Lighting Challenge #1: Fruit Bowl


Thank you jeremy. Your comments are much appreciated. And I know exactly what you mean as soon as you say. The idea for the challenge image was actually to go for realistic clay but probably my skills still need a bit of refinement. I think there are a couple of reasons for the blurring of the lines between reality and fantasy. One, the grape material probably has just a little too much finesse and two, the orange is textured with geometry and so it just tends toward realistic more or less no matter what the material applied is.

The fruit plate seems to lend itself well to the flatening process although my attempt could still use some work. Our toon shader could use some updating too. Kind of fun though.



hi adam, very nice ‘pop realism’ :slight_smile: - what about the render times? just curious…

maybe we can both try to do a maxwell version later this night? LOL



Hello all.

I am only a beginner to 3D and hope for some critique. Thanks.

Lit with one area-light from the right and a fill-spot from the left in XSI, no FG or GI :slight_smile:
I think I will try to put some shading on it and learn the rendertree a bit :slight_smile:


shading: cherrys, orange and these green fruits (forgot ther names :wink: )


Thanks. Render time was pretty long–3h25m. It seems that DOF and SSS don’t play too well together. :slight_smile: Without DOF it renders in under 20 minutes. Without SSS but with DOF it renders in about 20 minutes.

I probably will to a Maxwell version, just for the hell of it.


Jeremy Birn, when do we get to see yours?:smiley:


A test of something a hair more “artsy” than my prev. attempt.

Holy Fruit! :wink:



Disclaimer: I’m no Jeremy Birn. But here are a few thoughts:

  1. Is the light from a stained-glass window? The “rainbow” look is a bit out of the ordinary.

  2. You might want to change something about either the pear or the apple leaf–at first glance they seemed to be the same color. On second glance, the apple leaf is greener than the pear–the pear actually looks blueish. Might be the colored lights. . .

I like the concept!



Here’s my effort. I was trying to evoke the feeling of natural sunlight illuminating the scene as if through a kitchen window.
3-point lighting: Warmish sun light, warmer fill, blue-ish 2nd fill light. Realistic fall-off with area shadows. Also used an AO pass.

Master Zap, that’s a lovely look you have going. Not sure about the coloured bands though.


Yep. Assume it’s offered fruit in some altar in church. Later, the little church goblins that live under the stone tiles can have a feast on it!

  1. You might want to change something about either the pear or the apple leaf–at first glance they seemed to be the same color.

Agreed… it somehow became more evident when I uploaded it so I actually rendered later from a different angle (but that resulted in some other bad effects… ah… more later)… it hurt the composition of the overall image with the pear/apple collission… oh well. I’m not an “art” person I guess :argh: :stuck_out_tongue:



Hi guys, first time poster
Used maxwell beta, 3 emitters with different heights on the left and 1 on the right and a very big 1 behind the camera, all the emitters are not the same intensity.


By the way, everyone’s supposed to be giving eachother feedback, not just the mod!

I should do one – maybe next week, after the gallery for this one is up. Then I’ll just shut up and take feedback for a version or two. :slight_smile:



just as a test i tried to setup the same lights and the same fruit materials in electric image EIAS, my other (and longtime!) main 3d app.

rendered with GI and soft raytraced shadows. …and guess what? - the results are stunningly similiar to the ones rendered in lightwave/ fprime! so maybe it’s true that’s not the tools… the rendertime was about 1 hour on a quad (edit: at a resolution of 3000 x 2250), and the render quality, as always, is superb!

comments are more than welcome :slight_smile:



love it! it’s really a ‘nocturne’ dream version…



This is cool. I had an evening with no work and had no motivation and I found this thread. Of course seeing other LW people kinda got me going, too. I almost didn’t bother though after seeing holle’s. Geez, that’s lit nice.

Here’s my render, saved from FPrime’s preview window with no post or DOF fun. 5 area lights with 2 cassting shadows.


jeremy i am about to try another setup but before i do i was wondering what crits you could give of my first try.


This is looking great!!!

One of my fav so far!!!

Im in btw…ill post my composition tonight.



See if you can debug the double-edge on the banana, where it goes from bright yellow to a red stripe, the hard diagonal line on the orange, and why some of the highlights are looking posterized. A little more bounce light up from the bowl onto the fruit would help, maybe more reflection on the fruit, and definately occlusion from the fruit onto the bowl (like below the banana, it should look darker.)



What would it look like if all the lights cast shadows? (Of course with any coming from behind the BG unlinked from it.)



Thank you very much and congratulations for you and Dan put the light in discussion. Much peoples forget how work with the light design is important for any scene. And… Thanks for tips!:thumbsup:

Thank you! Fabric it’s simple combination with 2 blin shaders. With the same map in bump and specular color . The map was produced in Photoshop with Custom Shape Tool.


And now more one version. I don’t like of apple shader, but can’t fix, any idea to help? I try fix the problems said by Jeremy and i added more one light to made the rim light, with a low intensity, also to represent the reflected light by fabric.


Sorry for my bad english!:slight_smile:


Just started tonight… just chipping away at shading everything.

Obviously the orange needs some work, but does anyone have any comments on the grape and cherry shaders. Thanks.