Lighting Challenge #8: Haunted Hallway


Here is My last “Final” render. Phu…
Added more volumetrics and went for another color tone. I didnt go to far I hope. My eyes are tired and it´s time to sleep.

Johan Sae-Thao


Back from holidays. One more with some tweaks.


Meteoro - Nice job! If you’re still doing tweaks the penumbra color on the shadow looks a bit too saturated, and the lightbulb texture doesn’t work, other than that it’s a really solid scene.

djmj - Nice job! That “girl” looks like someone left a blow-up doll or something on the stairwell, I guess that’s creepy enough though…

Chrisdc - That’s a good scene. Maybe some areas, especially the screen-left walls of the archways, look completely flat. If you can put in more variety (shadows, gradients) then the spaces will read better. The same goes with the specular stripes along each plank of wood as they approach the wall, or anything else that’s overly consistent.

hardwork - That’s terrific! Congratulations! I really like the darkness and the contrast. The view out the window is perfect, too, you don’t really know what it is but it fits in perfectly.

If you change anything, I’d say you could make the creature read a little better. For example, the parts of the tenticles that cross into the window light don’t look any brighter than the parts that disappear into the dark at the bottom of frame, maybe if they could get a nice wet-looking sheen where the light hits them, just some nice specular or rim light that glints off in a few places, it would feel more present in the room.

Also, the idea that the creature itself is turning off the light doesn’t totally read yet because there isn’t enough light to show the tenticle hitting the light switch. Maybe just moving the window light which now hits the left side wall over to the right side instead would help bring enough attention to that area, or you could add a glint or rim to the tenticle tip and switch?



the columns along the left and right side of the image look a bit fake and probably need a different texture, and the stairs also could look more like wood I think.

thanks Jeremy for the comments, I was thinking maybe using displacment (instead of bump) on those coulmns would do the trick, but they’d propably need more definition, in terms of lighting… I’ll try changing these once I rerender the scene… as for now I’m playing around with the passes I rendered trying different moods

there goes my “Mood Swings” :):slight_smile:

I removed the DOF (couldn’t get a decent result with it, I might try it again later),
I added film grain…
and oh yes… I rendred a volumetric light pass
I also tried a sepia tone, check it out here.
-Jeremy, did you say something about being “addicted to color”??:thumbsup:

and last but not least…
trying to get over my non-motivated hatred to green?? sill can’t say I did but I’m trying…

So, everyone… wich is your favorite??


Can’t any of you post the actual scene files?

While it’s nice to look at the pictures I thought the whole purpose of these thing’s is for people to learn.
You don’t have to include textures, just the lighting setup and various other settings.

Come on you got the scene file for free, it’s just a few light’s and a few attributes.


i don’t like a lot this camera drunk ,but i prefer the first pic ,very nice light :thumbsup:.
may send a pic or it’s too late for the challenge !?let me know :slight_smile:


Thanks a very lot jeremy, that’s totally cool comments. I’ll make these updates (specu and change the ligth near the button) as soon as I can.

hello MinaRagaie, like jah800, it’s the first one that I prefer, I really like the specular on the right wall, and the texture of the ground is very precise, love it !

I just entered the challenge last week so I think there’s no problem that you enter too jah800.[b]

Here is a little link to a short animation that I made for the new 2007 year (a little late on the forum sorry :D)
[/b]HAPPY NEW YEAR (in french)


Thanks for the help Jeremy, You really made me push my self, regarding rendering :slight_smile:

//djmj - Nice job! That “girl” looks like someone left a blow-up doll or something on the stairwell, I guess that’s creepy enough though…//

Yeah that girl was imported from Poser, didnt want to spend time doing hard modeling etc…Gave her a Typical Ringu pose. I liked it until you said she looked like a blow-up doll or something…Yeah She does, doesnt she…

I think I will play around in this thread abit more. A good chance to test different Software/techniques. As a 3dsMax user, Iam always looking for something else. I love Maya, but MR is not an easy to learn software, yeah software, not just a raytracing engine, mental ray is so mutch more. Gives me headache :frowning:

There is no third party raytracing engine that support Maya to 100%, I used RM, FR stage2, Turtle and Maxwell. Everything falls when i need volymetrics. And as I said. MR gives me headache. Maybe FR stage 2 have a volymetric shader finished know? Not shure though…
Should be said that RenderMan is as good as the production house it´s in.

