Lighting Challenge #29: Pixar Tribute: Gusteau's Kitchen (Ratatouille)


added some rim lights and improved the shaders a bit…added a blue fill

also played with the saturation a bit to give that sin city look…


Adrian Chaves Montero



Adrian Chaves Montero


Really nice entries here, interesting light and colors… I’d like to write some feedback later, and here is my try:

render time: 1hour and 30 minutes
sofware used: Renderman for Maya + Nuke.

It’s the first time I tried Nuke, so there is a lot of stuff to explore… but I got the concept, I guess:)) Renderman wasn’t easy too…
Comments & critics are more than welcome, I guess I could improve that image, but kind a need a direction… P.S. I tried to match the light on the movie and reference image (somewhere here in the thread)


Monika this is Ajay from Pune. you gave a very good suggestion for all, I like your suggestion it is really helpful…But I also have something for you…Currently you are a student so please first Join
any production house get some work experience and then start to give suggestion for others…
or Post some your work here…that work will show your actual skill…waise bhi hum Bhartiyo ko kaam karne se jyada dusaro ko salah dene mai jyada maza aata hai…


i remember Eduardo Roa did an underwater scene from the bedroom challenge. The scene was completely different from the suggested themes but was selected in the galery because of its pure awesomeness…


ScallyFox: Looking good! Make sure your metal surfaces are tinting the reflections the same color as the material itself. The walls are looking very evenly lit and could use more of a gradient from top to bottom. The vegetables on the left are getting extremely black and unappetizing. A combination of bounce light and sub surface scattering should help brighten them. Keep at it.

chapopote1988: Good work! It looks like there may be a light leak on the bottom part of the window frame. The far wall could use some more shadowing underneath both the shelf and counter. I’d like to see some more focused light on the top of the stove. If you darken the fill light on the right portion of the image you should be able to achieve that focus.

djprasun: The reflections/highlights on the left side could be reduced in brightness. If the area on the floor is meant to be the focus, then it should be be much brighter than the other areas of the image. The number 5 on the ground could use more bounce light from the floor. In general the image ha lots of blacks that could use at least some bounce light.

Restrife: Getting better! It seems there’s only a very small portion of the image that has the warmer colored lighting up in the top of the image. I’d say either get rid of it all together, or increase the area that is affected by it. I feel your image could use some reflections from off screen. You should be able to use a photograph or some other kind of plate to create some interesting reflections.

nibo88: Welcome! There’s a lot going on with the lighting in your scene. I’d recommend by first simplifying to one main light source, a spotlight would be a good choice and then building up your lighting with bounce and fill lights.


Hey guys, here is the scene I am working on. Still early on but I wanted to get some feedback on the composition, and the overall lighting setup I have going on. Thanks!!


Thank you for comments! I did some changes – hope it looks better now…
UPD: added more small improvements


Anyone's c&c are also very welcome! 


I like the pans material!
And maybe the golden parts are too yellowish?


Wow there are so many great beautiful entries from everyone. Here’s my updated one:

It’s not much, as I have had no time to get started on the shaders yet, so do pardon me if I’m slightly behind :slight_smile:

I changed the lighting from the feedback I received previously by adding some color to the lights and had a gradient going from the left of the image to the right. I’ve about 13 area lights in play right now. I’m trying not to get blacks in my shadows, I don’t know how successful I’ve been in doing that.

I’m using 3Delight in Maya and this is my first time ever working on it. Raytracing is a killer to the render time, especially with soft area light shadows (approx. 1 hour to render 1024x435). Maybe because it’s a free version running on 2 cores only? Anyway, if someone has tips for lighting and rendering with 3Delight, I’d gladly, gladly appreciate them! I’m not into programming shaders, and I don’t think it’d be advisable to get into that now since the deadline is nearing soon. So any Maya to 3Delight workflow advise would be great! :slight_smile:

Comments to improve on the image are most welcome! Cheers!



3dlight is using prman to render, if I’m right… So, my render workflow is similar…
You should probably have environment light there in 3d light, emitting fake global illumination… It allows you to avoid black shadows, if you don’t used it yet --give it a try!
also this soup ladles are pretty black, but they should be reflective…


A more different approach from what I tried a lot of days ago. Tried the bukeh lens thingy but it made the render time uber long so I just took a luminance depth w/e and used it for the blurry eye candyness, but just a bit. Some texture artifacts here and there but I came to the conclusion that I like them… do i hear lazyness?


Here is an update let me know what you think!


not much changed…please tell me should i remove the blood stain or not cause im getting a bad vibe from it…oooh…spooky…still didn’t get time to improve my textures…anyways plz comment…


well i am having a little trouble…i can’t access the “global illum photons” for my spot light…i tried doing this in a new file,to see if the problem had anything to do with my Maya, but it works perfectly fine in a new scene…just gives me trouble here. and i also tried deleting all the lights and re-creating them…still the problem persists…any suggestions???
here’s the scr shot

here is what i started

voigg - copper can have more reddish-orange and the brass has too much gold right now…also the bottles…try changing their colour and liquid volume?? they are too identical


Hi all, This will probably be one of my last updates on this image, as the deadline is creeping up and I am quite busy this coming week… Time to abandon :wink:

This challenge has been really fun and inspiring for me, and congratulations to all who put in a lot of effort into making their scenes look great- nirvaseth, FeD, and Cre8 especially. Huge thanks to kanooshka as well for your keen eye and great criticism!

Here is the reference I worked from

And my final image:

And another view


Hi guys, I’m joining you on this challenge and here is my contribution. This is draft render, done with maya and MR. I didn’t try any comp yet, only focusing on light and shaders; and most of the textures are procedurals. Hope you’ll like it.


Hi Kevin,

Your work looks great mate, well done! Proudly South African :wink:


Hi guys,

I havent been active for quite a while in the challenge, my apologies, we are busy with a vfx project at work that required my full attention.

Any crits and suggestions are welcome :wink: