Lighting Challenge #17: Natural History


okay this is my first go at it… and surely wont be the last… specially because i have the same composition as fuhshizzle. hehe… anyway… time to go back and think of other angle but first…


Spectacular! Thanks for the contribution Alvaro Luna Bautista and Joel Anderson!


For a moment i thought those was your first renders and got really scared!!

We can use any software we like but with the rate that autodesk is buying everyone we will all use their software in the end…


Yea! This fantastic new software called “3dsMaya XSI” :wink:


Hi all,
I can’t unrar the autodesk file. I’d like to participate in this challenge.
Can anybody help me?


Hi… I’ve put some textures… but still a long work to do:rolleyes:


Some very cool renders so far…


Can we ask that submissions include some stats: what renderer, render times, 3d package used, and basic machine specs? I am very interested in what’s going on behind these cool renders.




Wow I have to give this a try !


Sitting here reversing normals for the last hour or so, what else to do on tuesday
night… :wink:


mmoses00- Mine is using Maya as the software, mental ray as render, and right now its a 6:34 render time i will post the new render soon as I can.


Sorry for the noobish question… In maya, none of my texture maps are displaying correctly on the objects. I apply a texture to the floor and in the perspective window (after pressing 6 for hardware texing) the shade will change but the texture still will not appear, nor will it in the render. If I apply a UV projection of any sort, then the texture will show.

I just started using maya 2009 this morning if there is something new that I am overlooking.

Is there something on the model that needs to be changed for textures to work right?


first try to me without texture


Hey all, love this model, a great challenge. Here’s my start, no textures yet and still a work in progress.


wow neat challenge. hope i can get in on this this time.been backbrakingly busy past 2 months.

ngramworks: very nice approach to the lighting. i love it…keep going. what are you using to render it with?


Yeah, you have to work on texture projections and texturing by your own, the scene is not prepared with uv layouts.

Great challenge by the way, will step in by time!!


ingramworks: very nice! Could you share how you lit them? any FG or GI used? Any compositing?


hi everybody,

I can’t open the Max scene. I says there’s a problem with that file.

Anybody is working with that file? can anybody share it to me?

I’d like trying to work on it.



hello jeremy sir,here is my entry.i used maya,mental ray(gi,fg).i used 800000 photons in global illumnation and rendertime is 10 minutes.for dinosaur texture i used layer shaders and procedural production done with photoshop.hope you will like it.:hmm:


Well Rexxy, do you still insist that south is the right way?

The scene was too big for my machine to render so i tried something else…:smiley:
I am using 3ds max 2009 with mental ray, in a 1gb ram single pentium processor desktop.


PakosM - Good job! Maybe if you split the scene into more layers you could render more?

jasvant - That’s great! I think the dino texture is nice, but a little rough, maybe just softening it and wearing it down a little would help. The light from the window looks nice. I’d like to see the view through the window blown-out to pure white, with a little glow around it, to fit with the exposure level inside. In the sunbeam, the dino head has some strange angular shadows on it, and could use more bounce light permeating the inside of the skull.

zenerry - Did you un-archive the .rar file yet? What version of Max are you using? (Max can import other file formats like .fbx, .obj, etc. if you need it to.)

ingramworks - Great! Nice to see you start out with good basic color choices. That dino could get some more light on him, at least on the front part.

scorpion66 - Good start. I hope everyone starts posting info about software used, render times, and techniques.

metal0130 - Assign UVs, at least select objects and choose “Automatic Mapping.” For software rendering, any projection or 3D procedural would look just the same without UVs, but you need UVs assigned to preview textures in hardware like that.

Good idea, Matt! I hope everyone posts render times, software used, etc.

HOOJK - Good start. It’s looking nice and solid.

- Good start. I agree other compositions could work, the symmetrical one with the pink bar in the center isn’t as dramatic as it could be.

Shaders are a very good idea. Get the basic over-all colors, set whether the glass and floor are reflective, those things really help set the scene. If you see a background through the doors/windows, try to get that the way you like early, too.

visua - Good start! I hope everyone starts posting info about software used, render times, and techniques. If you were using Maya then clicking Automatic mapping or something to assign UVs could be a good idea.

fuhshizzle - That’s great! Even with a symmetrical composition, moving the light to one side makes a big difference. With the lit dino facing away from us, maybe something should be done to the other dino to get a sense of reaction in him, or some other center of attention could be where the lit dino is looking? If you want, you’re allowed to move the dinos around, too.

Voigg - Good start.

Fex - Thanks for providing the Houdini version of the scene we have for download. Good start on your first post, too.

BlenderFan - Good start! You should start with shaders/materials early on, if the floor is going to be reflective you’ll want to see it in lighting tests.

Leotril - Good start with your first post. I hope everyone starts posting info about software used, render times, and techniques.