Lighting Challenge #17: Natural History


@dipali Your scene looks too uniformly lit to me. I think it would be neat if there was just light on the dinosaur and the skulls, with the light coming from their eyes stronger. Hope that helped some.

Have a nice day.


Minor update:


Really wish I could do this but after playing with it I realize my system can’t handle the model size. Even if I tore it down to just the bare bones…I’ve only got a gig of RAM to play with. lol But after studying everyone’s work, I’m learning so much about light placement and environment! I’m gonna play with the bottle challenge…and save up for more RAM! LOL!


i love it!

ps: where are the life-savers?


Hello for all my name is Fabio Bispo and this is my fist time in the lighting challenge .

This scene is very good ! great modeling !!!

I tryed to make some like cine scene .

I use 3Ds Max and vray for Render and photoshop for pós production, render time take around 12 hours .

final image

work process and some references that i use .


hello my friend bispo liked much of his work congratulations.


Here’s my second post! I relit most of the scene and took advantage of volume lights. I tried to really focus on keeping the light focused into pools of light and did a lot of play with rim lights. Hope it’s looking better!


Thanks for the comment jeremy:) Abit lazy to move the dino lol:p Will be trying for a day scene now. Only did some color change for my night scene. This should be my final version for the night scene.

For the day not much different.Only changed some of the lighting to make it look like day:pComments are welcome


Hello everybody !
my latest try :

:bounce: :bounce:


Hello this is my first try,



My opinion is that reinhart82’s entry is the best so far. Only a few problems with slightly angled placard on the first sign and the halos around the accent lights on the REX look a bit strange but other than that this is the winner in book so far. Very realistic look and feel. Excellent work!


Hello everyone,

Here my first attempt in several areas. My first entry in a challenge, my first lighting of a huge scene, my first tests with some Vray parameters to understand well how much they impact the quality and the render time of an image. I know this image is a quite neutral but I spent a lot of time to have this quality (for my side, I’m pretty happy of the result, hihi).
I have been working on this for a week, I know it’s a little bit late to start working on a scene like that for the challenge but I think it would be very instersting for myself to try lighting without to model the scene, to have feedback and to compare my work with other ones which are very instructive.

So, I used 3dsmax, Vray for lighting and MentalRay for ambient occlusion. It took 2hr for rendering.



One more shot :wip:


Here’s my first try (on this scene, and on doing one of the lighting challenges in general). Just threw in a few lamps: the 2 hanging on the walls and a some on the upper galleries, plus some spots for the dinos and a dim sun-lamp for the shadows on the floor. Didn’t do much as far as texturing is concerned, just very basic noises to break up the uniformity of the colors. (I know, the glass around the bottom of the dinos looks wrong. It’s too reflective, rather than transparent. That’s on of the points on my to-do list)

I’m going for something like a nighttime scenery. But there must be something happening, so I need a little more action. Like a thunderstorm outside which could bring in some scary feeling.

Rendered with Blender internal, and little contrast and brightness correction with the GIMP.
Comments and critique very much appreciated.

Thanks for providing this awesome scene!


i’ll do it too,
my first try of a contest soon
i’ll update some renders


Thanks !!! my friend Kiko77

I saw your scene ! very good to ! Congratulations


Congrats my friend Bispo! youre scene is amazing!!!
Keep going dude!


hey guyy sorry for this stupid question,
but i have no ideia, how to post some works mine
i’ve been in a lighting challenge but i don’t know how
I post my work progress of this challenge
sorry again for this stupid question


I´ll do my best. I´m new in the cgsociety and i see ther´s a lot of talent around.
I still have about 2o days to do it.


Bispo3d - nice work!
about your final rendering, I think you have cropped it to much. Your original (the one without effects) shows a bit more of the floor and the roof, important parts that adds depth and drama to the composition IMO.