LC#47 Quixel Megachallenge!


I gave a try to a macro shot ;)*I have to say that I really like the mushroom details. Probably a bit of glow would make the image better but I didn’t want to overdue.


Hi, Great scene. I want to know if their are any missing textures from the files? none of the two textures in the log folder match the UVs of the Tree Root Bed model or the also there are no textures for the ivy leaves. I am not sure if they are not included in the files or if I am missing them? I hope this doesn’t sound ungrateful.


Hello ! The assets are complete I think that Yannick add some personal texture as you can read in his previous post.


Hey all! This is a great scene, very fun to light! So far just getting some broad strokes down. Haven’t messed with any textures yet, just some basic shaders for the water and greenery. Will start adding textures over time.
Rendered with maya + arnold. Lighting is super simple, just a broad area light above the pool area casting soft cool light, and tight focused area light with warmer light for the sun. Also trying the volumetric fog for the first time, which is impressively fast to render. All is rendered as a single pass with some grading tweaks in post.


A interesting and great scene!

I tried my luck to load all the stuff into C4D (R18) with mixed results… as usual :confused:
No instances are recognized in the FBX files, so again there is a lot of work needed to “make stuff work”, just as hgagne recently said.
As mentioned there are quite some textures used from cgtextures and not provided here, but others are simply missing like the one for the ivy, jungleGras, Palmleavy, grassClump,Grass_scan,*buisson_swamp and brambleThorny1Flower. Since these are UV mapped its quite some work to work these out.

I’ll give it a try anyway, but others can be pushed away from this challenge by this…


Hey everybody, i’ve been working on my entry and I wanted to show you guys some progress shots of some of the compositions I am thinking of. I would like to the main tree in the water to be the center point of everything and I’m trying to base it all around that while also making the composition interesting and aiding the image as a whole. I would also like to do a lot of mood lighting with my images as well. I would like one to be much more foggy and have a eerie tone and feeling to it while the other should feel more angelic. If I have time I would also like to go in and make a few more images just based around time of day and environment as well. I have yet to add any textures or lights, so what you’re seeing are some screen caps from the Maya Viewport with the film gate turned on. I also changed the film aspect ration from 1.50 to 2.35 and messed with the focal length of the lenses as well. I have Arnold and Renderman for Maya, so do expect to see a render from one of those two. If you guys could help me out by letting me know which ones you think are the most interesting with what I have provided you with that that would be greatly appreciated. Shoot me a message or just reply on the forums and I will happily respond to you. I would like to have some paint overs done next week as well, so be on the look out for that.

Thank you!


just a quick answer @Arthur-Liebnau*Thanks for the feedback. Since the scene get more and more complex during the years of the challenge and it’s almost virtual impossible to test all configuration the idea of this challenge (I updated the first thread about it ) is that anyone can create a scene starting from the quixel assets. Yannick’s scene was a plus if you don’t want to spend time creating it (but that’s a pity since I think it’s fun giving a try starting from scratch). I could not include the other texture since are from other sites and it seemed a grey area I preferred to avoid.
For the next challenge any other feedback is very wellcome :slight_smile:


The leaves was just a thinwalled mila, with a translucence layer, no double side or sss, but it could be done (but I wanted fast rendertimes).

And for the screen shot here it is :

waiting to see more from you all :slight_smile:

It’s strange the FBX dont work for you, but I think I gave a scene without the instances to jojo and where only the base mesh where there, so you could be free to scatter it your self and use proxy etc.
Same for the map, I took them all on CGtextures, and the leave are pretty simple to settup. And I understand that Jojo may want to be clean about what he gives. Maybe contact the CGtexture team and ask them if we can share the leaves ?


So, just to show that making a scene with the assets doesn’t take much time : (this took me arround 3h)


Sorry for the bad question, but how can I load the scene assembled with the textures already loaded in maya? If I import the fbx no meterial is assigned. Do I have to do it personally?


@FED cool ! is this mental ray ? The shaders really look perfect !


Yes Mental-ray as usual from me^^. MILA shaders with normal map and… that’s it. 1H rendertime at 2k.


What an awesome new challenge!

Going to try out some new FX driven stuff on this. Maybe some animation and have some fun with it. First WIP is some comp layout


Alright WIP 2. I ended up going over to MegaScans and grabbing/Buying a ton of new models. I wanted to take the scene in a little different direction although maintain the comp. I have about 6 lights in the scene and I plan on adding a ton more as I get things figured out. Rendering in Vray which has become my favorite render lately. Im going for something a little more stylistic here and not so photoreal. Kind of the vibe you would get from a color script in production



Looking good;the first image is looking cool. I’d be interested in seeing the light setup for that one.



Hey all,

Here’s an update from my last post, I’ve added textures to most of the objects now and added some butterflies in the distance as a sort of focal point. I also gave DOF a try to help with drawing attention to the right place. Fairly happy with how it’s looking now.

Here’s a screengrab of my lights. The tiny light at the top is a small area light I used as a sun, and the oak leaf geo I placed below it to break up the sun light and create rays in the fog volume.


Can you tell me how can I import the scene already texturized?


creating the shader is part of the challenge i would say…


@Lucentis when you import the original assets from quixel, you can setup in your software the directory of your texture, but creating your own materials depends on your the setup of your software of choice. If you opne the maya scene you will need to redirect your path according to your system and adding the “missing” texture that we could not include since they are part of cgtextures and “proprietary” textures.


my vray version… needs a bit more but i lilke the direction…