LC45 Xmas Awesome Mecabricks challenge


WIP 3.

Lighting is starting to get refined for creating more depth. Still no good work done on making the materials more realistic.

Going to start adding some characters and refine the color palette

Added some IES light profiles which made a huge difference


Nice WIP prestonplatt ! it’s nice to see the progress of your image. Maybe get more reflections on the plastic.

Meglatura : nice render, I will say +1 with prestonplatt, maybe it is just the colors of your lego and not the lighting. do you use gamma 2.2 x2 ?

Thank for the feedback, here is my uppgraded version, and final I think. (right clic to see better rez)


Thanks for the challenge!
This is my version. I got lazy and used only the sled :slight_smile: but i wanted a LegoMovie style with some dirty legos.
I used Maya SubstancePainter and AE for compo.



Hi everyone


Maya Renderman 21


WIP 4. Slammed with work but this challenge is too fun. able to texture the blocks a bit with spec maps. I created a little Animation because I think this is too good of an opportunity to pass up and it let me create some fun controlled chaos in the scene. Here are the first and 10th frame. Its about 30 frames but the render time is pretty intense

Comp is a little all over the place I will try to work on the color scheme soon but it almost feels right being so random since most children creating lego scenes don’t have a semblance of composition color scheme haha

Down to about 5 lights in the scene. I was able to start getting some subsurface in the blocks. It was a bit odd with scaling


Took on board the feedback and made some changes. Any more creative criticism always appreciated. :slight_smile:

@prestonplatt Looking forward to seeing your final result looking nice so far




Full Size

Fixed the snow :slight_smile:


Hi there! I decided to go with 20s to 50s cartoon look, specially in getting those greys.
Later on I’m going to add some practical lighting as well as materials and textures.



The FBX file will work.


Well late as usual, but here is my first image. Still got lots to do.

Direct link to full size image:


Final WIP

Wish I had more time to refine but CES Craziness has gotten out of control.

Fun little animation bellow Awesome challenge



This is my lego winter night scene. Rightclick for full resolution.
3dsmax and Corona 1.5


I have to say that this challenge is really great. During the weekend I will give a detailed feedback on the entries :slight_smile:


Wow, this is a great challenge! I’ve just enjoyed looking at all the entries so far.



Hi guys,

This is my first entry for the lighting challenge. Its a rough start but I like where it is going.
I tried to do a spiral composition and I like how it’s working on the reindeer sled. I think i will move the tree a bit more to the center. I think it gets too busy on the left side.
As for the lighting part, I like the orange color in the scene. I wanna put more blue into it to compliment the orange. I tried to get the sled of the background by putting a rim light on it. But as you can see it is too much. I will adjust it in the second version.

Also I was thinking to put the camera a little bit more backwards to see more of the scene. but im not sure yet.

-Blue orange color
-Rimlight sled
-Camera position


@ Luck6 Great Start ! but keep an eye on the lighter zone on the reindeers. They look a bit distracting (as also the lit lamp on the right). I love the grading of the image, keep going !
@ Jeremy Thank you Jeremy for starting this challenges ! Seeing you on the forum is really a pleasure.
@Bibi5000 I like the overall composition. I will add just a bit of fill light in front in order to get more details of the scene. The shaders look very legoish
@ Preston. You really made my day. Too fun the poor man that run trying to catch the deer !!
@ragupast. Pls post an update I’m very curious to see houdini renderings for this challenge
@Gabriel. I would be glad to see an update. The idea of a BW rendition looks interesting !
@Meglatura :slight_smile: I like the colors and the mood (also the occlusion on the roof looks great). I will contrast a bit more the image and add a bit of reflectance to the shaders !
@Gachealexandre. Very cool interpretation ! Which setup and render did you use ?
@ iranimation. If you import the dae file you should have no problem with the materials. Also on renderman forum there is a small plugin that can convert basic maya shaders to Renderman21. Pls post updates :slight_smile:
@ ChugChug ! The idea is wonderful ! Also the color are very catching you could go crazy and model some lego clouds :wink: Great work indeed
@FeD. I love the blur in the image. I would just add a very very subtle glare to the sources of illumination. Lovely shaders and colors (even if your lego look very very clean
@Noroto The idea of the fog is quite original. If you put a bit more lighting with volumetric effect I think your renderer will get a bit crazy. but I’m curious to see the results
@wax78 how is going with the cartoonish rendering ?
@chirbang. The overall shading looks very good Can you post some closeup of the scenes ? (Santa’s with the cookes and also the two singer ?) which render and setup did you use ?
The new challenge is on the way… So keep posting your images :slight_smile:


Hey you guys,

Here is my update. Hope you like it so far.

update 02

I think i will put the reindeers on the ground. It ruins the composition a bit. I will let it point to the christmas tree. So everything points to the tree.

Also I will remove the red color in the forground. I want it to be mostly blue against yellow orange


This is my latest piece. I’m pretty happy with it. Hope you guys like it


luck6 that’s looking great!

The background hills seem very close to the sky color, maybe you could make them darker towards the top, or otherwise create some separation there?

I’ve love to see some more reflectivity on the bricks, so they reflect the environment more.

Having the reindeer on the ground is fine, but find some way to make them stand-out compared to what’s around and behind them – maybe that guy who’s in front of the front one’s antlers could be moved away, or at least given a different color? Maybe the reindeer could have some more contrast with light from the tree on the front of them?