LC#47 Quixel Megachallenge!


Hi All,
can any one guide me in shading part of this challenge, i m using maya -arnold* as a render,
how to use cavity map, fuzz , spe maps to get the proper look.
Thanks in advance


Twitch stream or it didn’t happen!


there is a new megascan tutorial for renderman… im sure this will work with every render engine…


does the scene comes with textures.?
if it does, can someone share the link please.?


Hi gourish317,

If you are looking for links to the assets and textures for this challenge, you can find them in the very first post. The assets/textures have been divided into multiple files and made available across multiple file sharing hosts.



If I m not wrong there is no texture provided for this challenge people are using their own texture.*


There are “some” textures included from what I see; it’s likely that additional textures will need to be obtained from other online sources.


Yeap Hgagne is right. The assets include the textures, The scene include partially the texture.*


with maya & redshift*


Hi guys,

I’m new here. I downloaded the mb file but when I try to import the exportedScene.mb in maya 2015 I nearly have anything in the scene, it’s saying that I have data loss and my outliner is a nightmare… Should I open/import it in another maya version? For the fbx it’s even worse, the scene is completely empty.

Could anyone help please?

Last question: I haven’t seen any end date for the challenge. Is there one?

Thanks a lot


Hi Ellyanna,
The scene was exporter from maya 2017, maybe it’s why you have the problem ? Same maybe for your FBX version ?
Could you show a screen of what your outliner look like, so I could check if it have been destroyed by some import/export errors ?

For those not having the time to relink map to the forest scene, why not just play with the Quixel models ? They are the main purpose of the challenge, I personnaly love playing with the rocks and here is a basic example :


im starting to rebuild my Vray scene in Arnold now…


are there any rules how to convert a vray light intesity to Arnold.? should i adjust the intensity only or also use exposure.? i need really high numbers to get the same light amount…


Normally you should keep the intensity to 1 and tweak the exposure. If your light is still too bright then exposure at 0 and lower the intensity :wink:
I can’t really say anything about the conversion between the 2 render engines, it’s been too long I haven’t used Vray, sorry.

FeD, thank you very much for your answer and I apologize to answer so late. Here are screen shots of my outliner/viewport and my script editor if it can help. Thanks again for your help. I think I’m gonna do like you and create my own scene anyway, will be fun and I hope fast


Hi! Working in Maya 2016 with Arnold. Trying to open/import with the same result for the converted scene and provided assets from QUIXEL - no textures linked to materials. Any guess what can be wrong or I am doing wrong?


there are no materials in tne scene… you have to create them… just textures to use are provided…


Hi there, :slight_smile:

Trying out this challenge using Maya and Renderman 21.5, been struggling with all the oak and ivy leaves, as I wanted it to look realistic. I’m thinking my uv’s for the leaves are not working so well, probably using the wrong textures. I’ve tried a mix of the _rbtnZ_4K_3dplant_ms billboard leaves and the atlas pjxvi leaves, but it’s a bit hit and miss. None of those leaves looked like oak or ivy when I cut them out or changed the uv’s. Resorted to using the TGT Tree leaves from the renderman site as they would cut out and look more oak like. I’m using all the Quixel challenge texture packs for wood on the trees and ground grass and plants. Keeping my light simple at the moment while I sort of the scene textures, so using a Renderman Dome with a simple HDRI. When I first rendered the scene I kept missing the main oak tree leaves, tried importing again the Forest_quixel_instances.fbx, I’m guessing it’s an older maya 2016 issue and I should be using Maya 2017. Still having fun doing some fly through renders and trying to improve my version of the scene, makes a good challenge. :cool:

Test Wood Video 1
Test Wood Video 2

Here’s my latest render with improved leaves.

My LC47 Challenge latest render


it has sense in the case of the challenge but doesn’t in the case of supplying ready models for work /:expressionless:


Hey everyone,

I’ve been hacking away at my scene as well and it’s coming along nicely, but some of my textures aren’t fitting well and i’m using Renderman so that might also be causing a problem or two. Sprite Yeti, what did you use for the tree bark?


I’m using the wood log texture “Aset_wood_log_M_qdtdP_4K_Albedo.tex” Doesn’t work perfect, seems to be running out of texture at branch ends.

Shame there’s no Quixel oaktree bark texture packs with this challenge.