Lighting Challenge #26: (WIP) Matinee


very nice this challenge one day I 'll participate…


Thanks Kanooshka for the advices. I’m trying to balance lights intensity.

My first intention was to use clay on the entire scene, but finally I made some changes using only procedurals to texture. I will upload new version. THANKS!


hi friends Just started to learn V-Ray for Maya First shot here


3d max, Vray, Photoshop


this is my entry done with 30 min

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Hi Guys, I had about 2 hours to kill with this cool scene. Herewith my take in Maya and Mental Ray. There’s some nice ones in here so I won’t want to compare as I will come in last.

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my wip 1… still not sure about the overall lighting



asinn: Looking good! Perhaps you could have a pool of light on the floor that’s spilling in through the window. You may need to make it fairly bright so that the image can have a little more balance.

AndreV: Nice start. The diagonal line across the chair on the right is very distracting. The light from the projector onto the character needs shadows, it’s illuminating the inside of the character’s mouth. One thing I’d like to see you work on is a key light, this should be a light that’s brighter than your fill lights and is the main light for shaping forms.

mathmaxer: Good work. Right now the character’s face is very hard to see. I’d like to see more light coming from the screen and onto the character and environment. Though the light from the projector provides some kicks, it doesn’t show enough to be a key light. I’d also like to see the fill light become darker as parts of the scene get further from the screen.

zemletrus: Nice image. The overexposed look can work well. There’s a large difference between how the screen is reflecting off of the chairs in the front and the chairs in the back, see if you can even that out a little.

ShamKiR: Welcome! Overall you’re off to a good start. Your main light source could be brightened up a little bit, but not too much. The character could use some more defining on the edges that fall into shadow. Perhaps you could go with a rim light from the projector. Also, I’d suggest adding in some pupils to the character’s eyes, they’re looking pretty creepy.

DucatiWhite: Welcome! This is coming along nicely. Some pupils would help give the character some life. The bottom of the character’s seat is very bright compared to the bottom of his feet. Try darkening the underside of the seat so that it’s a little more consistent.

neotrixstdr: Interesting concept. Right now the characters looks like they’re in a black void. See if you can add in some more fill light to the environment.


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Feeling like it’s close to being finished. Hopefully you guys all know what movie he’s watching now. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the comment and valuable input Kanooshka. I gave the scene more propper thought. Cinemas are quite dark so you are not supposed to see much of the surrounds apart from what’s going on on the screen, thus I made some major adjustments to try and capture that. My main light source is the light bouncing from the screen onto the audience. I fake that with a spot with wide spread and quick falloff. I added the keylight you said but linked it only to the character. I also enabled shadow from the rim spot light by the projector, and this actually dimmed the fog volume which is now more subtle and appealing. I just need bit more shadow intensity on my character, but maybe this could be fixed by adding an ambient occlusion pass which I did not had time to render out this morning. Hope I’m on the right track here. Regards Andre.

BTW. Ducatiwhite, I dig your scene, so Matrix vs Tron with a hint of some alien abduction. Nice one!

 Thanks for the answer. I repaired reflecting. 



kanooshka : thx for the advice its really help =) here my second wip… i guess will move to the texturing next…

c & c welcome


i’m in … let see if i can finish this one… really confused about camera angle… and this is my wip… dnt worry about chairs color , just checking some shaders…

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and i really liked what u did lbcover… nice render really… :slight_smile:


kanooshka - thanks! continue work.


A new w.i.p. I have the idea for the scene clear in my mind. Must finish one character more (Jason Voorheeses) and do the light passes and postproduction. I will try to finish soon, my work dont let my too much time free. Excuse my poor english and C&C are welcome



kanooshka thank you for your advice, I think it helped me to improve my image.

I reworked it but it is not over yet.

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Good luck to all


New WIP of Jason. I have left to compose the scene and to work the lights, fog and generally the atmosphere of the scene.


Some updates to my take on this challenge. Added in some eyebrows, some occlusion on the eyes to ground them some more and some other adjustments. Looking for feedback!


post #1 to get approved


Here’s one more post, to try and get me approved. I have a render ready to upload to the lighting challenge.

Please approve me, thanks guys!