XSI has the best implamentation of MR ofcourse, and maybe I will redo my render using XSI. Good opportunity to work in differant environments anyway. This scene could be in such many ways…Dont wanna let it go just yet…

Johan Sae-Thao


ok guys ,here’s mine ,it’s a low setting render QMC+LC !!the max scene has got a lot of bad geometry ,tried to adjust …let me know:sad:


hi jah800
I like your texture on the walls that’s original, and there’s a good definition, maybe some repeating thing’s on the left corner. The light is realy great too, the daylight is here very present.
I don’t know about the 3DSmax scene I used maya’s one but had also some strange geometry. Just delete them, don’t worry:).


Thanks for your input Jeremy.

I remodeled the ligthbulb. Let me know what you think.

btw, i finally got from amazon your book yesterday, I’m really enjoying it so far.


Hi nice to meet you! Here is my render. I’ve created some play of light with the volume light.
For this lighting I have use only scanline and a bit of post processing with Photoshop for Glow and noise.

Thank You very much


Thanks very much for this challenge.


Hello everybody at Haunted Hallway

Here is my last render in HiRes, with a better flesh material on the tentacles, and I also placed the red back light in the bulb, so now, the tentacle can really switch it off. The red light now hit the place where the switcher is.

I think that will be be my last try, played enought with it, and learned a LOT. Thanks very much for this challenge.


This is my first post, I just signed up after finding the link to this site in
Jeremy’s book, Digital Lighting and Rendering. I would really like to improve in this area, so any feedback would be great.
My scene is being lit from the moon outside the window of an old barn.

I have used three directional lights for the moon light and five bounce lights with depth map shadows for the ambient indirect illumination.




@neo-x : great lightin fratè ,i like your style you know!!!ma le alte luci sbruciacchiano ancora un pochino :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@hardwork : wow ,the red light it’s the magic touch of this picture ,rock on :slight_smile:


Hi Jah! :slight_smile:


That’s Right my friend! :thumbsup:
I like instead your lighting… very very good Jah! :wavey:

Thank You! Bye… :slight_smile:




hardwork - I guess hardwork has paidoff! Congratulations! I feel like making a gallery for this challenge now!

(You can probably finish this challenge at this point and sit back and congratulate yourself. Maybe make a screenshot of the front page and save it. If you really want more feedback, I’ll say the texture and lighting on some of the tenticles is terrific, some of the foreground tenticles look translucent and gelatinous and in places has a real feature film quality realism. Other surfaces in the scene aren’t as realistic, like the floor with its heavy bump mapping and very dark edges between the planks. The lighting is great, you’ve got a real control over what is seen and what isn’t, and maintaining the darkness in much of the scene while leading the eye to key details is working beautifully. The parts of the tenticles that appear displacement mapped look the best, in other parts they look a bit spliney such as the smooth length leading up to the ligthswitch. Since you’ve executed this so well, maybe a breakdown of some kind on key techniques could help educate other people about how you did it?)

Neo-x - Good start, see if you can figure out what’s making some of the surfaces look so bright; maybe some of the wood is actually reflective??

Meteoro - Nice job! I guess the lightbulb still looks strange but I guess if people really look at it they’ll figure out that it’s supposed to be a broken bulb.

jah800 - Good start! The walls with the peeling paint over brick look realistic. With that look established, people expect it to be maintained on every surface in the scene…

MinaRagaie - I think the top priority is not color changes but cleaning up the lighting. The false-colored edge to the sunbeam from the window doesn’t look right. If it happened on just one side, like only on the left, then it would look like chromatic aberration from the edge of the window glass, but having it uniform around the top and sides looks weird. Also the glow along the top of the upper right wall seems out of place, it should get darker there not brighter. If you found some colors you really liked during your compositing, maybe you could take those back into your 3D software and color the lights based on the comp and render with those colors for real?