Lighting Challenge #1: Fruit Bowl


IMPORTANT EDIT: THIS IS AN OLD CHALLENGE. Please enjoy reading through this thread as an archive, but it is closed to new posts. If you scroll down to the Challenge #1 section of the download page, you can still download the 3D files, and also can view a gallery of top entries.

Here is the link to the first scene-

There are two versions, an OBJ and MB. As stated before, no textures with this model, so some work will involved in the shading. Although shading is obviously important, the main study of this exercise is the lighting. This is a very open challenge, so any app and lighting technique such as GI etc, is fine to use. If there are enough entries, then maybe we could split into GI and non GI entries, but for now we will keep everything together. Also, there will be no set time deadline to start with, we will give it a couple of weeks and see what sort of response we get. For future challenges we may have locked off views, but for this one, any composition is fine.

There is no set submission requirement yet, but I think for now, a final image, a shot of your lighting rig setup, and maybe a brief description of your methods and the result/mood you were trying to achieve would be good.

     Happy illuminating!
     Dan W.


Ok no texutres …but can we assign procedural material and shade the objects with different types of shading. or only one white material as clay?


Yea jigu. You can do any mapping you want. Painted or any other method. Like i said before, this is a very open challenge, i would have painted some up myself, but i didnt really have enough time. Actualy some black and white entires would be nice too! lol


Thanks !! and yeah models r fine… just imported in max and it didn’t give me any problem…would post my image soon…would like hear critiques from pro…and thanks to u all guys who doing this…:thumbsup:


imports into lightwave np:thumbsup:.

am tweaking a scene as i type. many many thx to danwade and jeremybirn for their efforts and initiative!


just one question: what about the perspective?.. are we allowed to place the camera where we want to?


Yes, you can have any composition you want. Future challenges may have locked off views, but this is open.

Glad the scene is working ok for you guys. Some of the geomtry could be a little lighter i guess. Some of the objects could do with maybe a sub-division or two at rendertime. And sorry to those having to lay out UVs too!


Here we go!


I’m happy


Hi Dan!

I post the result into this post or in the Lighting Challenges sub-room in a new post? :slight_smile:


I don’t think any new threads are needed yet. You can just post your renders here.

This forum will eventually have threads for a lot of different challenges, so if we can keep all the fruit bowl posts in the same thread, then in a few years (and many challenges from now) people will be glad if they can look through the whole thing in one place.

This forum will eventually have a thread about rules and conduct, which will be open for discussion. But right now we want to see what everyone does without imposing a lot of rules. If someone uses a toon renderer and someone else does global illumination, we’ll just look at all the results. As Dan said, the one expectation we have is that you discuss what tools, techniques, and set-up you used, because other artists are interested in seeing how you do your work.

This forum will eventually have a thread about ideas for future challenges, but right now, there are already some other scenes ready to go, and we really want to see what people do with the first challenge before we plan too many others.



Yea, sounds good to me.


:smiley: :scream:

Maybe if this takes off, we’ll get a forum and structure it ala the FXWars forum.


Good job guys

Right, i have the scene, i have a certain lighting book, and some free time :wip:



Just for fun, couple of quick tests. Nothing fancy, spots, omnis, some procedural textures for fruits, and some postpoduction (mostly color correction and texture overlays). Not final by any means, i’ll probably start over few more times. Hopefully i’ll came up with something more original :wink:

this was actually rendered in b/w-color style :wink:


Thats looking really nice Azazel! Great start to the entries. Especialy love the painterly quality. Some photoshop work? Keep it up.



azazel -

That’s terrific! It’s great to see our challenges off to such a great start. Your work looks very painterly. Maybe one banana looks as if it had a coat of varnish on it. And grapes - grapes have a sort of “dusty” quality to them. Buy some grapes, study them at different tempertures, hold them, eat them, I hope you see what I mean. It’s not dust, it’s more like wetness on a skin that scatters light, but please tell me I’m not crazy, there’s something that looks sortof dusty about grapes, isn’t there? The bowl is looking good, maybe the reflection of the foreground cherry and banana stem is warped strangely, but that’s probably just how raytraced reflections are looking. Other people will tell me if my comments are appropriate or too fussy or anything, overall it’s great that you have a first render looking this good.




That is really nice! I love the painterly quality you gave it. The banana on the far left looks great too. I think the one next to it could use less specular but the image is great for a “quick test”. :slight_smile:


Thanks, guys. Much appreciated.I know about the grapes, i’ll work on that for sure for final version. Also, these violet thingies behind the apple are probably peaches, and it could be fun to make proper ‘peachy’ shader for them, instead of ‘random’ one as it is now ;).

The painterly effect, apart of the light setup, is probably due to some simple photoshop work - maybe i should post the psd file, it’d be easier than writing it :wink:


is there a deadline for entry for this challenge?



Lighting set-up:

a big area light up and to the left, with a linear fall-off;
a small area light down and to the right, with an inverse squared fall-off and no shadow casting;
a specular-only point light up and to the right;
no GI.

Procedural textures, tools are Lightwave and Photoshop.

Hope this thing takes off, it’s a great idea!