Lighting Challenge #29: Pixar Tribute: Gusteau's Kitchen (Ratatouille)


Hi Stein3d,

Basically, that rule was made because I don’t want anyone posting illegal screencaptures or videos. If you find an image from a reputable source, you can definitely post it along with your image.



This is my second advance of the challenge.
I appreciate the comments.

Este es mi segundo avance del challenge.
Agradezco los comentarios.


kvdo: Welcome, great start! You’re really starting to capture the feel of the reference image. One major quality that the reference image has and I’d like to see in your image is more saturated/warmer shadows. The simplest way you could achieve this is by adjusting the curves in post processing. Overall your image looks much more yellow/gold overall and could use more reds. But, if you manipulate the curves, I think you’ll be able to pull out those reds into the darker areas. If you take a look at the vents and poles attached to the vents in the reference they are much darker. The top of the walls could go much darker. The black metal on the stoves could use less reflectivity and more fresnel reflection. You should barely see the floor in the reflection of the stove in the back center of the image. This is looking great, I’m really looking forward to more!

WhisperArt: Welcome! At first glance at you’re image I think of an overcast cloudy day. The reason I see that is because of the gray, dark sky and light coming in through the window. After reading your explanation I think it’s important for you decide a few things. First off, it’s night time, the sky would be dark except for possibly some light pollution. Since the sky wouldn’t work too well as a light source at night you’d have to decide where the light would be coming from. Whether it would be from the moon, or a street lamp, or some indoor lights etc
Once you make those decisions you can then begin to build up your lighting. Keep at it!



Hello all… nice progress so far. Anyone know where to find those textures similar to the film . i mean the floor and the wall texture. Thanks


Hello Guys,
This is the first Image posted for Kitchen Render Just a Kick Start. I am using Maya Mental Ray and FG. Your Critics and Comments most welcome. as It would really Help me to make some good render.



hi, im wondering if i can ask some question about lighting stuff/problems (related to this lighting challenges) in this thread…


Is anyone using VRay for Maya?

I’m trying to render out an image and as soon as I turn viewport subdivisions on, it takes for ever, any idea what could be causing this?


asinn: You’re welcome to ask any questions related to this challenge here. If you have unrelated questions to the challenge, the Lighting and Shaders forum would be better for you to get responses.

harshaldeorey: Good start! The brass objects in the scene are looking a little dark. Make sure they have almost no diffuse and very high reflectivity. I’d like to see some more focus to the lights in the scene. Try to have a few brighter areas where you want the attention to be. I’d also like to see some more shadow areas, you have the brights and mids but not much or darks. Keep at it!

Leotril: You’ll most likely need to make the textures yourself, one good site for some base textures is



Thanks for the feedback kanooshka! I’ve worked a bit more on getting some reds into my shadows, and reddening up the image in 3D. I’ve also made some curve adjustments in post. I’ve also worked on reflections and shadows as suggested.

Is it necessary to improve on some of the materials? Any other thoughts?


Hello all, I am happy to start this new great challenge. I like the idea of refering to a pixar picture.

here is my reference and my first post.


I’m not contributing here but just wanted to say that there’s some really great lighting and shading here, awesome work!


Hello all. I am happy to start this great new challenge. I like the idea to refer to an pixar’s picture.

here are the ref and my first post :


hi i live in Iran .and i really would love to participate in this challenge, unfortunatlly due to the intesive filtering in my country i cant download the modeling files , i need the max one , any body could be so kind to post the file to my email?
thanks alot


i have to say, those renderings a awesome, everyone has some talent, i cant wait to get some critism

Here is my first attempt to a lighting challenge
took 1min35sec to render


how do i post an image? i want to participate in this challenge.


Here is my WIP
please let me know your opinions. if this has been posted multiple times, i am sorry, i am still learning the technique of posting images.

mental ray
GI only - no FG
1min 34sec render

Uploaded with


Did you lower the Max Subdivs parameter, which is set to an insane value of 256 by default when activating viewport subdivs.

Render Settings -> Settings -> Default Displacement and Subidivsion -> Max Subdivs
Normally 8 is enough in most cases, although I try to avoid using the viewport subdivs and add the subdiv attribute manually to each shapenode which needs to be subdivided (via a little script of course, dunno why chaosgroup doesn´t provide a feature for adding the attribute to multiple shapenodes/objects…)


Some truly nice renders here. Particularly like the ones from niravsheth and kvdo

Another update. Replaced most spots by IES lights. 24 lights in all, no GI.
Rendertime jumped to 24 min, mainly because of the material changes I think.
Removed the window for now, plan is to add back a larger arched window.
No post processing.

Still lots to work on to get closer to the movie color palette. This first image straight from Modo.


But with a little image editing it can be adjusted to this :slight_smile:



Some amazing renders out here. Kudos to everyone. I really love the enthusiasm.

I love the updated render from Kevin van den Oever. Looks simply fantastic. I love how you have blurred the pan in foreground. The gas stove is going a little too dark and the copper might be going a little too red. Except that, brilliant work!

Here is my updated render with the following changes made:
Added Sub surface scattering on the vegetable, fruits & bread
Added blurred reflection/spec on the tile wall
More reflection on brass bar
Removed the highlight from right on ladle
More yellow on the pot
Added dents and blurred reflection on counter top
More darkening on the wall above the shelf.

Render v09

Uploaded with


Uploaded with


DONE! :beer: