Lighting Challenge #31: The Enchanted Forest


Hi this is my first trial for the mini challenge so i have very little idea as how to go about, i have downloaded the project file and on the verge of completing it, but i had few doubts that i wanted to clear out …
*first i wanted to ask if it is ok to break the model into various parts ( copy pasting only what i need in the render view)…
*Second if i am allowed to add geometries like extra grass…
*third… where do i post my work…


Yes you can break the model in different part, and yes you can add models to the scene and modify it. You should post your WIP here :slight_smile:


Here is the final look, hope you like it!


Xcomb: Wow! very nice indeed…:slight_smile:


Thank you very much tuffmutt1:
It took quite amount of time to complete this look!


i have been trying hard with different types of lighting… still on process, hopefully i can come up wit a decent result


Still WIP… planning to change the rock texture…


Hey Xcomb that is great render…i was wondering if you dont mind to share your lighting setup and of course some of your shaders… with us …so it can help people like me…to understand lighting and texturing …


I will share next week all the details that i have gone through, i am very busy right now!


Here’s my initial WIP for this challenge. Still figuring out the camera angles and creating a basic lighting. I might go and change some of the camera to focus on the caterpillar in the scene. Also, gotta work on the textures/shaders for the scene.


Hi all,

I’m late on this challenge, but I wanted to give it a try :slight_smile: I saw some nice render on this topic, especialy the one from “xcomb”.

Btw, here is my first attempt (maya+mental-ray):


How long do we have left for this challenge? I’d be keen to participate but looks like I’ll be a bit slow off the mark…


I think this is already late but here’s my work.


To let other people to take part the deadline for this challenge is EXTENDED ! you got one more month ! So new deadline is last week of MARCH ! :slight_smile:


Cant believe I didn’t see this earlier! Will download the scene in the morning.


Hey guys, saw this post today and figured it’d be a good opportunity to mess with some real time DX11 tessellation stuff I’ve been doing in Unity. Didn’t want to spend a lot of time on UVs or textures, but here’s what I came up with after a few hours of work. The image is rendered in real time, the scene runs at around 30-75fps (a little slower in the browser) on my PC, Core i7 3.6ghz, 8gb ram and a GeForce GT 640. 13.6 million triangles after tessellation. I wasn’t able to benefit from static batching or lightmapping since the scene was so dense and it would just crash anytime I tried to bake anything, so it’s all real time lighting and a boatload of post-process effects.

Link to the web player build (you’ll need a Direct X 11 capable video card, and the unity web plugin, 50MB):


@FED it’s a wonderful start. try to make the light a bit softer ! :slight_smile: waiting for updated
@Ganesh it’s a wonderful start. Really curious to see the textured images :slight_smile:


Very nice scene, definitively a challenge, great work everybody :slight_smile:

@xcomb: wow your render is amazing!

Here is my first step, i’ve chosen the cam angle and the sunlight direction. what do you think?
next I’ll try to darken the very foreground in the lower left to get rid of distraction.


Thanks everyone for commenting my work and here is the brief show of what i have gone through, hope that helps someone to get better results.
Lighting is not that complex, rather more i’ve spent lots of time on shading and trials and errors on rendering this huge scene.
First of all, i had to separate all geometries into proxies and that made my life easy to light the scene.
I could go back and tweak stuff around, less hassle this way.
So the proccess is pretty straight forward, IBL with the forest image, area light, sun light, sky light to add some specular on top.
Rendered fog and true volume rays.
Depth of field tuned in Nuke and minor color correction, plus i added some dust flying in the air in Nuke also used Zdefocus on them.

Well not sure what is more usefull to you, but here is the bark shader and i’ve used displacement on it


Here is my WIP. Done in 3dsMax, rendered in Vray. Comments are welcomed.