8 with me.Can any one save and give .ma for me.

Thanks in adv,


I need to def work on finishing textures here. I am not really sure what is good or bad about the lighting. I just wanted to have some mystery, hence the eyes in the dark at the top of the stairs.

@ Jeremy , that is a good looking render. Makes me think of an insane asylum. That sickly green glow gives the feeling of something unnatural.


ChrRambow - Great start. The parts that look more complete are already looking very solid. Nice set extension, too…

meanlebh - Great start, I like the way the building is old but still has a sense of granduer! (Sorry if I spelled that wrong, it’s a word I don’t even use much.) The shadows from the hanging lightbulb aren’t 100% convincing yet. Maybe they just need to be softer (the lightbulb is an area light, the shade is a dimmer softer area light?), maybe the falloff or decay isn’t working as an inverse square/quadratic real light bulb, and maybe there should be a consistent amount of atmosphere around the bulb as there is around the sunbeam in back.

slatr - Good start. It needs a lot more definition, but I’ll wait to see how it shapes up.