Lighting Challenge #29: Pixar Tribute: Gusteau's Kitchen (Ratatouille)


Does anyone know how i can add a link to a larger version of my render? I have the image loaded up on Photobucket.


Hello everyone again,
I am very happy to see really good everyone’s work and effort my best wishes with everyone here,

this is my second post after Sir J.Birn detail post on my render, thank you Sir and other people here for your valuable comments which i really care.
In this render i tried best best to fulfill every corrections plus my effort to my this render more interesting,

i am trying my best to keep in touch with you all besides my tight projects deadlines till the end of this challenge.


Hi @luminosa :slight_smile:
I guess its a bug in maya2010. just try this- open the scene;check the “gi photons” for accessibility;if not go to render settings>first uncheck Global Illumination and again switch on GI. Now check for the accessibility of spotlight photons.It must possibly work now.The trick is to just refresh the GI by unchecking and checking.

  Another thing about photon caster. You seem to make the spotlight both as light caster and photon caster. I would try to keep the light caster and photon caster(mostly point light) as 2 separate entities. Light caster for the main lights and shadows. Photon caster for the GI.(Making the intensity of the light to zero,uncheck "Illuminates by default" parameter" and then check "emit photons").By this i make sure its just a photon caster and does not emit light and shadows.This setup can give more flexibility to lighting.:lightbulb
  Guys! correct me if i am wrong
  Btw, awesome entries folks.


great work so far :slight_smile:
thnks for your advice…sadly its not working…those GI photons just don’t become accessible to me in the ratatouille scene …and thnks for the other advice too…will keep that in mind and try it asap
time for update… the original scene is the 3rd image from gallery on this page

  and here is my update
c&c appreciated


Hi luminosa,

Do you have an AO pass for the scene? Apart from the GI tech that you are trying to sort out, as a suggestion, i’m wondering what your scene would look like if you made the light colour a touch warmer, added a bit of warm bounce light to the left of the image in the shaded area away from the window and added the ambient occlusion.These were just some suggestions that you could try, perhaps it will amp up your render :wavey:




I think your reds are very glowy and the dirt or darker colors of your copper are very strong, I would make that a lot softer.
I really like the detail on the stoves and the floor reflections a lot.


@ luminosa : mostly, this issue came up when GI and/or isn’t activated in your render settings. In your case it is, but did you simply tried to refresh your attribut editor ( by closing/opening it ). At home with my ati it needs 4sec to became avaible ( weird I now ) and I sometimes need to refresh my AE…

Have you tried with a simple command like :

setAttr “lightNameShape.globIllPhotons” 20000;


Assadshk21 ,I liked what you have achieved so far here are few suggestions you might like to incorporate in your image.

[li]The front 2 bottles are too distracting for me,try avoiding at least one of them.[/li][li]Your center light seems to be bit too bright and so is the highlight on the floor.[/li][li]Yellow light on front right is bit too saturated .[/li][li]Also try to reduce the specular on the silverware situated on upper right shelf.[/li][li]Under the hood(left) I suppose one of the plate is receiving too much light[/li][li]The blue from the sky is not playing much and try to make it blend with the whole scene.[/li][/ul]I liked your rendering and I thought you can further improve it hope you like my suggestions.

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yogeshsherman, Thank you for appreciation, definitely I like your suggestions which very clear to me, I know these will really help to improve for render, I hope you can see these things fix in my next post soon, thank you.


Since file size was heavy to upload my image here, i’m giving the link to my updated image…
I call it 80% complete… I need help to achieve the rest 20%.
Thank you.


punks I don’t know what sort of Final outlook you have in mind ,so may be I am wrong since you claim it to be 80% complete but according to my view it is still at nascent stage and you need to take care of few of the following things first.
[li]Door and walls are too flat.[/li][li]You might also need to work on your materials specially those which are in focus like glass bottles etc.[/li][li]It is still not clear what is you main light source.[/li][li]Under the Hood probably your omni light sources are not placed in a proper way .[/li][li]May be it’s me but I think there are some artifacts on you metallic Bowl sitting on table.[/li][li]I recommend you should play with lights little more as current render is bit too flat for my liking.[/li][/ol]I hope my personal views would help you improve your rendering.

