Lighting Challenge #29: Pixar Tribute: Gusteau's Kitchen (Ratatouille)


Hi this is my first version and I really need your help to improve this scene!

Now I have 40 lights in the scene and I am finishing the textures of the others objects.

I will render the light passes to show you what I am traing to do!

I am using 3ds Max 2012 + Mental Ray using final gather to bouce the light.


So I’ve been kinda busy lately and haven’t been able to participate on this last challenges but as I was wondering what happened with the previous and came here after a while, I can’t seem to find the challenge galleries anywhere? can someone post a link for them, or are they gone?


-Done a couple of tweaks with light colors


well just a suggestion on my part to all the people making different scenes then the movie…i get it that you really want to try something fun and original with props such as these (thanks to the modeller :slight_smile: ) however i would like to give some suggestions (to students especially…since i m one myself) -

  1. kanooshka mentioned that it would b nice trying to match the colour palette from the movie…since lighters need to do that often. so by following his advice you’ll be learning something that is useful in actual production
  2. learn from the masters!! painters often copy the masterpieces while learning ( i myself have tried to copy them aplenty ) …its very useful because you get to learn ALOT by trying to create the same mood and colours. i think there is a greater chance of you learning new techniques and enhancing your understanding of lights by recreating the same mood since you’ll have a SOLID result in front of you -“this is what it should look like” … and when you DON’T get that result you’ll HAVE to come up with solutions to get it…so the amount of things you’ll learn will really go up.
    for those that still wish to continue with original lighting …good luck…looking forward to the end results!!
    GUD LUCK everyone!


nice model…cool challenge
here’s my take on it. full size here:


some little update
looking forward for some advise



here’s my first take on it.
i’m working on drawing the audience’s attention more to the cheese


Hi, i new users, my first post image
Maya, Maxwell.
Full size:


Hi this is my second version of the scene.

I am having the suport of a great artist. He is my lighting Mentor!
In this complete new image I have 26 lights and final gather.
Render various passes and made the composite in Autodesk Composite (Toxik, node based software).
I am using 3ds Max 2012 and Mental Ray!

Hope you like and please comment I really want to be a better artist!

Uploaded with


Hi, for some reason, I cannot open the maya file. Do I need to have maya 2012 to open it?? I am currently using maya 2010, is that the problem?


@Cylex: I use Maya 2009 and it works. Maybe you should change the line of the file “.ma” with wordpad where it says requires maya “2012” for requires maya “2010”


Hi this is my second version of the scene.
3ds max2012 and vray 2.0
feedback :wavey: :wavey:


image update

I still have some texture objects and fix materials.


Thanks, gyptiaedes, let me try again :wink:


This is my first post here, but I’d like to critique a couple people. Seeing some really impressive images so far. ^^

 Really like your soft, almost impressionistic lighting, at2142. :D

I feel a little torn for where to look, though. Maybe if you added some bounce light to the chimney to lower that contrast? I really like looking at all the pots and pans. :slight_smile:

@gyptiaedes: The lighting is very soft… but kinda too much. There’s not really a focal point, so I just wander around the image. Try some directional light, or maybe play with the camera angle a little, and shed some extra light onto something (maybe the stove at the end?), to solidify your composition. If you can, keep the overall softness, it’s very pleasant on the eyes. :slight_smile:

@Borges: Try to pick some area / object(s) in the scene that you want to call especial attention to, and then play around with your lights. You have a very good lighting foundation, so you should only need to really play around with color, intensity, and so on. Try diming the lighting surrounding your area to pull it out, and / or brightening the lighting on the area. :slight_smile:

I was a few hours too late in submitting for the ship… so I’ll have to try to post my final a day or two early for this one. ^^;

   I am trying to go for more of the scene where Linguini and Colette are peeling potatos... so I need to darken the background and surroundings more to make the sunlight pop.  Feedback please. :)


Andarra:thank you.i like soft illumination in UP from pixar animation studio.that is very dramatic and lovely.please help me to lighting this scene similar this image.


Hello guys!

Great renders so far, especially I like ones from [b]FeD  Cre8  kvdo[/b], they are amazing! 

I wanted to try light the scene, but stucked on the first stage:) Please, anybody who had similar issues – help me!!
I’m using RenderMan_for_Maya Pro 4.0.3 and maya2012
here is only 1 enviromental light with radiocity pass. I just want to figure out where this artifacts are coming from? And overall dirtyness, on the back wall for example


Looks like colorbleeding don’t work as is should be… Scene setup: 1 env light with radiocity settings: shading rate=1, colorbleeding, fallof mode = maxdist-based
quality: shading rate =0.5, depth shading rate = 1, pixel samples =5


hi all ,
this rendered without texture and material and i’m thought a little nice.

and with texture and material:


hi all :slight_smile:
this is my test
maya vray
i hope you like it


I think I have it as good I can get it.