Lighting Challenge #31: The Enchanted Forest


I guess this one much better!
By the way the mashroom on the stub are called armillaria and they are really like that and very old, i’ve been to forest many times, collecting mashrooms of all types.
fly-agaric is a bit odd in my scene, i guess i could’ve modelled myself, just don’t have much time to do so.
brown cap boletus looks exactly the same as in forest :slight_smile:
i wish i could add my favourite and very tasty, the tsar of the mashroomsб which is called Cep.

Here is the link



@xcomb I cannot see the images :frowning:


That’s strange i can see the image here on my pc, not sure what i am doing wrong!
I tend to insert the link by selecting the yellow icon and that’s the only way i can insert the image.
Could you explain me how to attach properly?


Actually this is the correct process, but to be sure can you also try to insert the link (small world with the link icon) under the image ? (we will make a try)


@xcomb:Great shaders, you really nailed the sss of those foregound plants to the right! May I ask what renderer you use, and maybe a look of the shader used for the sss-effect?




Thanks @visua!
I used arnold renderer and shaders are similar to Vray ones, but for sss i used “skin shader”.
Hope that helps!


Worked on a first color setup and starting with the textures of the mushrooms.
The light still needs more “layers”.
I am not sure about our little friend on top of the mushroom. Should i choose something like this green color
to hide him a bit or to take a color more visible?
Maybe i can also try with some lights to separate him from the background.
cc welcome





XCOMB great image I love the treatment you have given to the image, looks so real ,I must say it is sure 5 star work.
Great going with Arnold renderer. Foliage looks wonderful.


Thank you very much Yugesh!
Thanks everyone for the feedbacks, i am now rendering Full HD format, so hopefully you will see all the details!


just trying lighting…not doing shader work…lol


Hello to all !
A bit of feedback
@preston it’s a great entry ! I will try to make the shadow a bit more soft (the one in the center of the image) and also lower a bit the angle of the image to give more “closeup” effect. The colors in the composition are lovely !
@mdosanji you should give a bit more contrast to the image. Good angle for the image, try to aim up a bit the camera !
@waters I’m very glad someone is gogin to try the caterpillar angle. Try to find reference for the texture ! great start. Very curious to see other WIP
@MrBobble . Lovely ! the idea is wonderful. Yo can try to focus a bit more on the shaders. The lighting is very “mystical” . Great shot !
@Andi 2008 I think you could go fot the “acid way” and make it blue like in alice in wonderland. It will really be visible in the image. Also. I will zoom a little bit. IT’s a wonderful start really interested to see other WIP
@xcomb. I succeeded in viewving the image. It’s really wonderful lit. I have just some doubt on the texture of the right mushrooms. The bump seems a bit too excessive in the cup (even if they are wonderful!) you could try also a “smoother version”. Also I think that you put to small snails in the image Am I right ? (on the top of two mushroom) if so their shaders is too similar to the one of the mushroom they should contrast a bit more.
@Florian the lighting is wonderful as the shaders. I will definitely change the angle of the image. Now it’s too “flat” also I’m waiting for seeing the material and texture of the huge caterpillar at the bottom of the rock :wink:
@glorund great start ! add just a bit of fill light on the left of the image and keep going !

@yohann Thanks a lot for the feedbdack !! you really did a great work and helped our community a lot !

P.S.: I’m preparing the gallery ! of the no smoke challenge.
Also please answer to the poll for new challenge !


Stumbled upon this by accident. Finally a chance to take part! Will give this scene a go as soon I’m back home.


update, near to final, the blue works nice, thanks jojo.
I found also some time for little postwork.
Rendered with Octane, postwork in Photoshop.



Here is an update i have done!


Hey guys. I thought Id post a little making of for fun. The name of the game for this challenge for me was Translucency. I rebuilt the set for A different composition. I built the tree and textured it in Mudbox and the first image shows it. The second image shows the scene un rendered so you can see where the detail was built in. The next image is some of the shading network for a texture. The key for this one was gamma correcting everything. These shaders were very simple so I could make the 50 I needed. To get the transparency for the images that maya provides you need to trick it by using the cutout_opacity node. the first shader shows that. The second one shows the multiply/Divide node used for getting the translucency to be right. Lastly I used the Ivy Generator to add some quick random detail with the Ivy. Its an amazing tool that I will link just incase you havnt tried it out yet.

Here is my final. Thanks again this challenge was tons of fun


@ xcomb your image is getting better and better. I would only try a different texture for mushrooms. They are cortinarius… and there are different kind of them as you can see here
I think that using a cortinarius iodes texture which is more “clean” and white will really improve your image.
@Andreas fantastic improvement ! I will also try to make the unfocused leaf on the left a bit more lighter in color or change a bit the angle to highlight the caterpillar (of course leaving the bokeh effect of unfocused objects in the image)


@jojo1975 thanks for the advise, but due to the location where i live, these type of mushrooms are more famouse “Armillaria” and recognizable. Can’t wait for the summer time, to go into the deep forest for references :slight_smile:


Here is almos final result