Lighting Challenge #8: Haunted Hallway


did try that but could get it to work. Crazy thing my monitor at home must be really contrasty as the corners are really dark and saturated. Having fun with this one




Here is my re-rendered scene. Imported my lp and made a complete new setup using VRay insted of Lightscape.

I tried to keep the scene as origin, but I just had to model a few things, like the wall-lamp, the bucket and the water…

Still have an calibration issue regarding my Trinitorn monitor. Hope the colors and contrast is similar for you, as for me…

Johan Sae-Thao

BTW. It looks like the shadows is “to” blured and not enough refined from the columns on the arches. The shadow start earlier, the blue color I used is merged together with the shadow, so it´s hard to see where it starts, and where it ends. And I didnt use area shadows, didnt have to. Just ray traced, but I choised LightCache for my secondary bounces, mutch faster then the QMC. The def settings are bad though. Can reduse the quality by 75% or more, without loosing any detail. The coloration or the render alter slightly, goes for more greenish saturation. Easy enough to adjust post :slight_smile:



Here is my first attempt at a challenge.
Maya 7.0


[left]Hallo every one this is my first post in this forum

[left]This image render in maya 8 ( mental ray ) [/left]

[left]So I will be very glad to see your opinions[/left]

[left] [/left]


Kain-Hazem - Welcome! That’s a nice image. I’m a little confused by all the lines in the fog, some of the look as if they come from behind the lightbulb, even though the bulb is turned off? Also, there are strange triangular artifacts in the fog on the lower left side, they may align with some of the geometry but they are a bit distracting and unnatural.

djltrain - Welcome! Good start. It seems as if the light from the bulb cuts off at a hard, angular edge running diagonally and horizontally along the side walls? If you could get more smooth gradients, brighter close to the bulb, it could have more variety.

djmj - You scene gets better and better! The composition is nice. Maybe the spotlight coming from floor level focused straight into the bucket looks a bit fake and theatrical, but if you could just tone it down it might be more believable. Also, that spotlight cone seems to cut-off at a hard edge leaving a sharp line running half-way up the right column and angling down the side wall, you should be able to soften the penumbra. I really like how you have the floor reflection broken-up and distorted with that bump map, it’s much more natural than a “perfect” reflection. Taking a note from how well the floor’s working, maybe on the wooden ceiling you could either distort the reflection or just turn off the reflectivity up there? Finally, on the side walls, I don’t quite get why there are stripes in the light from the bulb? If the stripes are supposed to be reflector caustics, then it seems as if they would be drowned out by the brightness of the direct light from the bulb, wouldn’t they?



Ok, this is my try.
Just concentrated on the lighting. I have not done much texturing, because I had not enough time. My aim was to achieve a good looking result without using too much mentalray.
The picture was rendered with the standard maya software renderer. I only rendered an additional AO-Pass in MR. In Photoshop I composed the layers and added several effects like the volumelight, etc.



Sorry double post!!! Newbie mistake! :wink:


This is my new image


Thanks for the crit Jeremy, yeah the spotlight on the floor was ment to be a mood booster, like a flashlight. Hmm it was to cheap maybe, and the shadow was to sharp…

Thanks for notice the tiny bump and use of reflection on the floor.

//why there are stripes in the light from the bulb? //
I think thats cause of my IES file. I think it´s a shadow from the bulb itself. I have a few houndred IES files, I wanted a low level light, found this and was happy about it, until now…

But now when you know it´s a IES, maybe it makes more sence, or you dont like the stripes/shadow line from the light?

Iam gonna try to make a better render with the tips from you. The flashlight would look perfect if I could make a mask as a projector light…Like a black and white, gradient ramp etc…
I liked the flashlight in Halflife2. I could just try to find that texture, if I cant make my own…
I will see what I can do…

Johan Sae-Thao


djmj - If you got the light with the stripes from an IES preset, then I’m sure it was supposed to represent the throw pattern of a light fixture with a bulb set back well within the reflector, so you have a lot of internal caustics contributing to the edges of its cone. That isn’t anything like the situation you have here, where most of the light comes directly from the bulb. The stripes make no sense in this context, do they?

Kain-Hazem - Can’t see image at the moment, even when I browse directly for it doesn’t show up - must be a server problem? I’ll comment when it comes back on-line, I guess.

weimann_tim - Welcome, that’s a really nice scene. The green gives it a bold, almost comic-book type appearance. Maybe the view out the window could be clarified, too, into a solid white or a picture with a big moon or something? And maybe some rim lighting on the parts that are back-lit by the window?



