Lighting Challenge #8: Haunted Hallway


BsBs - Nice Job! Congratulations! (Just as one note, I was trying to figure out what those things on the floor were. At first they looked like autumn leaves, but then I saw that the cracks between the floorboards were in front of them, so I guess they are just a repetetive mark of some kind on the wood?)

akwavox -

Those are terrific! I actually like the 2nd one even better. If you want feedback on that scene, I’d say first not to change too much, because it looks great as it is. I don’t think it’s too dark.

You might add a bit more definition to the stairs in the upper right, they are a flat gray, and when I first looked at the image I was wondering what the blocky 2D squares were covering part of the window. If the stairs in the upper right of the frame just had a little bit of rim or specular along the edges that face the light bulb, it might define them better in 3D and help add to the sense of a space closing in around us too.

The lightbulb looks good, but maybe in Photoshop you could add little more glow around it, maybe just extending a few pixels outside of it? Also, the archway closest to the stairs looks a little strange, the shadow it casts on the wall looks as if the bottom of the archway doesn’t fully connect to the top arch, and then the top arch stays bright all the way up to where it meets the ceiling above it, where it might look better if it either faded away or else continued out of frame with the same texture?



Thank you to give us that great feedback Jeremy.
I think it should be better now ??? :slight_smile:
Comments and critics are welcome, as always !

And for currious, here is a recapitulatory of all lights, used for this render:

I forgot to say that the floor is exclude too from the three area lights (point 5 )



I’m quite late on this challenge…:sad::sad::sad:
so, I thought I’d post another WIP - just to let you know that I’m still working on it…

how much time do I have to finish this challenge?
I understand there’s no “Deadline” ,but…
I was wondering how much time do I have before the next challenge starts?

Here’s my second WIP version…
I rendered this for testing only, It wasn’t meant to be sent as a WIP so…
plz note:
All the shadows are “RAZOR SHARP” for testing purposes only
I’ll use Much Softer shadows for the Final Image

and here’s my older WIP version just to give you an idea how those shadows are supposed to look

I’ll be Back with that Final Image ASAP (I wonder if that’s gonna be soon enough)
C&C Plzzzzzzzzz


akwavox - fantastic work. I like seeing the breakdown. Did you render this out in one pass or did you do separate passes?

MinaRagaie - Very nice work. So the bottom image is what you want for the lighting? It looks to me like the left wall and floor might getting lit by an extra light. Excluding them from that one might do the trick. Also, the specularity on the wall seems much too high. On the other hand, it also could just be that you lost some falloff in the textured version.


Here is my first attempt. Lots still to do - like put some bounce lighting, better illuminate the staircase etc. Sort out the volumetrics and better position the main light/shadow.


[left]This is my first lighting test in 2007 :slight_smile: i am Working on texturing right now , Comments are Welcome [/left]


shoox - Welcome! Keep going with the scene.

zildjian - Good start. See if you can improve the definition of the dark areas, maybe with some rims and kicks? The brick texture on the back wall looks strange, as if it just cuts off and turns into a green surface.

MinaRagaie - Probably the next challenge will go online about 160 hours from now, so you have time. Too early to say anything about the top one. Bottom one is nice but needs some work in the window area, so it looks like light is coming in instead of having dark window frames, and maybe a background image or window slats or some glass or something.

akwavox - Thanks for sharing! That image 4, the volumetrics, looks really cool and spooky. I wonder what your scene would look like if you made the floor much darker and let us see more of that spooky stuff? You still might consider some definition in the upper right of the image, maybe a rim along the edges of those steps to define them better?



I was playing with the lousy xsi particles


hi everyone it was fun lighting this scene. i was clear to myself at the begining that i will not be creative about it and ill use Mr Dan Wade’s image as a refrence and try to achieve “as much as i can” bcoz my purpose was to see what is GI and how can i start using mentalRay as this is my very first attempt in MentalRay… comments are “needed”


I did it in one passe. I just need the pass of the volumetric main light, to make it brighter in post-prod.

Yup, i tested it !!! :slight_smile:
I think the effect of that spooky light could be better with another main lightning, considering that cam angle… ??
With a main light not so direct to the floor, something like candle lights between colomns for example.
The spooky effect should have more “relief” that way i think… ??
(and the right side of the image too by the way…)
But, i wander from the “challenge”…

I thought the same, the stairs really need smoother edges with that cam angle…
If i found some time, i will work on it. :wink:

Thank you for the feedback!


