Lighting Challenge #26: (WIP) Matinee


Man you guys are doing some cool stuff.

I have been watching this challenge for over a year, and even did many of the challenges after the fact. Jumping into the fray in real time now (I kept checking 3drender to see if the challenges would update…missed a whole challenge!).

I will say this: my DOF blur radius is unrealistically high for my scale and focal length, but I think it looks kind of cool, and it does tend to miniaturize my scene a bit. What do you guys think?

Also, my little man still needs some attention, as of now he’s just got some SSS for his skin.

Feedback most is welcome, thanks guys


Here is another Wip… camera angle still not decided… :frowning: let see … C&C are most welcome… :slight_smile:

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dreamer00: Nice Update. The white part of the eyes could use some brightening. They seem to be getting less illumination than the rest of the head. The character is receiving some strong rim/kicks which is working nicely. The seats could use a little of the same. It’s hard to see where the tops of the sides of the chairs meets the background. Keep the specualr highlights, they’re working well but see if you can lower the intensity of the ambient light to make it feel more like a dim movie theater.

chasnaylor: Welcome! You’re off to a good start considering this is the first challenge you’re participating in. The bright reflection on the cup really pops out and draws a lot of attention to itself, especially since it’s near the center of the image. Compositionally the image is pretty strong but, the character is looking right off the of the image. If you could move him to the left few seats he’d be looking towards the center of the image instead of sending the viewer off of it. You may have to move the camera a little to the left but it shouldn’t have to be too big of an adjustment.

neotrixstdr: Good work. One thing I’m trying to figure out is your lights motivation. At some points it seems to be coming from overhead and at other times from the side then some objects doesn’t even seem to have a key light. It seems a little inconsistent. One thought with this image would be to have a brighter fog, illuminated from the projector, behind the monsters so that they are mostly a silhouette with possibly a very subtle amount of diffuse illumination.

Xmatypa: Nice update! The key light on the character/foreground objects appears to be from almost directly behind the camera. With the light so frontal, it tends to flatten out the character’s forms. “Cheating” the light left or right could help shape the character a little better.

genaf1: Getting better! Looks like it’s time to start putting some materials/textures on the character. There’s a couple things here and there that could use some adjustments. The bottoms of the character’s feet could use some bounce light from off of the floor. The straw in the cup is getting lost a little bit against the background and could use a rim from the projector for some more consistency with the character. The bottom of the characters hat could use some bounce light from off of his head. Looking forward to more!

asinn: Nice updates! One thing I’d like to see are some more darker values. In particular in the places further away from the pool of light and window. The chairs nearest the pool of light are darker than the ones in the foreground. See if you can darken the ones in the foreground.


thanks for your valuable comments kanooshka it really means alot… i’m surely going to improve it more as u suggested … :thumbsup:


Thanks for the feedback kanooshka, very helpful.

This is another work in progress image, C&C would be great.


thank for feedback Kanooshka and AndreV
thise time I add texture sss and dust
but with some problems



Hi everybody, I am posting my work in here.I like this forums very much,because of a lot of talented CGer in here, and well so many warm-hearted friends will give you helpful suggestion.
I worked in this scene with mental ray.


Hey Kanoosha. Looking good :thumbsup:

Maybe it’s just me, but for some reason the eyes on your character look slightly cross-eyed. I’m not sure if you moved one of the eyes slightly or if its just noticeable because your shot is a closeup.


this is the 1st time i’m doing this sort of a thing and my lighting skills are pretty naive right now. infact i came to know of this site recently. this is my first render…it wasnt intentional… but somehow it gave this whole 3d dreamlike theme to it…at least i thought so


Dan -

Nice image! Since you’re so generous with giving everyone feedback, here’s some feedback for you.

Don’t let the bottom of the nose area go so black – add some warmth there, and to the ears. If you don’t want to use real sub-surface scattering for the skin, that’s fine. You could fake it with some warm fill or ambient. However you fix it, there shouldn’t be blackness in the skin, especially in thin translucent areas. Even right under the baseball cap, the skin shouldn’t go completely black. The lower part of his body should get similar lighting to the upper part; the legs and lower arms seem especially dark to me right now.

