Lighting Challenge #31: The Enchanted Forest


and another one…


@veurli: nice mood, i really like the staging with the big tree.

next wip of mine (learning arnold on the way):
what do you think.

(translucency is far too much i guess and i’m not happy with the rock yet)
and here is the concept where i wanna go:


Hi all,
this is my version of setup lights and first preview.
I love luminescence magic mushroom.



Thank your for reporting the deadline at end march.

I decided to change my composition and i want to tell a story with this one.

The context of my story is an infected zone where there is a warning panel named “Infected zone”. The panel hit by a monster who franchire the limited of the area.

My picture tell the situation after many years where the monsters crossing the forest and exceeds the area.

My picture is simple but i want to add some details for tell this story.

For the moment, the picture of this panel is a Kangourou but i want to draw a monster for replace this.

Actually, there is a alien blood on the panel but is not visible enought.

The background is still not working.

PS: Sorry for my english but if you have many questions, ask me ;-).


Hi all,
very nice challenge, i gotta give it a try (my first challenge ever).
havent done much so far, except hijacking the caterpillar into my “vray-lab” (couldnt resist the biologicaly-not-correct-hair-thing). today its going back into the wilderness… btw: thnx to Giorgio Luciano for the great scene!


some very nice approaches and works here! florian, xcomb, preston just to name these!i however still gotta waaaaay to go:


really great start. Try to contrast a bit more the image please post more images :slight_smile: !
@finnspooka. Try to use a sss shader it can really improve the results :wink: Why not composite the caterpillar on another image to give more interesting background ?


So many nice entries here ! Just stuck on exposed thumbnail in main forum :slight_smile: so took a chance to look at it…
Haven’t post a while in LC. Here is my first attempt. Still working on the scene. Added 1 bilion triangles to original scene, basically all you see is geometry (no opacity maps, just for original trees :wink: ), no post effects or anything (just color grade). When scene will be finished gonna experiment on different lighting. Hope you like it.

Right click to open in new tab for slightly bigger pic.


@jojo: thanks for the comment, will definetly give sss a go. background´s just a “neutral” studio scene i like to use when concentrating on one material/object. the little fellow´s already sittin´ in the woods again…


Here is full hd render, a bit different camera angle and height, still plan to add character there :slight_smile:


Nice work friends. Here is my w.i.p.


…and another wip-shot. now its only one hundred things left do: improve leaf and caterpillar material, replace postwork-“fireflys” with particles, find a suitable background, tweak the “late evening”-lighting…

bigger version


Hi !
This is the first time I send photo, hope you can like.


Thought i should be a part of this as there’ll be tones of things to learn. Here is where i am starting from. Setting up light and deciding on camera angle as well as feel. Roughing out background and middle ground.


this is the direction i have chosen to go.


Hi everyone :slight_smile: I’m a game art design student and this is my first professional posting. I’m using this challenge as my final in Advanced lighting and texture which just so happens to be due right around when this challenge is over – one of life’s little bonuses :slight_smile:

My focus is to be a lighting and texture artist so I’m attacking this from a little different perspective I think? I really want to improve though so please be honest, I really appreciate critical feedback! Many thanks and everyone’s work looks great!




any1 can help me?
i can’t download it.
the maya version when i click download then error.
and the fbx and obj hv no respond.

anyone can send that file to me?
or drop box.
thx so much :applause:

my email.



Here we are for a bit of feedback
@ niraj27400. A good start with the textures ! Try to find some interesting angle to focus your camera on :slight_smile:
@ aronBeh pls try again to download. Everything seems online now :slight_smile:
@ olumaiye very good start with the shadersd. Try to give more contrast to the image adding a more defined source of light.
@ solmas. i like the detail you add. before starting with the shaders, try to post a versino only with lighting so we can comment on the light placement
@ BigpowerLin I really like the shaders of the mushroom in front. I think the lens flare is a bit overdone and also the sky is a bit too light and so it distract from the overall scene. Waiting for a new variation :wink:
@finnspooka i really love the idea of the will-o-whisp. Try to find some reference for night photography. The image now seems a bit blurred. Try to focus on some source of light and study how they cast light. Please post other WIP :slight_smile:
@Dodgeas3d I really like the image :slight_smile: Can you also try some closeup or other camera angle :slight_smile:
@ Florian waiting for update :wink:

TO ALL ! I will be very happy to see new updates. Remember there are still to week to go and then we will start the “intermezzo” challenge :wink: