Lighting Challenge #26: (WIP) Matinee


Hi All

An update to my first Entry


Hi All ,
This is the 2-nd stage render.


This is the basic look and feel of the Matinee (WIP), c & c are most welcome.


this is wht its gonna b like…guys plz give ur suggestions…thnks :slight_smile:


averi the shadows are too dark, no volume can be read there… And the light beam looks like a bright wall, for the first sight I misunderstood that it’s a light, the confusion is on the camera angle… the beam folows the same direction as the wall perspective… I don’t know if this explanation is clear enough:shrug: Maybe if we could see the corner between wall and floor, it will be better…
And adding a little subtle shining dust particles inside the light beam will improve image, I guess…



The following is my first render draft, but I feel the overall color is a little bit monotone, and I want to enrich the saturate a little bit. Also the chair and curtain’s shading looks not right, does anyone know how to create a shading for curtain kind of stuff? Thank you for the feedback.


thnkx :slight_smile: i’ll work on it, though i’m not sure how much further i can improve it since m not tht great at maya. :hmm: thanks a lot again


I wish that I could inverst more time in this project, but I was too busy. It´s just the clue of my idea.


Personally I don’t mind the muted monotone effect. Gives a bit of an older feel to it, like an early 1900s opera house.




Good job. Just a suggestion. There seems to be some excessive color bleeding from the boy’s clothes onto the wall. Keep up the good work!!


run out of time…this is my final render. I felt the overall composition was a little bit boring, so I painted a character on the stage.


Just a reminder to everyone that this challenge will be ending on this Sunday, April 3rd. Make sure to post your final images by replying to the final image thread here:

Great work everyone!


my another version of comp… in the last minute



Hey Kanooshka

Thanks for ur comments
I didnt had enough time for the reply or more to work on this
But I had completed finally…
I hv posted on this WIP thread also on Final thread…
Thanks again Kanooshka for ur comments…I know the blue light is more and i hv reduced it
I hv also given an explaination in the image for the blue light…i guess…:))))
Comments are always welcome…


Hi! Friends This is my first post on CGSociety… your valuable comments are welcome


Congratulations everyone on another great challenge, Hope to see you on the next one!

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Hello, a bit late but comments and critics are welcome:)


Nice one Sica. I think it’s the best one so far. It has the best mood from all I’ve seen around here. Keep up the good work.


I’m first time applying this Lighting challenge WIP