Lighting Challenge #6: Candle Light


I add some minor tweaks in shake.
I know what you are saying Jeremy. I’ll fix that.
Thanks !!


Thanks Jeremy for your Comment. I have tried to do it better in this update. Hope you all like it.



Hi all,

This is my last render and I try to apply your crits mister Jeremy but not really easy …
So, I modify the short candle with the dripping wax, removed the ideogram on all candles, refined the lighting set, matted the picture in the frame and change the shader of the vase and the reflection.

When a have a little of free time, I try on my other scene :slight_smile:
See you


wow, after seeing luc_fr and monoclon’s (those are really fantastic and i specially like luc’s because of its spirit) i hope you dont mind if i throw in my candle lighted scene. i am always deeply impresse when i browse this place.

i used cinema4d to render and a little postwork to adjust the colors… as this is my first post here any c&c is welcome to help me increase my skills


Thought it would be nice to give it a try,…
I’ve used Cinema4D and a bit of photoshop to adjust the levels,…


My first try :

C4D No Antialias. The white reflektion under the Plate are an Ambient Occlution error i think. Also an error are this big withe splash on the image. Hope you like it.


Wow, we learn a lot here !

So many great works.

Yohann, my good friend, great to see your work here, since we work like mad it’s easier to find you here at CGtalk then to see you in person lol.
Very nice lightning as usual.

MasterZap, amazing work, nice TsongKapa picture too :wink: ! Well chosen subject.

Luc-Fr, very good renders and interesting composition. Nice you choose Karate grand master Funakoshi to be there :wink: hehehe. (Osss)

GaazMaster, funny subject on your portrait, front page worth render ! Your incense’s smoke is very natural too, I see everyone is making it grey colored mostly, but it’s generally bluish tone when lit by candle lights, congratulations !

Everybody doing great job here, very nice to see it all.

Jeremy, great challenges you’ve been doing here! Thanks for sharing your knowledge here with us.
One of these challenges I’ll join up, by the moment I can just ‘watch’ and learn.

Best wishes! Cya,


Many thanks Jeremy and Djamba for your Comment.
I hope to take part in the next challenge. The renders are splendid. congratulation everybody.

Luc … Whouaaah :thumbsup:


these are all very nice renders

but how about a .blend file in the future as blender is rising to world domination?


so many great works here :thumbsup:
this is my first entry, need some work i think… especially the wax.
renderd with cinema 4d. thank you :slight_smile:


Many thanks for your accurate comments jeremy, here’s my second attempt, i tried to simplify the lighting and add more readability to the scene, c4d 6 omni lights with adaptative shadows, basic render engine, no GI, a sphere for reflections, smoke and flares in photoshop.


;)justemoi, i just had the same idea about putting in the candle scene into the picture without having seen your entry. nice one, i just find the candle material a little strange.

anyway, here is my second one:


Here’s another entry.

I need to buy a Wacom Tablet, it’s hard sketching with a mouse!


Wow, a lot of very nice entry. Keep it up guys. This is my first entry lit it in xsi and soften it a bit in photoshop. :slight_smile:


Hi guys,

In a first time I would like to give a big thanks for yours C&C and your very nice renders :love:

Like I said, this is my last test on my second scene.
I hope that you like it.
I have juste retouched the level in Photoshop, that’s all.

See you :slight_smile:


Lighting Challenge - Candle Light
September 20, 2006

This render was done in Maya using eight lights, and rendered in Mental Ray without GI/FG, except for an ambient occlusion pass. The image was comped in Shake.

Cameron Thomas


Here is my final.

Modifications made:

  • Each candle flame now has fluid effects at different states
  • Added a touch more light to the table coming from the window
  • Added a slight DOF
  • Increased brightness of reflected candle on vase
  • Fixed broken cross member on screen

Michael Swertfager


My Attempt


Hey kinda late but here goes.

This is my first post on cgtalk in ages, by the way. :shrug:

Max 8, Photoshop


Ok, I guess this is my final, unless Jeremy has some really good tips left :).

The scene has a total of 10 lights:

  • two backlights
  • 5 lights for each candle with high intensity and linear drop off
  • 3 lights with low intensity between the candles for lighting up the scene a bit.

The scene is composited using 5 passes:

  • Main pass
  • Occlusion pass
  • Occlusion pass with all lights and final gather turned on (was originally a mistake, but I could use it for a really nice contrast and ‘deeper’ colours when used as overlay)
  • Shadow pass
    • RGB pass - mainly used for the background.

Smoke was added and created (using a number of filter combinations) in Photoshop.