LC#47 Quixel Megachallenge!


great work oglu. will you post your comparisons stats for redshift and renderman when you finish.


@ SpriteYeti how did you manage to get such a soft environment fog with renderman…?
i stuck here… all i get is a pixelated mess…


latest renderman version… fog and dof still missing…


I used a Cube volume and a PxrVolume with density float set at 0.010. Have to watch the colours you set for diffuse, mines set on HSV with v at 1.0, changing the settings can result in a solid fog volume that you can’t see through. For my animation runs I had my sampling set to 128 max and Pixel Variance at 0.2., dropping the Pixel Variance down to a production setting like 0.01-0.001 will take a long time to render with a volume. I also got help from the denoiser with it set to crossframe for my animation, it smoothed over the noise of the fog.


Here is my entry. I just started.

Lighting Challenge #47


haha i like the idea with yoda…

here my arnold version…


my final for now… have to move on…
but maybe i find time to render them in a better quality…


Nice comparative renders :slight_smile: It would nice to have somme feedback from you on render times and workflow. I think this could interest many people here (like me^^)



@ oglu
I like more the vRay render somehow.
Maybe by putting more time on the renderman render you will get a nice image like SpriteYeti already did.
That picture from SpriteYeti looks really good.


im also intetested… but first i need displacement, fog and dof running in all four… hope next week…


I would like to thank Oglu for the comparison work It’s really useful to see the same scene with different renders. Also a breakdown of the setup used (just a few wires) will be great :slight_smile:
Keep going


first numbers… no rendertimes yet but what i have so far…

scene conversion time until i see the first bucket…
fresh restarted maya…!

renderman ~25sec
vray ~25sec
redhsift ~25sec
redshift new framebuffer ~ 13sec
arnold ~7sec

IPR restart (no scene changes)

renderman ~20sec
vray ~9sec
redshift new framebuffer ~ 2sec
arnold ~1sec

IPR respond time after scene change

renderman ~2sec (does not pickup a lot of scene changes needs restart of IPR)
vray ~4sec
redshift new framebuffer ~ 2sec
arnold ~1sec


@ oglu,

Awesome comparation.
So looks like Arnold try to be the fast.


yes but its undersampling and streaming the data in the background… what you see after those 7 sec is just a pixaleted mess…
it does take a while until you see the same image like the other show from the beginning…


Here’s a couple more of my versions, plus a little video of my light tests with moving around the sun and the light coming through the trees.


Can you guy re-upload textures? Thank you


some little tweaks are missing on vray and arnold… and i have to think about relighting the redshift version im not happy with it…


new Redshift render… got an Eval version…
thanks to the good Redshift support…
20min on a single 980Ti…

render color override done with the new Rendersetup in maya…


nice render oglu, great mood


Fist of all, thanks to Oglu for all the render comparisons. And also am I affected by paraedolia or did you add a skull on the background ? this is really a great challenge there are lots of great entries and also, in the spirit of the old challenges we’ve seen a lot of breakdown that are really helpful for anyone (all of us) that would like to learn more. I will go and add detailed feedback during this week. I also started preparing the new challenge but you still have time to give the challenge a spooky Halloween take ! Keep them coming ! G.