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Thanks a lot yogeshsherman.!! I really appreciate your concern… I’ll definitly fix inner hood and bottles. but i’m not sure wat artifact you see in the bowl on table. I even think scene can get more illumination from outside…I’ll update my image soon.
Thank you.


Hi everyone, here is an update of my work. Still a lot of work to do, but that is where I am for now. I’m really not fond of the pea ( not sure how to translate it ); maybe because of the specular. It misses some shaders ( I don’t know how to begin the bread ). If you any ideas on how to improve this image, I’ll be glad.




wouarr ,you already knew the stuff which still needs to be improved e.g. peas ,specular and reflection on some of the cooking utensils.
Also once you fully shade your scene it’s look will definitely gets enhanced.
Your window is too bright and it’s getting all the attention instead of interior of kitchen try using some background image for window.
May be you would like to enhance more focus on dish which is on the stove (tomato curry)
Add slight translucency and specular to your peas they will come good.
You should also add bit more bounce under the shelf it is getting too dark compared to the rest of the image.

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@ yogeshsherman : Thanks for the feedback mate, it’s really helpful. I did change my mind a lot of time between the focus on “tomato-curry” and on the “peas and tomatoes”, I’ll give a try on the first. Others issues ( bounce, spec etc…) will come asap.



Hi all, this is my very first post and entry on cg society. There’s been very inspiring renderings so far! I’m at a stage where I could really use some feedback, so here’s my rendering done in maya/ mental ray. I’m planning to adjust colors, brightness etc afterwards.
Any suggestions welcome…

Thanks :slight_smile:


Firstly, Kudos to everyone whoever participated in this lighting challenge. There are many great entries from many folks and love everyone of it. I specially love the work from Kevin van den Oever, Ben Cooper, Assad Sheikh, Maria Kosheleva and a few more but forgot their names :beer: .

Thanks Kanooshka, Jeremy Birn and fellow artists for the valuable feedback and making this challenge a lot more fun :thumbsup: .

This is probably my final render and won’t be able to make any changes further as the deadline is closing in. I have added the rat and made a few changes to lighting as per the previous comments. Hope you guys like my final version. However, I would like to adjust the color overall to closely match the reference image.

Once again, thanks a ton!!

Uploaded with

Reference Pic

By nesco66 at 2012-02-03


Nice work niravsheth, your render really looks great. I liked it and may be that is reason I couldn’t stop myself in pointing out few points you might like to think of incorporating in your render.
Probably if you can add bit more of that purple light to the adjoining wall it would become more part of the scene itself.
You should also try some grading on that walls to make them look more interesting.
Your pumpking should receive bit more light probably more fill instead of strong highlight.
Grapes ,pears and the fruit behind orange should have more fill light.
Probably you would also like to reduce that yellow light on the shelf which is seeking attention.
The Donuts on the plate have some very sharp high light which is contradicting it’s surroundings.

Again I would say a great effort and a nice shot selection.

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Hey niravsheth , Very nice and clean render ,I really like your work, best wishes with you keep it up. yogeshsherman , having you here really helps me very much and I am sure other people as well , thank you for sharing your suggestion with us.

I am uploading my progress after considering every little thing and suggestion people shared with me here in this challenge which helps me learn a lot, this upload is my second last and I like everyone to quick share suggestion so I can finish my final render and summit before 22Aug. 

“Yes there is little texture scale issue in front arch wall and low sub division edges in some meshes this will be fix in next render”  

This challenge with such nice artists is valuable for me, this is my first time here in lighting challenge beside my job in my whole career and I will try my best see everyone in next challenges.

Good Luck Everyone.


Assadshk21 Nice improvement going good ,I have uploaded a quick paint over  which might give you a rough idea  about few things you might like to do.
also please try decreasing the specular of silverware .
your spilled liquid on ground looks bit pasted as contact surface seems missing might try increasing OCC also decrease it's specular too and it is bit burning.