Lighting Challenge #1: Fruit Bowl


What shaders would those be?


See this lil’ demo




Wow, the demo looks great !!
Any hope to get those shaders for Maya soon?



wow… this is amazing… great interpretation… simply amazing…


Nice “time of day” look.

I guess the shaders that didn’t make it into Maya 8.0 will have to wait for the 8.01 patch?



I have always wanted to try one of these, but work is so busy and when I get home I don’t want to do anything else but relax.

Here is my quick attempt, really not much determination here so just a quick lighting ‘sketch’ or like a quick concept to layout the composition and atomsphere.

Final gather and GI is set to low accuracy to retain this raw sketchy render look. Due to the lack of time the shader is left as default PhongE with reflection turned off.

It’s really nice to see some real nice renders coming out from these challenges.


Well, a bit behinde everyone else, here is my try at the fruits chalenge.
No GI or FG, just spot lights (10 of them).
I’ll be happy to get any comments about it.


Roli - Very nice rendering on the cloth! If you could show me or give some insight to how you made that i’d really like that! It’s beautiful!
You’re fruit doesn’t look half bad! the grapes are coming along good! I think you should check your specular hilights look closly at the objects you’re recreting and i’d try maybe looking into your shadows/lighting i think you have a fill light that might be up to much? i’m only guessing?

But here is my try! I didn’t use any SSS but if someone could let me know what this SSS quick shader is maybe i could use it i’m more then interested in it
Use three lights, Two spots. one area, Everything here was made with proc Textures. I’m thinking of making the orange look old and moldy like i did with the banana. But it’d appriciate any tips and pointers or improvements that anyone can offer!


I Have A new experience In 3DSmax.
This Pic Is My experience .
See And Help Me About My Render.


This File IS My First experience


Ok, I know this is probably really late to submit this first challenge, but I’ve just found out about this lighting challenge. So I guess I just try the first challenge first. I don’t use any FG or GI to light the scene because my PC just give me a really hard time when I use one of them :slight_smile:

Ok, please please feel free to give feed back


Just keeping the thread alive! I’m calling this semi-final as of now (haven’t done bump maps yet and I have other projects!):

I really, really liked Floze’s render. Didn’t think I needed bump maps or a nice table cloth texture till I saw his!

And the lighting progression from area lights to FG:




It’s my first time doing lighting challenge. :slight_smile:

Set up in Blender and rendered with Blender’s default internal renderer engine. Enjoy! :slight_smile: Since Blender doesn’t have real SS shading, I had to fake it by painting it and apply it as “light” texture.


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For those starting out, this is the original thread for the fruit bowl lighting challenge … worth reviewing as it contains a wealth of information.

Breakdowns here:


this is always a classic and a great scene to start learning lighting. everything is there correct use of light, refractions, reflections, sss. Easy to create, difficult to master :slight_smile: