Learning to sculpt heads/faces





I’m doing a few legs now. This started off as a single dynamesh sphere. I sculpted one leg, mirrored it, posed it, then sculpted more to break the symmetry. It’s my second attempt at sculpting a leg (the first really wasn’t worth putting up here!).


Okay people (as if there’s anyone reading this), it’s been a while. My house went on fire a month ago so I had a lot of stuff to sort out between then and now.

This is the first time in exactly a month that I’ve busted out ZBrush.




I decided to focus just on the knee area for a while.


First, some nerdy homework.

And now a lil’ sculpt.




This is my first attempt at a torso and legs together. I started with zspheres. I ended up remeshing a few times, but I didn’t realise how much it would blobify the mesh - so I won’t be doing that again. I think I’ll try zsphere then dynamesh next time.

And I need to do more drawing as well as sculpting.


And I just noticed the thighs seem way too long in the front view.


I’m heading to Amsterdam for a few days, so I won’t update for a while.


I like your last works, they look much improved. Have you seen Bammes books? They are very good about anatomy. You have a good eye for form I think.


I actually haven’t come across Bamme’s books - I’ll check 'em out, cheers for the heads up.

I think I need to take more time with these sculpts. Every time, without fail, that I post images of one on this thread, I notice within an hour some obvious mistakes.

I’ve got a lot going on right now, I’m starting back at college soon, so updates will be patchy for a while.


I’ve spent a few hours over the last few days doing various sketches of the anatomy of the arm.

And now… my first arm sculpt.

And now… my second.




I took photographs of my own arm to use as reference for this one.