Ok… here’s my update
I’ll call that one “Final” for now… but’ll try other variations later:):):slight_smile:
I’ve rendered out many passes this time, I’ll try Re-lighting this one in the comp (should be Re-lighting hevean with the amount of passes I rendered):thumbsup:

there’s a couple of passes that I didn’t render or even setup yet (volume light for example)
Here’s the image

…and here’s a comp much closer to the original beauty pass

ok, feel free to Comment on it, LOTS of things can be changed in the comp without having to re-render the scene.
wt do you think???:slight_smile:


[left]Mr. Jeremy I hope this picture don’t have any problem[/left]

[left]And thank you for these wonderful challenges[/left]

[left] [/left]


hi everybody,
great challenge and really great entries :thumbsup:

here is my first try, I thought it could be fun to have a monster hidden in the dark, that would switch on the light. I need to do more updates on the tentacles texture to view more the suction cups :twisted:, and start the textures of the overall scene. See you on the next posts


Hi… all… Here is a new try of this challenge. As jeremy said I added an AO layer. And I think the result really turns better than last image… Thanks all the c&c… And what should I add more to increase the quality. I am still trying… Btw, jeremy that is my birthday, and I am 24. U r right…


a little late, but here’s my first go at a lighting challenge. Didn’t had time for texturing but maybe I can improve it later.

btw, everyone did a great job! I’ve seen alot of awesome entries :slight_smile:

and one with more emphasis on inside lighting


For my very Final render, why not change my raytracing engine to Final-Render, thats the first GI engine I used, and always been one of my “Cant live without” software. My computer is about five years old, Dell dimension 8200 with a Northwood 2,8ghz and 1gb of rambus memory. So There´s no discussion that FR is one of the fastest raytracing engines out there. Speed vs quality is superb…

The only post on the render is a soft lens-blur controled by a mask, and just a tad of coloration tweaking in Photoshop, another “Cant live without” software.

Volume and flarefx is post inside 3dsmax. A 2d volumelight doesnt add to render time, and looks good enough…

BTW (I just had to put in a little girl in a red dress).

I used a projector light as flashlight, made it look mutch better. I stole the image from Halflife2.

Thanks for the well done crit Jeremy, everything you said made my render/composition better in every way…

Johan Sae-Thao


Jeremy I just saw you last comment, yeah your right ofcourse. I thought the stripes was Shadowing from the bulb it self. Hmm Another render is on the way…

I shouldnt have namned my next last render to “final”…Now Im render my Third Final render :slight_smile:
But now I think I´ve got it…


Hello liumiao
Great textures and illum, but I think that you should replace your ground texture by something that is more precise : the boards of your texture are overlaping the boards of the object, and it’s not nice… A good tip is to render an ambiant occlusion of the ground in top view,and then in photoshop, paste this render with incrustaion mode on a wood texture. Hope that help. Still working on my scene…:wise:


Joblh - Welcome! The top one has some kind of strange image processing done to it, the bottom one looks more solid. Maybe you could fix the glow above & below the landing in the middle of the stairs, and try to get the lightbulb more believable?

Liumiao19820823 - It’s getting better! Still, it looks very evenly lit. The ceiling is almost as bright as the floor. The floor under the stairs is almost as bright as the center of the floor. There could be more variation, more of a sense that the light is coming from somewhere (such as the windows) and going somewhere (the lighting should have some directionality.)

hardwork - Nice scene! It kindof reminds me of something from a role-playing game of some kind.

Kain-Hazem - That’s a great image. It looks like the guy is about to bowl a ball straight at me! We probably don’t need the lampshade in that scene, especially if it lines up so perfectly with the vertical rod or rope that the noose comes from.

MinaRagaie - Those are nice images. I like (in the top one) how you’ve brought out some definition on the left wall where it has the hole, etc. I like the bottom one too, because the background area is better defined and more believable. If you do more fixes, the columns along the left and right side of the image look a bit fake and probably need a different texture, and the stairs also could look more like wood I think.



Here is an update, hope you like it.

I first modelised the tentacles in maya, then added the bubbles of the skin in Zbrush

All textures with photoshop, targas converted in .map (mental ray image) to avoid render crashes (it’s not magic but that helps:))

Rendered in maya with mental ray’s global illumination, no FG, 20minutes in 800x600
+ambient oclusion added in photoshop
+sky in photoshop

Need to render a high res version now, and maybe add some effects, but the most of the work is done :bounce:


Hello, I have made a few changes from the images I posted before. ( I have switched to a different (less symmetrical) viewpoint, added a more interesting view out of the window, and tried to introduce slightly more variation in the intensity of my lighting.



EDIT: I changed where I hosted the image so that you can actually see it now. :slight_smile: