Lighting Challenge #17: Natural History


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Nehak - I like your rendering , the volume light looks cool , i want to add that effect to my renders also , did you render it separately as scanline ? Also please can you share that texture on the ceiling , the trees images ? I want to add that to my renders also , but i couldn’t find it anywhere … if you could share them it would be really wonderful ! :wavey:


Thanks. I have no idea what is going on with the glass on the right side. As far as I tell the polys are fine. I flipped them once and it had no affect. If you figure out what the problem is, let me know.

Here is my latest render.


This is my image that I could not link in my Last Post

Will be looking forward for comment critic from every one


Thanks George, will do. I’ve added some fill from the windows behind the camera, will post it.


I really like nehak’s version too. Very nice halo lighting and marble floor. The ceiling artwork is amazing!
I do think the banister railing marble texture is a bit too much marble and may not fit well in the scene.
And the marble on the floor I think needs some tiling to break it up a bit and make it more realistic. Maybe make larger marble tiles with different orientations.


For those of you that feel the scene is taking to long to test render I have a tip! My suggestion is to make some dummy models for the high poly models in the scene, most specifically the architecture. Make them low poly but make sure to keep the relative form of the existing model, apply the same shader and you’re ready to test render! =)


This is the first render. I need to do more work on textures.


This is the first render. I need to do more work on textures.


Jorge Mari,

Really nice first try and it looks like its almost finished. What did you use to render and light with?

Amazing lighting and really nice angle choice…


Round 2

I added some fill light for the stairs in the foreground. Since everything’s set up already, I did a rendering with FinalRender2 as well for comparison.

The top image is all hand lit, while the bottom one uses GI. There are things I like and dislike about each image, but the challenge was fun.

Top image is mostly area lights. It only takes about 5 minutes to render when I use shadow mapped shadows, but when I turn on Area Shadows for the area lights, the render time jumps to 4 hours!

The finalrender2 scene only took about 10 minutes to set up, using a physical sky for the scene. It renders in about 45 minutes. Cinema 4D used for both. The GI scene was a lot easier and faster to set up, but I learned more doing the first scene and placing all the lights!



Hello Jeremy,

For this scene I used 3Ds Max 2009, Mental Ray and Global Illumination. I set up area lights on the windows, a directional light and 4 point lights in the center of the building just for fill and bounce, the rest was taking care bye the FG.


Here’s my final for a close-up shot lit and rendered in Blender:

Highres here:


Hi all
Here is my first post in this forum…
No GI used …only area lights & some spot lights… working on the textures & will post is soon…
C&C welcome.


Hi All …
This is my first post in this forum…
Here i ve used some arealights, for the windoe…and some spot lights…
No GI is used… I m working on the textures ,& will post the image with the textures soon…
C&C welcome…


Hi all
This is my first post…
No GI used …just some area lights & some spots…
Still working on the textures…will post the textured version soon…
C&C welcome


Hi all…
this is my second post…the first one is rendered using GI… with Maya mentalray
& the second one is just normal mental ray render with some area & spot lights…
c&c welcome


Hello, thanks for the comments Jeremy, I hope you like the progress on my image.

I use some rimlight_shader from the autodesk area for the dynosaurs, and more detail in glasses and textures. I need 5 pasess for the final composite, a beauty pass, oclussion, two volume lights and a glow for the back windows.
All bumps are normal bump
Render time beautypass:5 h



I really like the color/texture variation in your floor tile, also nice choice rotating the triceratops to make for a more interesting silhouette. The t-rex shadow seems dense or muddier looking than I would expect it to be, especially because I am not seeing much of a contact shadow for the tri.

I like the harmony in color choice of the structural arches towards the ceiling and the dinosaur bones. It definitely draws attention to the parallels in their skeletal forms . . . the arches acting as a rib cage to the central spine of the building. Nice work.


Hello everyone, thanks for your comments. Here’s my update.
Render time ~1h20min

And my Vray settings, may be someone will find them useful.