You need occlusion on the character. The edges of the sclera, where the forehead meets the cap, where the shorts surround his legs, etc. should all get some occlusion for more convincing contact.

Apart from needing occlusion on the sclera, the eyes are looking pretty good. I just think the pupils could be dilated more - not just for realism, but to helps his look. Make sure the highlight doesn’t go too high up on the screen-right iris, or it might brighten an area you’d expect lash shadows to block.

I don’t love the blue rim on his screen-left shoulder (it looks very hard for a T-shirt, and somewhat unmotived) or the blue kick on the screen-right side of his face. Maybe the fill light in the theater could be red (like an exit sign, or the bounce off the chairs?) That kick could probably be softer and warmer, and I think the rim could go away.

The projection booth is looking good. It could get brighter right near the lens, as in this image:
If the window from the projection booth had some thickness, and the edges got brighter, it would be more believable, also as in the image. (And notice the redness inside the boy’s ears, although there’s probably better reference for skin elsewhere…)

The boy’s head shadow onto his shirt looks a bit hard and could be softened. He could cast more of a shadow onto the back of his chair, though, so that back of his seat doesn’t look so bright behind him.

The chairs look great. Maybe the chairs closer to him could get a bit brighter, just to show some progression, but this is just an idea.



hi everyone…this’s my first wip…i render with basic material , hope you tell me anything to better…sorry for my english…:slight_smile:


my update…child very mischievous but so kute… :slight_smile:


This is my first WIP. Hopefully i will have something more ‘solid’ in the next submission.


udayavel: Good start. The skin is a looking pretty waxy. Decreasing the amount of sub-surface scattering should help. The forehead of the character could use some occlusion from his hat. There’s also an odd bright line coming up from the bottom of the image to the character’s foot, not sure what it is. The characters shoes are getting lost a little against the darkness behind them. Maybe adding some bounce light off the floor onto them would help define them some more.

vanviet: Nice start! Your image has some nice qualities to it. Overall the specularity on the character’s clothing is too bright. Cloth has a very small amount of specularity, and it’s mostly at glancing angles. The arm and leg of the seat could use a shadow against the bright orange on the seat’s back. The eyes could use some more definition of the iris, the character’s right eye looks like it’s looking down and towards the nose while the character’s left eye is looking up and away to the right.

jeremybirn: Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it!

averi: Welcome! The first thing I’m noticing is that the screen is emitting a sharp replica of what’s on the screen. This could make sense if the screen where a perfect mirror, but the screen would actually diffuse the image. You could try extremely blurring the image attached to your light and see how that turns out.

The exit sign is drawing a lot of attention, it looks brighter than the screen and it has extra attention because it’s near the center of the image. See if you can dim it a little.

LBCover: Thanks! Nice catch, I missed that somehow. I may try adjusting the character’s right eye and see how that looks.


:slight_smile: i followed ur suggestions and here wht i got… i still need to put some fill light. and m not sure bout the camera angle.
thnks again


Kanooshka : nice image! i love the light from projector & the light hit the chair, maybe add a little bump on the red sofa & cloth will be nicer… just my opinion =)


Nice to be back and see all the good posting here. I haven’t been here in a while (#7 I think) due to RL. I decide to have a run at this a bit as it concided with some lighting work and ideas I had. All lighting is based on a single screencap image (for the cuirous, this one is from Blad Runner). The nice thing about my setup is that I can swap in any screencap image. I was having a bit of fun trying a ton of different movie scenes to see the resulting light effect and this was one of my favs. Textures haven’t been worked on much yet, just my stock at the moment.


My Update. Just shader and keep going.


Thanks for your coments kanooshka, i try to make a dramatic (not realistic) atmosfere. This is my final shot, i think i have finish it, my work dont let me much time to continue. I hope you like it.

And this a Hight resolution image


i tried adding some more light into the scene

CC are more than welcome