Lighting Challenge #6: Candle Light


Wow, these are looking great!

I’m in Montreal now for ADAPT and can’t possibly keep up with all these images (nor can I see them with great accuracy on this laptop), so I won’t comment other than to say “WOW!” and congratulations on another front-page thread!



I’m always happy to host more file formats. justemoi has donated a Cinema 4D file, which I’ll put on-line as soon as I get home.

If you want to provide a Blender version of this scene, please transfer it to me and I’d be happy to host it. If you are having any trouble importing the files that are available as a starting point, please list which file formats Blender can import and I’m sure someone with another program can help you bridge the gap.



Modo and Photoshop

I replaced the pic with something more suitable and worked on the candleholders.

Still trying to figure out something nice for the backdrop screen and how to make the flames look better.

Help is welcome, I have lots to learn


ok here is my attempt i’ve been playing with this for awhile and i think this is the better of my trials. Any info that may inlighten me as to what would make this better and possibly what you like would be great! maybe i should texture some more??? or no? so here it is…

ok i applied some textures and changed some shaders maybe this looks better??
I also put the picture “Blood Siren” done by Robert Chang into the frame i really like it so i put it in!


This is my first time posting here, but the challenge looked like fun so here is my entry. I didn’t have any access to SSS because I am using an old version of lightwave, so I had to do all of the glow work using gradients. Incense smoke painted in photoshop. C&C welcome. Lemme know what you think.


so, my first time here, and here is my entry.
Let’s say is 70% done for may self, but your opinion can change this for sure,
so waiting for comments.
Maya MentalRay - FG, OCC, no SSS…render time 1min 30sec on notebook/dual 2 core 2400
Levels and small blur effect in PS.
I hope to find some time to finish it soon.


Couldn’t figure out create smoke for my incense… I made a texture and named it incensesmoke.0 and made sure that cycle was off, but I kept getting errors about being unable to find incensesmoke.#>0 ad nauseum which was locking Maya up big time. So then I tried a fluid, but I couldn’t get it to stop over glowing at the origin and only look like grey smoke. Was going to also put fluids on the candles, but since the challenge was for lighting I tried only to modify the parts which required achieving the correct lighting effect. And I really had to change that table shader just because it was distracting me hehe :wink: And add my mascot.

No post except to downsize and jpg the image.


For creating the smoke I found it easiest to comp in an image of some smoke (white smoke on black background) through photoshop, then blend the layer by screen.


My latest pass, some 2 weeks after my previous one. Oh how time flies.

C4d, 5 lights (candles), one fill light (turned down very low), GI (2 bounces) and AO.

The GI didn’t do much for me, I ended up duping the layer in photoshop. I actually duped it 5-6 times and got really nice color on the table - very warm and orangey - but got kinda cruddy “macro-blocking” in some other areas. Had I wanted to spend the time in photoshop I could’ve made that work, but this is what I’ve got for now.

The haloes on the candles, I’ve only just noticed - a byproduct of compressing to a PNG as they’re not so stark in my photoshop file. I should fix that.

Also, the reflection in the mirror is too bright to justify the darkness of the scene.

I’d like to get another pass at this in a day or two.



Here’s my first try, its not that good but he… my first try wright.
Tips are very welcome!


@ Matt,
I’d say don’t spend more time texturing. You’ve got some good stuff there already, the candles, particularly, look very nice. What I think you should look at is your overall composition. You’ve
got a lot of things that are in a similar color range and, as a result, it’s a bit hard for my eye to really move around the scene.

I’d try some color variation that might help pull the plates & vase away from the table and some lighting variaion that might pull the screens away from the foreground.

Actually, one note on the textures is that many of them have a very similiar distressed quality so that they all look a little bit alike. Not that they’re the same - your metal is obviously metal and your wood obviously wood - but they all have a graininess that’s very similar.


barrymcw nice smoke!


ah nice ty


My homework in this case…

I tell later more… sorry


hi all this my first share in this forum …
and need your comments to going on…thx


ok I made the tweaks so tell me if it was enough or should go further to pull them from the table and textures. I choose a color that was 180 degrees roughly from the overall red warm feel of the picture so did the colors work or should another one be used? Also for anyone curious i’ve used 5 volume lights…one for each flame a rather straight approach. I made the lights more of a red color then a warm orange…make it better or worse?


Hi pals,
that’s my first try in this contest (well, actually it’s my first post at all…:rolleyes: ), so please be merciful! That’s not supposed be my only try, but i was afraid i was in late, so i posted my 1-day-and-a-half work.
Lightwave: 5 point light for candles and 1 spot for natural light (i suppose it’s moonlight…:scream: ), a bit of amb_occ on stone. Flames and bloom “made in photoshop”.
There are a lot of errors (eg: innatural shadows on some candles), i’m workin’on it.
Every comment is welcome!


My 1st attempt on a lighting project.

Software: Maya, Digital Fusion
Lights: point lights, volume lights and spot lights (no FG and no GI)
Effects: flame is using shader with glow, smoke is using maya fluid

I made a 10 seconds animation clip of it too. The flames are soft bodies with turbulance field.

download avi clip


Hi! Here is my attempt. I realize it’s too noisy because of too few samples in the shadows from the candle light. (I have used the candle flame objects as light sources + one HDRI for reflection and for general light)
Rendered in Cinema.


Hi ,

Here is my attempt in 3dsmax and vray render time is less than 1 minute.awaiting for your C&C.