Lighting Challenge #17: Natural History


Thank you Kaceface!
I´m rendering the beauty pass again with some modifications like, caustics enable for a more accurate color dispersion and wood texture for the two fosil boxes.
I´m not using the physicalSky, I prefer more control and use a more classic ilumination mode with my own background color and intesty from the camera and some sopt lights and area lights for a better control in specular and photons.
I think about the color bleed with the stainedglass in the afternoon was a good way to iluminate and create an athomsfere in the scene.


Slow day at the office, decided to tackle this challenge. This is a very nice model, lots of fun to mess with. Done in Max 2009 and Vray.


I tried to add more contrast, as well as get dramatic shadows from the dinos. A few materials have also been tweaked. All was done in Blender, except for the floor and building textures which are photos I prepared in Photoshop. I also used Photoshop for a few minor corrections. I really love critique and/or comments.

Have a nice day.


Hi Everyone,

Thank you for your comments Jeremy. I tried to get more of a rim on the bottom row of teeth like you suggested. I also checked to make sure all my shadows were turned on, which they were…do you think the light inside the jaw was because the spots were shining from below? The lower jaw has a pretty big opening at the bottom…

In addition to those changes, there are a few reflections in the glass display now, I added an ambocc pass and I changed the direction of the moonlight. Thank you again for all your help and I look forward to additional critiques.


My latest revision:


Are there fabulous cash and prizes for winning? Cartman once said…you cant get anyone to do anything without fabulous prizes. Not that I agree, but Im curious?


Awesome work guys! I finally found time to start working on this project. Took about 9mins to render with GI. Still working on render settings and texturing, hopefully I can have it done in the next couple days :smiley:

Thanks guys!


Oh, yes! Fabulous beyond your comprehension! Maybe instead of “Try the Lighting Challenge!” I should change my sig to “Try the Lighting Challenge! Punch and Pie!”




Your work look nice too. Maybe some textures and more depht in the camera angle could be better.

I made a final render but hope some comments to take the final retouche, thanks Jeremy.

And render layer too.


Mmmmmm punch and pie… That makes this challenge even better! :slight_smile:


sorry that I am posting this this late - haven’t had any time to play 3d at home this week.

The file is 3ds - I tried importing it in max and the dino objects seemed to come broken - you might have to weld some points on them. Also I rushed and never fixed the more angular lamp - that still has flipped faces and most likely 3ds broke the seams between flipped faces.

Quick explanation of the file: Most pieces are instanced - I did this retarded manual copying off most of the pieces so that they would be instanced. This will be very helpful for any possible UV work and will definitely help in rendering memory usage too. File saving will also be zillion times faster with instanced bits.

Cheers, looks like I might not have time to do the challenge right now but hopefully that is not the case.


Is there any interest in breaking this challenge into two sections:
One for long shots and one for close-ups?
It seems like there are different lighting challenges for a close-up of a TRex with Interior sections in the background as apposed to a long shot with a lot more elements and lighting considerations. Just my opinion but it seems like there are different creative uses of tools and methods for both scene types…
I am limiting my use of tools to the freely available so I might be way off base here?


New update. More work on the background illumination. Better rim lighting on the dino. Still doing tests for better texturing, and overall look of the image. I’m not using GI, only ambient occlusion and spot lights. Also a bit of post process for adjusting some specular layers and trying the dino to stand out a bit in the image. Dof, lens deformation and dispersion also in postprocess. I see very nice images in the thread… Good work everyone!:beer:.


and max2008 version

this one also has objects already split on layers. Same as the previous file - all instanced, objects linked to a null so I got the center line moved to origin and scaled to realistic scale (seemed that it has some typical inch/metric system scale issues).

This file might act unpredictably in metric system units computers as the symmetry modifier doesn’t change its values when you choose to “scale scene to match system units”.

Have fun.


Here’s my first try at a long shot GI entry lit in Blender rendered with Yafray


why i always cant open the download website?i am in china


So I guess this means I wont be getting a solid gold house…or perhaps a solid gold yacht for participating…Maybe a robot slave…a magazine subscription…a scruff on the head…

You mean to tell me this is just a learning experience. God@#%$it…I want a hat or something!


Hello everybody !
Here is my latest try

i’ve changed the whole lighting scheme. How do you like the view ?
I will change the ceiling texture also , i do not like it at all…


Hello, great renders here, congrats.

Just for fun, my try  (Cinema 4d and Vray):




This is my first post to this challenge. I have used Maya for lighting and Shake to comp the image. I tried to give it a dramatic look - something dramatic happening @ a place filled with magic. Not used any textures, as i was not sure dat i’ll be able to give justice to dat b4 deadline. So here it is…pls comment and guide.