Lighting Challenge #1: Fruit Bowl


I agree–excellent! My only crits are that the specs/reflecs on the orange look a little tight, and the arrangement of the grape in front of the pear looks a bit odd.


Really nice work on the materials, Holle! The lighting is good, but not very dramatic?


I think maybe some are intimidated to critique with you in da house, Jeremy but I’m not shy.

Master Zap: Ya got mood. No question. I agree with dbates about the apple leaf. It’s an unfortunate camera angle that lines them up and the similarity in colors makes them blend into one object. Personally, I have trouble understanding the rays behind the cloth. What’s going on there? The way they fall on the cloth and the objects is certainly believable, though.

General question: How are you guys texturing the cloth? I didn’t see a UV map.

3Dworks: Is that a basketball dimple bump applied on top of the orange? An hour to render on a Quad? With EI?

holle: I love your render. The only thing that detracts is the stretching of the apple texture at the top. That orange looks really good. I kept looking back at your render when surfacing my orange, but it didn’t help.

cgpoint: I like the look of your render. The low res artefacts are giving it a textured look like a painting.

I think maybe there should be a separation of GI and non-GI. I think there was a concern earlier that there might not be enough people posting to do that. Doesn’t seem to be a problem now.

Jeremy: Ok, I did 2 more tests. I turned shadows on for all the lights and got this:

Now I normally work with 0-5% ambient intensity but with the above and earlier image I tried turning it up to 15% to brighten things up. Well since I was testing with more shadows I figured I might as well test with 0% ambient:

I’m not sure which I prefer. Hopefully fresh eyes can tell me what works and what doesn’t.

btw - this is fun.


yes, definitely fun! :thumbsup:

i know, the bump map is not yet perfect, LOL… but im missing those typical small dark points inside the orange skin in most other’s renderings…

i forgot to specify that i rendered all images with a resolution of 3000 x2250 pixels. the EI render took relatively long because of the GI settings and the soft raytraced shadows.

as for your render, beeing picky, i’m missing a bit more of contrast in it. together with a general slightly blue/greenish color shift the rendering appears a bit ‘off’. the grapes do have a strange dark ‘aura’ around them, maybe a gradient put the wrong way? but yes, green grapes are really difficult to texture - i’m still not convinced by my own ones, LOL




holger, yout texturing is very nice! very convincing grapes material! only obvious remark: some of your grapes and cherries are still ‘levitating’ a bit.

looks like you like to play with the DOF in the middle of the scene. if this is intentional, maybe it could be pushed even further…



Originally Posted by jeremybirn

raghuramp - work on shadows and occlusion under the fruit, like under the cherry.



Zarathustra - I don’t know which I prefer of those two, maybe the 2nd, but both seem to be missing some of the shadows/occlusion you expect in areas like the plate right under the orange; it gets brighter right where you’d expect it to get darker.



3dworks: Ok, the resolution of the image makes the rendertime more plausible I suppose. You were right about the grapes. I have an incidence angle gradient on the translucency channel that I applied to the diffuse channel. I removed it from the diffuse and applied a slight procedural because even the green grapes have those blotchy, dull patches. I have to admit, the grapes took the longest to surface even though they don’t have any image maps. They just kept looking like olives more than grapes, but I didn’t want to give up and change them to red.

Jeremy: The orange isn’t sitting directly on the plate. I didn’t know if we could move anything. Light is getting under it.

I’ve always thought it’s harder to get that in-between light like in a lot of Pre-Raphealite paintings than say a Caravagio chiaroscuro, but then again everyone loves drama. Here’s a new render with more contrasts:


Hey thanks ppl glad you enjoyed the image…

…and Zarathustra… what serendipidy… that is the name of the computer I rendered this on!!




thanks to all for your comments!

@AdamT: let´s look… maybe I find time to make a dramatic one :wink:
@3dworks: mh, the focus lies at the front of the plate … I´ll have a look…

Here another update.

… and if you like a 1600 x 1200 version at:


for the fun, a quick 2nd take, lower key and more classical lighting. same textures. No AO this time which lacks a bit.

i tend to prefer the first even if it is a bit flatter by design

break out of the first scene :


…aka ‘cherries in the spotlight’ :slight_smile: - rendered in lightwave/ fprime. this challenge is too addictive, LOL




Hi guys,
I saw a coworker working on this challenge and thought it would be interesting to take a different approach. This is lit in shake using only a z pass and a bent normals pass. I created serveral macros to do diffuse lighting and shadows. Here is my progress so far.

The shadows are a little off because I’m generating them with just a z pass. I want to add specular highlights and try to do texture mapping in shake using a UV’s pass.


Hello everyone, many great entrys on this!! Nice idea this lighting challenges:thumbsup:

Here is my try:
I wanted to make a “dense” light scenario, i’m not very happy with apple and the leaf, and the green olives on the botton are also a little greyish, but well, i kinda happy with the way it looks.

Maya & MentalRay, all textures are procedurals, 3 area lights and finalgather enabled. SSS on the fruits.
Defocus and Levels on Photoshop.

And here are the passes:


All 3 Lights & FG

Light 1

Light 2

Light 3

Ambient Occlusion




Lookin good Markus. Some quick crits on the shading. The cherries and apple are a little too uniform for my tastes (yum cherries). I think both need a bit more of the specular broken-up.

Does fprime equate to a radiosity solution?


It has the option of using radiosity or just normal lights.


Good to know… :thumbsup:


Okay, now have the Cherries break out in a dance-and-song number… !! “The cheese is alive, with the sound of cherriieeeeees”



hi jason, nice to see you here - …agreed for the speculars… :slight_smile:

yes, fprime does a very fast and accurate radiosity (apparently using a variation of MLT).


For the sake of fun I tryed different settings: