Lecture 2 Video?


Hey guys, has the Week 2 Lecture video been posted yet? I remember in the Q&A that they said that it would be up this morning (PST), but I’m still not seeing it anywhere.

Am I possibly looking in the wrong place?


I can’t find it either, but I think it will be posted soon…


Today is an observed holiday in the U.S., maybe it’ll be up tomorrow morning.
But who knows.


Good point, I wasn’t thinking about the holiday, the hosts probably weren’t either when they said this morning. :no_mouth:


Lessons are up, although I haven’t seen the recorded webinar yet



Hello I have a question and I was not sure where to post any trouble shooting questions but I was trying to post my concept designs for the first assignment and It would not let me post for new users. what should I do?


@April918 I’d recommend asking in the general discussions if you haven’t already-
-but then I’d save the first assignment to submit with all the other WIP assignments at the time of the final, or however the submission process will be.
No worries or stress, though, things always have a way of working out :wink:


Hi, are you still having trouble posting?


Hi all - the Week 1 webinar is now uploaded here: https://forums.cgsociety.org/t/lecture-1-research-and-reference-video/2047457

And here’s the Week 2 Q&A link for Sun Nov 18 7p PST - we changed hosts to ensure better quality, so please register once again. Thank you!!


I cant find it either. Hope its gona be posted soon