LC#47 Quixel Megachallenge !


thanks FeD : ) will do another one if time allowed.


really cool render, I like also the introduction of a bit of orange/red that keep the attention of the viewer with the “ship” on the background. Since we have time, why don’t you try also a night scene ?

thanks a lot and you notice those details : ) will do another night scene when time allowed : )


its really hard to match lights… im mostly strugling cause the barndoor arealights arnt working the same way or are missing…

vray 3.6
tinted the lights orange and forgot to match that in arnold and redshift…

Arnold 2.01
to strong reflections… the roughness is to low…

Redshift 2.5.29
had to create shaow objects to match the vray directional lights…

more light and shader tweaks are coming…


can’t unwrap the ivey leaves into one single planner island.


new version with vray 3.6…


Hello Guys ! We are starting restyling the challenges so hurry up and keep posting for this wonderful Quixel Challenge !


Hi Oglu, liking your latest vray 3.6 render, got some great lighting in the middle to focus the eye.

I’ve been trying barn doors in my renders, has slowed down my animation runs as the light takes so much time to render, I’m tracing light paths in renderman 21.5. Here’s two very tiny vids I did for the challenge.



thanks SpriteYeti

feedback to myself… without feedback no progress… :smiley:


How are you finding RS and Arnold vs. Vray in these tests?


there isnt much difference… they are all pretty close on how to setup the shaders and lights…
redshift is the most fun cause its fast during lookdev… but its laking directionality in the area lights… so i had to model shadow caster and lightlink them…
i will do a more detailed comparison if i have all three images on the same level…


That would be interesting to see. I haven’t yet started this challenge - and I don’t know if I’ll have the time, but scene complexity could also become an issue. I don’t think that’s the case here, though. Is RS stable so far for you, do you keep the IPR running constantly?


I’m curious about Redshit too, I’m thinking about making the switch from MR to Redshift, is it truly faster for end final render ?

Here is a test I did yesterday, I re-created all material for speed up things but without succes. :frowning: (3h in 3K)


its stable… but i dont have the IPR running all the time…
in the next update we should get the redshift frame buffer and some interactive speed…
i would like to testdrive redshift with a headless 1080Ti…


My first attempt .The girl model is from a models pack, I don’t exactly remember the name…
Softwares : Maya, Arnold, Nuke


here is my challenge.
software: MAYA, Arnold, PS, Nuke
added some old model (my previous modelling work)
adjusted UVs for some models and textures are done in PS.
additional flowers from maya visor.
thanks for viewing : )

create another version for night mood. added some ideas on it.
software: MAYA, Arnold, PS, Nuke
added some old model (my previous modelling work)
adjusted UVs for some models and textures are done in PS.
additional flowers from maya visor.

thanks for viewing : )


Some great entry’s guys. Great job. :slight_smile:

I want to participate, but I can’t import “Forest_quixel_instances.fbx”, in 3DS Max 2014.
i’ve tried updating FBX, and i’ve downloaded fbx converter from Autodesk, but it gave “not enough parameters” error, when I try to convert.

Anyone can convert this into an older version of fbx, or at least obj?

Thanks in advance, and keep up the great work.


Amazing image how did you get this nice and smooth DoF ? Post or full 3d ?

Please make a breakdown :), I think I would be very interesting and informative.

I uploaded a Maya version some page ago, so if you have Maya, you can convert it from there to what you want. I’m sorry I dont have time to upload one more.


Thanks, I saw that.
However, I dont have Maya, but my friend have 3DS Max 2018, and managed to import that fbx, and export fbx that is working with my 3DS Max 2014.

Here’s my entry.

  • No textures
  • 3DS Max 2014, Vray
  • A little bit of post.
  • A little bit of LOTR. :slight_smile:


Hey guys, I just heard about this contest. Seems like I might be too late. Is there a deadline for this ?



Feel free to create :slight_smile: it’s mostly for learning purposes.

d4rk3lf : Nice start !