Lighting Challenge #17: Natural History


This is my final submission. It has been a wonderful experience participating in this challenge. I have learned a lot. I eagerly await the next challenge, whatever it may be.

Have a nice day.


Hi all,

thx for your comments Jeremy. Next Steps so far. The Textures are WIP the lights too ;)

time is running so fast :frowning:



Thanks a lot Jeremy for and everyone else for the comments. Here is an update…

Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year :slight_smile:


Hi everyone…
Please do comment on my work… I worked on a wide angle and ended up on closeup. This is not the final…its still in progress.


Thanks a lot Jeremy for your critique. Here’s the scene with all the changes as you have suggested…I changed the camera perspective and narrowed the angle of the lens to minimize barrel distortion…this is sort a compromise to achieve the closest possible position the camera can get to the dinosaurs and at the same time retaining as much of the foreground elements within the scene.


Hi again here is my work update i change some textures and added some highlights thanks again for the comments and suggestions and Happy New Year to all!.

3dmax, Vray for beauty pass, MR for ambient occlusion, Volume light pass scanline, PS for post production, Render time 6h 48 min. on my Dell m1730 laptop 4gb ram. final output 1250x1500 pixel.
C&S are still welcome.


Hi everyone.

Thanks Jeremy for your comment.

I just turned on the shadows for the FillLight & changed a litle intensity of other Lights


My last render :

I want to thanks : Tazintosh for the idea of “underwater” and Cimneth for the rendering.

Cinema 4D 10.6, Vray, AR, Ivy generator, Photoshop


Thanks for your comments, Jeremy.

This is my latest render.


Hi this is my final render but any C&C are welcome


Hi Jeremy and everyone,

This is my final entry, I did couple of tweaks but i wasnt able to do much. Because i went home for christmas and new year. Your critiques are still important so please feel free. All the entries are amazing! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to All! :slight_smile:


Lighting Update… all infos in the picture. i wish everyone a happy new year. cheers. :slight_smile: new updates hopefully next year. :slight_smile:


ScallyFox: Much Oblige! :wink:

This could be my final entry for this shot, my intention is at least one more
angle, with some luck maybe two :wink:


Guyz i’ve been busy this week spending time to my family and preparing for the 2009 New Year. But still trying myself to amend some feedbacks on my entry, thank you so much jeremybirn for it really helps develop my craft. ScallyFox so glad you like my render. Happy 2009 New Year to everyone and more challenge to come.

 Heres my updated entry:


reygerali - Nice job! Judging from the sunbeam direction, it seems as if the light from the sky should be brighter on the right than the left, maybe that could be switched and there could be more contrast in the set as a whole. The people work pretty well, but look like they need a little retouching, especially with the matte line around the photographer guy. The glass around the displays could use more reflections or highlights or refraction, near the center there’s a vertical line (near the woman’s purse and door reflection) that doesn’t look very glass-like yet.

visua - Nice job! I wonder if there could be more sunlight on the t-rex? The set looks a little too uniform in places. Look at the corner behind the t-rex’s nose: the two walls are facing different directions, but the color and tone stays the same, with very little definition and no real occlusion that I can see. Some of the spot

KayPoprawe - Great work! That’s a terrific scene. The t-rex himself looks good and well defined, and the glowing green sign thing makes a nice center of interest. If you’re doing another pass, the glass around the t-rex display is a little thin-looking (some reflections or refraction might help there), and a little specular kick or something might help make the dino on the left read better and look less matte-finished.

zero08 - Great work! Congratulations! If you want feedback, the reflections on the floor don’t always seem to match the brightness of what’s being reflected. It seems as if this might be a trace-depth issue, with a raytraced shadow not having a high enough ray depth to appear in reflections.

wasimattar - Looks good! Maybe the dino on the left could read better if he had more shaping, but the t-rex is well defined. I like the composition of the right one.

- Looks good! I wonder if you could get more clear lighting on the dinosaurs?

lolofedo - Great job!

Kunotaku - Looking good! I wonder if you could get more light on the left dino’s head, coming from above?

destijlart - Great job!

f3rd5 - That’s awsome! BTW, I’d like to clarify my previous comment about “barrel distortion” - barrel distortion is a kind of curvature (so straight lines in the model would appear curved in the image) that often accompanies wide-angle lenses. You don’t get it in computer graphics (except with specially programmed lens shaders, or faking it by warping the image in a compositing program.) When you had an image with a very wide field of view, but no barrel distortion so all the straight lines remained straight, I was mentioning that you could simulate some barrel distortion (add fake lens warping) to make the wide-angle shot more realistic. I don’t think your new rendering needs this, I just wanted to explain my thinking better.

ajju4i - Try for something between those two: dim blue light on the set, blue light hitting the top of the dino, warm light on the bottom of the dino…

Nehak - Nice image! I assume the anti-aliasing is set to low quality because it’s still a test. The reflections on the floor don’t seem to reflect all of the light in the scene, only some of it, if that’s possible. The glass around the t-rex needs a few more highlights or something to become visible. You might add some top-down fill light on the t-rex as well, to make sure he’s lit by the light from the skylight.

Nelly68 - Nice start! I think the dinos could use a little more top-down light to help define their shape. The back wall looks more blue than the other walls, it’s hard to tell if that’s the light color or if there are different colored bricks there, but I think color continuity between the walls could tie it together better.

BlenderFan - Nice job! We’ve seen your work get better and better.

Steel GER - Welcome! Good start, keep going!

steelmonkey44 - Nice job, nice perspective!

ScallyFox - See you soon, then!



Hello everybody !
I think this is my final , because i really do not have more time to do this more…
Anyway , thanks for challenge , it was very interesting and good practice !
Thanks for Jeremy for his comments and Happy new year to everybody !


Jeremy: Thank you for your as usual great advice, but what about the spots? :wink:
"Some of the spot "


Thanks Jeremy! here’s my final entry good luck to each and every one we all did a great job…

3dmax2009, Vray sp2, Mental Ray for Ambient Occlusion pass, Scanline render for Volume light pass, PS


Hi, Jermy this is my first upload imge … plz check it


Jeremy, Thanks for your advices. This is my latest render, I tried to put more lights for dino