Lightening in 3Ds Max


Hello guys,

I’m working on a project which i need a perfect lightening for my render. I have a bit problem for lightening my scene. I use v-ray as a render engine. But my render is washout and so flat.
The light i use is v-ray flat light. I know maybe v-ray flat light is not a very good choice…But can you guys give me some helpful advice is this case?



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Bes sure to apply gamma correction to textures that directly influence the color of your materials.

It would help to know what your max gamma correction settings, your vray colormapping settings, framebuffer color corrections, a screencap of what your materials look like in the material editor and an image of the washed out render.


Thank you for the advice ACiD80. I worked it out, here is my last render :
It can be again much better, but this time the result is very close to what i was expecting.



Ok, glad you worked it out!

I only saw after posting my reply this topic was quite old.


I saw your work. It’s really nice. And what ACiD80 suggest you are working!
Thanks, ACiD80, to teach us such a good thing…