LC#47 Quixel Megachallenge!


here is my challenge.
software: MAYA, Arnold, PS, Nuke
added some old model (my previous modelling work)
adjusted UVs for some models and textures are done in PS.
additional flowers from maya visor.

thanks for viewing : )



I hope everyone’s challenges are going well so far. Mine has been rather luke warm at best, as i’ve been texturing the scene it has been breaking in both Renderman and Arnold. Is anyone on here either a Renderman or Arnold wiz and would be willing to help me solve my problems? I’ve also contacted Renderman support and been on the forums as well and no luck. Haven’t looked into Arnold yet.Thank you.

This one here was rendered in Renderman,

While this one here was rendered in Arnold.


With Renderman I’ve been following this guide for linking megascans textures onto PxrSurface. I’ve adapted the nodes to match the plants or rocks.

If you’re missing connections on the PxrSurface in hypershade you can always click on the three lines of your PxrSurface and you should get a massive node with loads of possible material connections. I’ve been connected the Quixel textures to Diffuse color, specular roughness, bump normal etc… I’ve used presence to cut stuff out like leaves. I found it best to convert the textures to Renderman .tex files using the texture manager so you get the textures to appear on the hypershade shader ball when running it in renderman mode, the only texture I left in the original format was the Opacity ones that I’ve been linking to presence.
At the moment I just run a PxrDomelight to keep things simple.
Looking at your render it looks like you’ve got spliting on the displacement areas, make sure you’ve got render settings/advanced/Dice Dice watertight ticked. I’ve had these Quixel displacement maps balloon on like a default displacement height, so I reduced the setting to below 1.0 more like 0.3. Also as per the guide I linked to, add PxrManifolds into your nodes so you can scale the textures that way.


Still needs to fix the texture and also tweek some shaders. Please share your feedback


Hey SpriteYeti,

Thank you for the response and keeping it in a much more uplifting tone, I appreciate it. I made this same post on the Renderman Subreddit a few days ago and a few of those users have some to my rescue. I IPR rendered my scene once again and everything is starting to look as it should, but needs quite a bit more tweaking. I’m going to check out that link that you have given me because it sounds like some pretty good information. I have a PxR Rect light up above my scene to provide the same thing you have for now. Right now i’m looking at finding some way to make the trees look nice, I’m hoping there is a way to procedurally generate it as I think that might be nice, and to make all of the colors look good as well. Thank you for your help!


Great scene though too heavy for my machine so i had to create a smaller scene and use some models from he files provided. I have Two images not sure which to decide one.

I used the soil Textures, Grass and wood chunks from the scene.



Low Res Images.



Wow, this is a very nice one, the best so far with my scene in my opinion, I like the adds you made and the atmosphere.
Good job ! Ahqi .

It seems many people have problem with the textures, I got many mp for helping people lost with all the links.

I could provide the Maya scene with Mental-ray shaders with linked maps. I dont have time to delete the personnals files and cgtextures ones or replace shaders. Just a rought upload of a old version of my scene.
Is this wanted/possible for you guys ?


Hello to all ! First of all sorry for not being present lately but I got a few problems but now things are getting better. So in reverse order
@All even if I preferred a personal take on the scene using the assets I think it’s more than fair to share the scene as it is since I’m also receiving quite a few message asking for the maya scene and I think it’s ok to share it (remembemringit it’s important to cite the relative authors and materials).
@ FeD You can mirror the scene and I can also upload to my dropbox just send me a pm
@bishtmahesh1 Shaders looks good. I will tru to add a bit more contrast to the image boosting a bit the key light on the tree
@amitlighting really great entry so far, it will be great to see a take like a “jungle” and the other one as a marsh in order to see the difference in how lighting will contribute to the scene. I will contrast a bit more and add dof in the right part of the image to hide the plant in the foreground
@abuha in my monitor the second image looks better, exactly what is the rusty piece of metal ?
@whatsthedaydavi I’m curious to see the resilts with renderman so waiting for an update
@Ahqi really cool render, I like also the introduction of a bit of orange/red that keep the attention of the viewer with the “ship” on the background. Since we have time, why don’t you try also a night scene ?
@SpriteYeti The test video looks good, waiting to see more
@Korabkoff. The challenge started thinking about creating a scene with the quixel assets and light at least two takes, but then people seemed to focus a bit too much on the ready made scene :slight_smile:
@Ellyanna, waiting to see your entry
@noroTO, why don’t you try also a night scene ? (with willowisps and fireflies ? that should be just so great
@pap87, just a great scene. Shaders, lighting, contrast everything is lovely. Really curous to see another take with different lighting
@Prestonplatt !!! Please use another host !! it seems you are hostage of photobucket! Your entries were grat but I cannot comment more :frowning:
@All Really hope to see at least two take for your entry. A daylight and night one. The entry so far are just great ! THanks again to FeD and Quixel for giving help !!


Lets see if this work for you all : “google drive LINK
The only exterior maps used are from “” (free ones)


Thanks for the updated scene files, makes the challenge much more fun now. I’ve had a go rendering with Mental Ray and then tried again with Renderman 21.5.
As every natural beauty spot where I live ends up with a car dumped in it,
I’ve added the Mercedes W124 created by Zbyszek Wstodwadziesciacztery
to the forest scene and dropped it in the water.



Hey all I am new to forums but I am excited about this, this being my first challenge.

What is the due date for this challenge?


I downloaded the second link… But it doesn’t come with textures…

Can anybody put a link to the file with textures.??


Check at the bottom of page 5 :slight_smile: only the texture of the forest scene are there, but if you want all the Quixel models to make your own scene, you should check the other links Jojo gave page 1.


I’m running the Renderman shaders in an artistic mode for this short animation.

I’ve added a butterfly to the forest, tried various animation renders where I have the butterfly flying around the forest in a holdout style, also tried some camera tracking around the forest following the butterfly flight path.


thanks FeD : ) will do another one if time allowed.


really cool render, I like also the introduction of a bit of orange/red that keep the attention of the viewer with the “ship” on the background. Since we have time, why don’t you try also a night scene ?

thanks a lot and you notice those details : ) will do another night scene when time allowed : )


its really hard to match lights… im mostly strugling cause the barndoor arealights arnt working the same way or are missing…

vray 3.6
tinted the lights orange and forgot to match that in arnold and redshift…

Arnold 2.01
to strong reflections… the roughness is to low…

Redshift 2.5.29
had to create shaow objects to match the vray directional lights…

more light and shader tweaks are coming…