Lighting Challenge #17: Natural History


All right, this is my WIP… sadly i don’t know if i can finish it before deadline but i’ll try my best… Is Blender Internal renderer using an -in development- feature called LightCuts which basically gives GI… There’s no light rigs or any trick, is probably the most accurate GI possible in Blender right now. Rendertimes are horrible (from 12 to 24 hours per image) but i think it shows the real potential of Blender.





Thanks for the comments Jeremy. I will work on lighting the dinos more. For this render, I was playing around with textures and trying to get them to stand out more.

Still working in Modo. Render took about 4 hours to do using Global Illumination and a bunch of area lights.


This is the first time i post here so hello every people.
Very nice contest and modelling.

Here isi my first render, i’m still working on it.

Soft: 3ds max & Vray, render time 15mn, no post prod



My first post & first try.
Lightwave 9.3 + Kray OB8
Q6600 @ 3gHz, 8Gb RAM, Vista 64
Render time: ~1h


Thanx for the reply jeremy. please tell me which matt painting challange you mentioned about .
I would surely like to see that.



Thanks for the reply and comments Jeremy. I agree the glass needed some work. I never really spent any time on it in the previous version.

I had some more time today, so I worked on a new version. As always comments and critique are appreciated.



Hi everybody.

Thanks Jeremy for your comments.

This is my next try. I put Light for dinos on the top where the moonlight is placed & increased its intensity,
also I decreased intensity of the filllight for the room. So the image become more contrast.

Comments & criticks are welcome.


Dissastisfied with my previous entry, I have gone back to just working on the lighting. This is a render of my new setup, using just a gray matte shader for everything. Any suggestions on improving this are welcome.

Have a nice day.


hey guys… its been eons since i last posted in this challenge… justa few days ago i had a lot of time to play with the scene… i added some procedural texture on the dino…

its a work in progress but anyhoo, heres what i wanted to come up with…

dino comes alive. the shot was taken by a photographer… hehe. im still working on the flash… hhehe


Hahahaha. Too much for my old pentium IV. :banghead: :cry:
Well, some day i’ll return. :thumbsup:
Just enjoying your works for now. :bowdown:



Lolofedo & vgabex,
I loved your entries… Congrats.
Jafet :buttrock:


Hi this is my first entry. Using 3ds max and mental ray. C&C are welcome…


Hi, this is my entry for this challenge still on wip i’m still working on the materials and a bit of light twiking c&c are most welcome to improve my scene.
3dmax, vray, Mental Ray for Ambient Occlusion, PS
render time 2h 48min, image res 1500x1250 this the biggest i can render my Dell XPS laptop is crashing more than this.

Good Luck to all participants lets enjoy this!


Hello to all, I also decided to participate in this competition, here is my first tries.
3dsmax 2009+vray sp2 , vray sun+sky and something like 50 ies lights !!
My computer : bi-proc quadcore intel xéon render by 2000x1124 in 6mins…
Wait for the comments,


Ups, I saw this Challange yesterday for the first time. This is my first Rendertest with Cinema 4D Release 11. I try to finished it until January


Nice to see how all your images are developing here! I haven’t had a chance to work on this since last month, but here are my updates to textures…I’m not sure about the placement of the whale, not sure if it takes too much away from the space…

Enjoy the holidays everyone!


ahkiat, It’s nice to try a night scene. All the lights looks warm. I think it will be a good idea to add some blue lightning at the top of the building, as a contrast.

destijlart, I like your image. The floor looks nice. I think you must work in the volumetric lights and in the briks. Look at the Nelly68 volumetrics.

Aurelalto, the 1st and 2nd shots need more work in the composition. The textures of the building and the tirano seems to have a low resolution.

Nelly68. Looks really good. I think that the floor is too perfect. Looks like a mirror. I think you can give a more “real” look to it.

Excuse my english :wink:


Hi, sergiox thanks for your comment. I added a blue light to give it more contrast.


I am finally beginning to get something I am happy with. The only thing I am still wondering about is how and if I need to add light to the architecture. Anything else you have to say is fine, too.

This image was rendered in Blender. I lit it entirely with spotlights, as it gave me the most control with a contrasty image like this. I rendered out a reflection, refraction, and shadow pass; along with a pass for the dinos and their cases and a pass for the background. These were all layered together in Blender’s compositor, where I also increased the contrast and blurred the reflection and refraction passes.

Everyone is doing a phenomenal job, and I am really enjoying this.

Merry Christmas.


Thank you very much for the comments here,s my update c&c are still welcome…