Here is the result, of the lil test:


my entry,…

Cinema 4D + Photoshop

3 Spotlights
3 Arealights
Global Illumination
about 30 Minutes Rendertime

i hope you like it…


Here is my final, I tried a few ways, this is how it ended. I wanted a nice and clean, but dusty environment. I hate to follow, so I tried my own way. For good and bad…

Johan Sae-Thao


Jeremy - Thanks for your comments, the bulb lamp can be brighter,
like my first attempt. I’m going to try another better picture !

eldonaldo - Very pleasant lighting ! I can see colors distortions ambiance
like a photographic lens…

BsBs - Nice picture, I like the sun light, maybe the textures
are too big.

Here is my new picture with the corrections.


Im try to Lighting on the Night


Hi, I’m a little late, but I just thought I’d post a quick WIP shot of my lighting.

Rendered in Lightwave using lots of spotlights.


prokiller - Welcome! That’s a nice start, it’ll look like blood if you can get all the little balls to melt into eachother more smoothly, I guess?

Well, you succeeded in making a copy. Now, what else can you do? :slight_smile:

akwavox - I like the darker steamier floor! If you could just keep the doll and pins visible so you don’t lose some of those details…

eldonaldo - That’s a nice scene! I can’t help feeling that the windows need something – maybe some glass, maybe a background image or something outside?

djmj - Well, that’s certainly very bright. It seems as if softer shadows, especially from the lightbulb, would add a lot to it.

JCBug - I love it!

BsBs - Great scene! I like the interior/exterior color difference.

Chrisdc - Good start! It looks a bit uniform and symmetrical now, maybe some darker areas could help break it up a bit?



Hi Jeremy, my first clay render was made in vray, but the final was made in maya into LightScape. I wanted a nice and clean render so I thought I should give the old LightScape 3.2 a chanse. Softer shadows is not possible in any of the settings. I use ten AA and 20 Raytrace bounces. More bounces doesnt make the Point light softer, and soft shadows is only availible for my sun. More AA samples is not possible either, i think. I use batch render anyway so maybe I could crank up any value more then whats possible in the gui. Soft shadows is just something I can add in the render batch file as a command “-soft”. Only gonna affect the sun anyway :frowning:

I use a syntax “-sh” (Shadows from direct lighting are recomputed.) But If iam just gonna use Radiosity on shadows, then I need microscopic polygons…Maybe thats possible.
Going to Re-render before I test another engine. Sending an update tomorrow:(

It´s not the fastest engine, like Maxwell on Valium…

Johan SaeThao

BTW. //Well, that’s certainly very bright//
In the sunny parts only I hope. I Have difficulties calibrating my Dell trinitron monitor. The darker areas should be very dark…

Insted of spamming this board, I can update this post insted.

Nah, I tried 5cm as min and 15cm as maximum " subdivided polys" in my shadowed areas. Almost 600 000 polys made Lightscape slow…Back to 3dsmax and VRay :slight_smile:

Just fine tuning my render…


Max9, mentalray3.5. FG only. The Fairy dust in post in PS.



I am late… Actually I have finished this image 2 weeks already, but I could’t post it due to the internet connection problem here. And is already ok here. Thanks for all the c&c. Here it is… It doesn’t look really horry, because I actually want to practice my lighting skills without GI… I am going to make another version of it and I will try to make it stick to the topic… Thanks jeremy’s Lighting & Rendering, really helps me alot.


djmj - I thought the light from the bulb as well as the light from the windows looked really bright. I guess switching software sounds like a good idea if you don’t have a shadow softness control in what you were using (I thought Lightscape hadn’t existed in this decade, got bought by discreet, renamed Light, merged into Max, no longer marketed, something like that?)

Hoppergrass - Good start. The fairy dust doesn’t really work for me, maybe instead of that 2D effect you could make it be more like little lights that actually illuminated things and reflected? Maybe some of the corners could be darkened down a bit, with more a sense of the dust lighting things?

Liumiao19820823 - Welcome (I bet I can guess your age and your birthday from that username… :slight_smile: ) Good start! It looks evenly lit and flat right now, maybe you can get more occlusion and shadows or make the light decay with distance more?