Lighting Challenge #29: Pixar Tribute: Gusteau's Kitchen (Ratatouille)


I used maya mentalray for FG.
Render Time 10mnts 16sec
Just trying to get own look


Thx for the critique i think i’m going to change a few things now.

paprasabi2010: I think the style is good but the forground is very dark maybe you can place a light there. i think the materials are good but i think that yout need more colorvariation at the cooker.But nice style:applause:


sry for bad english :hmm:


Hi guys,

Thank you for all the feedback you guys have provided thus far, i have implemented the changes and here we have the new update :slight_smile:

I’m on my boss’s machine for internet, so i need to be brief :frowning: Everyone’s work is looking great and evolving well with each rendition :wink:

This weekend i’ll have time to respond on a individual basis to posts, sorry guys. Hope you all are enjoying the experience!


paprasabi2010: The bottles look like they’re glowing. Glass should have almost no diffuse value at all but must have color in the transparency instead. There’s a lot of very dark areas of the scene especially in the background and on the right side of the image. You may have to adjust the falloff of your lights, it seems like the objects near the lights above the stove are getting extremely bright but is falling off extremely quickly. It still feels like there’s too much light coming from the floor but not enough coming from above.


Hi all,
Thanks Kanooshka and Niravsheth for the compliments :slight_smile:
I darnkened the stove trim like you said, now I finaly think it need more reflection.
I did micro changes not realy visibles, and I did two version with differents Photoshop adjustements.

Those two are in 5K, so dont hesitate to open them in a new window to see better details/problems/ect.

Cre8 : your last render look a bit too blurry , I prefered the first one on this page, maybe you did play a bit too much with photoshop overlay. keep it up !

kvdo : Very close ! maybe adjust the resolution match the ration of the Reference could help you to see where to improve ? if you want to match the pixar render, I think making your image less sharp could be an idea, but you’re very close :wink:

niravsheth : use the two ! for the rats fur, can you add more clapping ? or is it difficult with S&H ? never used sorry.

FredFrid : nice start, maybe add more light to get more control over the rim light of your objects. it can be a nice addition to your render I think.

paprasabi2010 : same as above, and you could add more bounces in the FG too.

jobim : Can some of you tell me about your rendering times? (please include resolution)
Thank you.

Rendered in 5000x2815, mental ray, maya, 3h52 on a Xeon E5630 @2.53GHz


I’m new to the lighting challenges (going to start on this one this weekend!) and was wondering, why do you render at such a large size? Should we be rendering this large for the challenges?
I know not to do 640x480 but would a Full 1280 work?


Those two are in 5K, so dont hesitate to open them in a new window to see better details/problems/ect.

You asked for it :slight_smile:
At this resolution problems pops much more. Most of them are uv issues (stretching,tiling,pixeling in textures)


thnks for cc… intentionally i keep dark on FG for an artistic view.


little update


hi all,
thanks kanooshka for your good advices.

here are my updates :
-more red in the gold’s reflection
-more red in the windows light
-more red in the copper’s reflection
-contact shadow under the stoves

  • I have tried some reflection on the floor but I do not still have to find how to create de subtile cold reflection like the reference
  • more light and more red on the wall
  • at the background left, the wood is more satured
  • more light and reflection on the underside of the hood of the stove

kvdo : thanks for the comment.

my ref and my update :


@loicV -

That’s a nice image. I think right now you have too much color variation, saturation, and contrast in the materials themselves, and not enough color variation, saturation, and contrast in your lighting. Those red pots especially draw my eye as the main center of attention, and the doors on the left look too dark and heavy, while surfaces like the white brick walls look very flat and uniform, where they could be represented by more gradients in brightness and color. Try to divide up the space more with different color temperatures of light in different areas, and add some reflections to the floor and the dark cabinets on the left side.



For lack of time, I have not been very active. I have put the general lighting of the kitchen, and decided the position of the camera. I want to put Remy, but I have problems in the generation of hair (niravsheth, any tip can help me). There stay textures that to arrange and to condition, and many effects and adjudments i may do in postproduction.



feedback needed>> :slight_smile:


alright, after some trial and error i arrived at this and i still can´t figure out why the shadows on the door are looking like that, my lights that cast shadows all have their subdivs at about 25 and im using vray physical camera.

i really need some feedback to progress any further and im counting on you guys to drop me some hints, thanks


just trying to fix the ambiance


Trying to make the character, studing hair&fur modifier.


my try with Maya Vray


First of all, Id like to thank Kanooshka for the feedback he gave me a few weeks ago, his comments were very accurate and helpful. This is my second try at this challenge, which Ive interpreted as a great starting point for learning how to manipulate lights in environments. I must admit Ive felt a little reluctant to post any updates for quite some time, I tried to be very minimalist regarding lights and everything looked embarrassingly flat. After starting from scratch many times, Ive come to this particular light:

My main goal with this image is toreach the “analog-photo look”, paying especial attention to the gray scales and eventually even adding the details and flaws old film pictures usually had. For this render I used different variations of arealights and spotlights with miaportallights and final gather. Thank you very much for your patience and future criticism!



Here is my first attempt. Any criticism would be helpful.