Lighting Challenge #31: The Enchanted Forest


hi this is my progress :slight_smile: cnc are welcome,
im still working on stone textures and others stuff :slight_smile:


Here’s my take on this scene
Did it in a day, it was my first test ever on Arnold, so I still have a lot of noise, but still I was able to get the feel I wanted out of it

Hope you like it, comments and critics are welcome :thumbsup:


Hey guys,

Here my new version of my picture.

It’s almost my final picture and i wait your opinions, critics and tips for improving my work for the last time.

Good luck for the last week and enjoy !


Following jojo’s advice, I have tried creating contrast via lightning whilst keeping the composition unified. Here is the final direction. A couple of things to tweak and add, then I can scream done. Its been fun all the way. Thanks once again jojo.


I see we are in the last week of this Challenge. What is the final day?


Final day next monday !! Keep posting and hurry up


First try with modo 701 - mostly basic materials, preset and default sun/sky lighting.
modo 601 choked on this scene but 701 handles the 270mb .obj file much better, plus - is it possible ??? - no poly flipping/repair necessary - has the terrible Mayan obj file format finally been tamed :buttrock:

Did discover that 12GB RAM is a bit on the short side for this scene though…

Anyways, 32 min render… fur for grass and displacement on rock, these things take time…
(btw the few black plants are some that have not been assigned new materials yet…)


Here is my final render on this. Maya with mental ray,
Thanks for the opportunity to be a part of this. What can I say - its been fun all through


DEAR ALL THE COMPETITION WILL END ON the 1st April ! It’s not a joke :wink:
You will still have ONE week to submit your image to the challenge. please post here your final submission
if you will miss the change you can still post your images here


Lighting challenge closed :wink:


Thread for posting your final entry (one week)



Just a heads up that the Maya link has expired.


Sorry for the late reply. When I checked the link was still up. Can you please retry and post if you have still problems ?


Thanks for replying! Here is what happens when i click it


The following links point to incorrect file names:

Should be:

This needs to be fixed in both of these threads:


Hello Sorry for late reply. I ws in a small vacation. Fixed the links. As always thanks to hgagne for checking the links !


Great! Thanks guys! I’m really excited to try this challenge.