Lecture 1 video


Does anyone have access to the lecture 1 video? It gives me this message: “Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic!”
The course starts on November 5th so I can guess it’ll be available on Nov. 5th but then why not say “sorry, this content isn’t available yet”?
OR everyone has seen it and I’m behind already? :smiley:
If its not available to others either I’ll delete this topic.


Posted a few places that its not available until nov 5th but some users have had bugs where the forum doesn’t show so if you cant access the forum itself please email christine@cgsociety.org so we can take a look at your account however if you just cant see a video it’s because the class has not started


I see.
Thank you!
I’m going to leave this here for a while and delete the topic later.


Useful topic for me, I was inquiring why I can’t see the video … I even thought that the course already begun … thanks :smiley:


Hi there
I am getting the same message / Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic! /
I guess it should be available today, it’s 5th November.

May I have your help, please.
Thank you


I have the same as Dragana Jagoridovski.
But in Pacific Standard Time it seems to be only 1 AM so I guess it will appear in a few hours.
Thank you!


Hi! I’m trying now, but is the same. I wrote to that e-mail address and nothing happened.
I’d try too with differents browsers but it stills showing the same messagge.
We Will thank you if you can help us in some different way may be. Thanks!


emnmmmm hi, im trying to find the video,but can’t see it for any where…
already found it, but have the same trouble as you guys


All’s good to me now…hope you will manage to find the video
or wait, here you go


I had so much fun starting these assignments! It’s reminding me of how much I used to love to draw. :slight_smile: It’s been a while up until now.