Lighting Challenge #26: (WIP) Matinee


yes…i agree :slight_smile:
achieving a max. quality output with min. light input is my motto :slight_smile:


36 sec render in Modo 501 - no GI - 3x spots and 3x area lights


what movie could that be?


I also work even if I am a beginner …
I hope I have time to finish on time

Good luck to all


hey guys , when i attemp to download it it gives the runtime out error i just cant download it , could anyone please upload the max version in one of the sharing sites so i can download it hanks


Good Work everyone … Very nice Challenge… It is very interesting… Thanks kanooshka for this Scene…:slight_smile:


Do you still get an error when you try? I haven’t heard anyone else having problems.


Heres a WIP of my scene. I chose to not move the camera and haven’t touched the geometry. Still work to be done, but i’d be happy to hear what you guys think.


This challenge looks awesome


This is first time i am going to participate in this Lighting Competition…Really excited about this…After seeing this contest I have downloaded this model and really Thanks to Dan Konieczka for posting this excellent model…Hope to post my first render soon.
All the best to everyone…


Hello, I just got started on this piece today. Worked on the shaders for the chairs. The textures are all done procedurally in Maya! Let me know what you think. :slight_smile:



Shader for red seat using maya texture nodes.


first of all thanks to kanooshka for this wonderfull challenge. some brainstorming is needed to get something out of this scene as the light sources are very limited here…

i tried a new position this time. this is what i am working on…(maya, mental ray, no GI)

one thing i have noticed is that the light from the projector generally doesn’t affect any other part of the theater other than the screen. so i did not apply any rim light on the character… please correct me if i am wrong.

and pls post ur feedbacks!
thank u :slight_smile:


Nice! Can you post a closeup of the cloth?


i still can not download it
, guys i`m really excited about this chalenge
could somebody please send the max version to my email
thx guys
and thanks to kanooshka for this great post
my email is


awrite!! i think this is gonna be my final image…till any further feedbacks!

please post your comments! thank u :slight_smile:


The image is really fun right now i think. The lighting is not really realistic which I could venture toward but i know that would start to kill the fun Vibe. The concept is 3D popping out at your face to the extent that it is coming out of the screen. Let me know how you feel about it. Im having a good time with this challenge hope everyone else is too!

Maya 2011
After Effects


Hello [b]kanooshka and everyone!

Here is another WIP.
[/b]I am playing with two different light situations, so far, [b] I am pretty happy with the way these are turning out however, I do know that these can use some. C&C are welcome.

Here is the other one.

note: Click the thumbnails for Hi-Res



just started…using default light with volume primitives…
comments welcome :slight_smile:

with lights-wip
comments pl.


tsshivshankar: Nice start! Try to have some more specualr highlights reflecting off of the screen and hitting the tops of the seats. The lighting on the left exit looks a little odd with light coming from an unmotivated light. A good rule of thumb for this particular image could be to have the key illumination coming from the middle of the image towards the edges. Also, both exits could use some occlusion, they have a “glowing” ambient look.

MartinRomero: Good work! The first composition is definitely a difficult image to balance. The movie screen is taking almost all of my focus. The only way I can think to fix this is to really create some bright kicks on the tops of the chairs that are nearly as bright as the screen. The second one is coming along very nicely, especially with the light patterns on the walls. The character could use some more illumination, if I didn’t know to look for him he’d probably go unnoticed. Some of the highlights on the speakers are a little strong and distracting, perhaps their specularity could be toned down a little bit.

prestonplatt: Coming along. Most of the objects are looking fairly flat because the light is coming from directly behind the camera. You should be able to “cheat” its position over to one side to create some more shaping. It might also be helpful to decrease the intensity of the main light source. It’s becoming over-bright in some areas and its losing the movie theater feeling, which is usually pretty dim during a film.

razzlovesall: Awesome! This is coming along very nicely. The first thing that pops out at me is the characters eyes. They almost seem to be lacking pupils. Try to really pull out some dark values for the pupils or else the character’s eyes looks a little unsettling. I’d like to see some rim light coming from the projector. Think of it more as a highlight than diffuse light, as if the edges of the objects are reflecting the projector. It’s hard to see where the edge of the character is on his left side, especially the back of his head. A rim on the right side should help solve the problem. Maybe there’s an exit sign or a dim light on the wall nearby that’s providing some illumination. I’d also like to see a little more definiton on the tops of the chairs, this could also be thought of as a highlight from the projector. Finally. The vertical blue posts on the left are a little distracting and bright. Try to darken those as they get further away from the screen as well as add a little more fill to that wall in general so that it has a little more definition. Here’s a paintover with suggestions. Hope it gives you some ideas.

kazimart: Not sure why you can’t download the scene. I’ll send you a copy over email.

Druie: Nice start. Overall it’s coming along nicely. The red in the chairs looks a little too saturated. Try to pull that back a little bit. Also, to give the cloth a soft look I’d recommend having the material brighter and less saturated at glancing angles. Here’s an example:

LBcover: Good start. The rim light on the character is a nice touch but it seems a little bright and thick. Try to keep the rim light to just a couple pixels thick, especially on the shirt. Also it looks a little odd having the rim light on the lower part of the character’s shirt but not on the arm or shoulder, especially if the rim light’s motivation is the projector. The back wall is a little too bright compared to the chairs underneath it. Try to keep the value of the wall similar to the chairs directly under it. Though, you might be able to get away with some brighter light bouncing back directly onto the window area.

zbugja: Looking good. The image seems very blurry. with some weird stuff going on in the chest/shoulder area.

runejw: Nice start. It looks like your lights could use shadows. Also make sure your bounce and fill lights are motivated. Ask yourself questions like “Should the backs of the chairs be that bright?”

engelik: Nice work so far. One thing I’m really noticing is the harsh contrast line where the wall meets the ceiling. Try to achieve more of a balance between their values. The lighting on the wall is a little decieving. It looks as if the lights coming from the side when it should be coming from the screen. Try to make the direction of the illumination a little more intentional in that area. The character is off to a good start. I’d like to see some specular highlights from the screen on his eyes.

jadrock: Good start. Maybe the beam could be emitting light onto the seats. I’d also like to see some highlights from the beam’s source into the scene, especially on the tops of the seats. It might also help to have some stronger shadows within the beam as well as if the beam were a little skinnier. Here’s a paintover with some ideas:


@kanooshka: thanks a lot for the feedback…very encouraging for starters like me…i will definitely work on ur suggestions and hopefully will pull up a cool result.