Leo, Everyone this is exellent..


This is exellent Leo, everyone. Just wanted to say im very thankful to the guys at cgtalk and behind the scenes.



I agree. This is one of the best parts of the site now and well worth the cgsociety membership.

Thanks to all of you for your hard work to make this happen!


Definitely agree with my fellows !
Thank you Cgtalk :slight_smile:


yeah, huge thanks from me too!! such a great addition to cgsociety

keep up the good work guys



Hear, hear.

Also big ups to Antrent, Mibus, and the rest of the badass tech/coding crew. It’s a great design.


Yes indeed, thank you from me too:thumbsup: !!


Been playing around with my portfolio today and its excellent. Congrats on such a great service.


I agree,
This is excellent, the most brilliant part of CGSociety



Nuff said :wink: You did a great job with this guys, have a beer (or five), you’re worth it :slight_smile:


:thumbsup: More praise for you! I love supporting cgs, but now it’s not support. Cuz we’re getting back so much more :smiley:


Im impressed, not bad this portfolio stuff! :slight_smile:


Yeah. this rocks! :buttrock: Been busy with mine, too. Can’t wait to actually have a finished piece to post in my gallery. Only have two images so far and niether of them are done. :blush: The challenge going on now should be excellent motivation.

As has already been mentioned before…thanks for all the hard work Leo and the rest of the team!


Yeah, excellent!!!

CgSociety is growing a lot and it is just great!


I’d have to agree also. It was a pleasent surprise to me.


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