LC45 Xmas Awesome Mecabricks challenge


Please enjoy reading through this thread as an archive, but it is closed to new posts. You can still download the old models and also post your entry in order to ask for feedback here

Xmas Challenge

First of all before forgetting I would like to thanks ( for creating such a wonderful software to create legos and also the creator of the replica of the xmas models.
I’ve taken the modelled, exported, set up in maya, created some additional remeshed models (created the lego logo+ some box that you can extrude in order to substitute the small bricks if you need a closeup).
Also the work of beta-testers (Glen, Hgagne, Yannick)

A huge thanks to Glenn that exported and cleaned the maya scene.
ALSO I NEED HELP (environmental modellers for the new challenge that will ge ready in a month or so depending on the help and time I can do for modelling it ) so modellers and testers please contact me.
The rules of the challenge are always the same

Also as always

If posting your own rendered images or video of this scene anywhere out of this thread, please credit mecabricks (and put an I like on my behance portfolio :slight_smile: . Use any 3d software and techniques you would like.
Changes to the scene are allowed but not required.
Post your work in progress by replying to this thread so you can receive feedback
Feel free to share any extra information or breakdowns to show your techniques or lighting set-up.
Ask questions and give feedback
Enjoy yourself!

there’s the scene

Abc Alembic


MAPS and Textures


Here’s are some links to the Lego Colour Palette:


Official LEGO Color Chart - Peeron


Colour Charts for Decals / Customization

New Elementary


thanks a lot for the link…really waiting to see the new entries :slight_smile:


So nice !

Lets play lego :slight_smile:

Didn’t you forgot to link the texture with the files ?

And here is my first fast set-up, I changed every thing to MR MILA_material with the plastic preset.

Xmass 01


Added maps :slight_smile: snow is soo cool. Waiting to see also a night version :slight_smile:


Great challenge! I’m feeling like twenty years ago ;).


Thx for the maps JoJo. And here is the night version :slight_smile:

Xmass nuit


And here is my Lego-Xmas:

Lego Xmas


The snow in the light version looks good!



This is only a test of that marvelous model scene. With blender Cycles and Freestyle for the “foreground” part.


Vray 3.10 renderout, no postwork


Vray 3.10 , no postwork.


vray 3.10, no postwork.


My entry :slight_smile: all creative criticism welcome. Really enjoyed this challenge

Full Size:


Thanks Jojo… Love the set…
But for me shaders are not not connected… Some help plzzz


this is awesomee!!


Thanks for the lovely set
Not able to open the scene properly, also shaders are not assigned. Some help plzzz


Giorgio What an Awesome Challenge!

Here is my first quick WIP. Depth of field, subsurface scatter, Camera FOV, and heavy light bouncing are aspects of this that are going to be key to make this feel right. This scene is also incredibly busy so getting Comp is going to be tricky to get a feel for the story you are trying to tell

Exciting stuff!


Alright WIP 1 Starting to really light the scene an get a feel for what im going with here. I like the thought of a christmas scene in a display with dim lighting. Really giving the chance to create some kind of realistic lighting with a subtle story.

No Subsurface scattering or really any work on the materials. Very Early. 7 Lights in the scene at this moment

Renderman for the Renderer/Maya Absolutely no Post work at this point


WIP 2. Worked on the composition. Still feels a little flat any suggestions by you guys would be awesome. It also desperately needs more of a story. Im starting to get a little subsurface scatter but I want to crank it up. Still overall sloppy

Going to start doing some substance work for weathering the scene soon. At the moment 10 lights in the scene

Anyone know of any really good Maya Renderman Subsurface scatter tutorials? The effect Ardman and The lego movie is the aspect i’m trying to achieve here. Ive found a ton of documentation on it but never can get the right effect

Comments appreciated

@FeD As usual I love what you do. Maybe try pushing the contrast? Also more specific light source for the night scene and really work with that bounce light from the snow

@chribang Keep going this is really starting to look awesome! Think about the story your lighting is telling and the realism of where the light source is coming from. Right now i’m getting a vibe like this is a half real half cartoon world. Contrast is great but if that light source felt more real it would really pop

@wax78 Great Start. Depth of field really helps here I like it. I would suggest getting rid of the toon outline although if you keep it consistent on all aspects it could be pretty cool. Keep going

@Meglatura Love the wide angle and your scene really tells a story thats awesome. Light is very washed out at the moment. Maybe think about introducing a more consistent point of sunlight to give a bit more contrast