Lighting Challenge #26: (WIP) Matinee


pixeldompteur: Looking good. Overall the image is very dark, which can work. The tops of the chairs are getting lost. Adding a slight kick to the top of them from the projector would help define them a little more. The highlight on the character’s eyes are a little odd. There’s a black box in the middle but it has bright illumination around it. Either having just a white box or having an image reflecting would work a little better. The character’s neck and side of his head are black. This makes it look like a floating face. Try to put in some fill light, whether it is bounce light from somewhere or a fill from something like an exit sign.

averi: Nice improvements. The light coming from the projector is looking more like light shining through stained glass. If you’re going to be using an image as your light color it’ll have to be extremely blurred, so there’s only subtle color differentiation.

lve58: Good work. The spot lights on the right wall look unmotivated. If those are from the ceiling lights they’d be much softer and not so focused. It may look okay if the hot spot on the wall was closer to the light source and toned down a bit. Notice how in this image the light is very quickly diffused as it moves away from the light sources.

quakeking: Nice update. One thing I’d like to see would be for the chairs to get darker as they get further away from the screen (I’m assuming the key light is from the screen). In general try to have a little more focus with your ambient lighting. On the left wall, a gradient that’s brighter closer to the screen and goes dark near the back and on the the back wall, where the projector is, darker.

MoshingSnail: Welcome! One question you may want to ask yourself is where do you want your main light source to be, this should be the brightest light source. Right now it seems to be coming from the projector.

ducvemt: Looking much better with shadows! The eyes could really use some highlights, just make sure they don’t block the pupil. The diffuse light from the right and the diffuse light from the left seem fairly similar in value. I’d like to see you pull back on the blue fill on the left and go more with kicks and highlights to define the character. Here’s a quick paintover with some thoughts

Masood716: Good start, keep going!

creativamultimedia: Welcome! Nice work so far, your image has some nice qualities to it. The skin on the head is very shiny and looks like he just came out of water. See if you can tone the highlights down. The highlights in the character’s eyes look a little dull. With the projector so bright and in turn the screen being bright , I’d expect the highlights to be bright as well.

tuovni: Nice sketch, hope you have time to finish it!

clairekearton: Good progress. The colors on the screen don’t seem to match the light it’s emitting. Try desaturating the screen image so there’s a little more consistenty. The diffuse lighting is working well. Now I think the highlights could use some work. The screen is so bright and big but there really aren’t any bright large highlights that reflect it. See if you can make the highlights bigger on the plastic on the chairs.

neonbulbs: Nice start. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.


I think this might be my final version. We’ll see what I have time for. Lots of changes!


@kanooshka; it´s very notorious the change in your image, is really better! The skin has improve a lot.
The only thing I´d do is to put some kick lights on the seat and the child, just to lift up the focus of te image a little more.


Hi kanooshka!. your image’s very nice…i like the way that you did color to it…:slight_smile:
Maybe this will be my final…thank you very much for the advice of my pictures are very precious … and I want my sence end soon because I have to take the time to work … but if there are not nice. I’m happy to hear your advice and everyone … hope everyone please comment me … thanks everyone so much.:slight_smile:


Hey kanooshka,

thanks a lot for your suggestions! You were right with everything… :wink:

> Highres <

I still have to add some shadow under the character and I’m not happy with his t-shirt at all. Maybe a logo or something like that will do it.


Hey everyone,
I’ve never done character lighting before so I wanted to make the character the focal point.
comments welcome



i feel that the eyes could use some glow\self-illumination so it can be believed that he is watching something awesome.
nice looking image…loved the projector’s volume light…



I think your image was more believable before your corrections. When I’m sitting front row in a theater, there is no way I’m seeing that clear at the back end. The front part of the seats are now way too bright, but that 's just me. Maybe a mix between to two.

Your highlight look kind of strong to me. Like kanooska said: the black box was not that great, but the intensity looked fine.

Cool stuff, Great job :thumbsup:


Thanks ENoel!

Yeah, maybe I’ve overdone it. Just calibrated my monitor and I think I am close to my final… :applause:
But I really don’t know which monitor to trust. It’s quite light on my MacBook and the 30" Cinema display shows it properly. What about you guys? Can you see the fabric structure on the seat back?

< Highres >


Hi everyone,

Here is my very first image here, I’ve tried to render something magical with crazy colors, impossible lights and shadows. made with 3dsmax + vray + scanline passes combined in after effects.

Every critics or ideas are welcome !!!


continue work


this time with lights…
comments please!



Another touch-up render. Teaked some of the scene lighting. Got a more realistic inverse sqaured falloff on projector beam light. Added avery little amount of fill lighting. Added a bit of specular to the skin for some highlighting.

Also swapped the film image, he’s now watching “A Clockwork Orange”

Of special note: I swapped in the eyes from challenge #7 for the default ones.


here, I added some depth of field, and tweaked the compositing for what I think is a better result :slight_smile:


feedback most welcomed



almost final i guess… hmm c&c are welcome =)



Here is the my First Wip image
Cricts and Comments are welcome



I think my older ones may have been coming out pretty dark as I’ve been having some calibration difficulties with my monitor. Looks like I may have had by gamma and brightness too high. Hopefully this is much better.



Hi everyone, my first render. I have to fix things than light like the childern´s mouth and the t-shirt.

Creatiques super welcome!